I’ve written quite extensively on Patriot Front’s Coeur d’Alene trip. They got arrested under ridiculous “conspiracy to riot,” charges, before being granted bail and leaving. Earlier today they released a video of this event from their perspective, and it’s quite enlightening. You can watch the Odysee version here.

While some might say this is relatively unimportant, as with the NJP video, I was quite impressed by the professionalism of the video. I know how tedious and time consuming video editing can be, compounded by the many hours of footage they no doubt collected. That they were able to put something like this together with such time constraints speaks well of the organization itself.

I’m not going to go over all the footage, and I’m certainly not going to transcribe the entire video. The most important part of the video starts at 1:30, when the Coeur d’Alene PD start arresting them. After hearing some police officer clearly saying “you picked the wrong time to riot,” the relatively dark U-Haul truck compartment gets flooded with light as the door is opened. We are then treated to this site.

Yes, those are all cops. Decked out to the gills. Ready to arrest these EViL RioTErS who are besmirching the innocent child grooming session that was underway at the Pride in the Park event.

But I don’t need to make that point for them, because they were smart enough to make it themselves.

They actually used different footage of this. Specifically with the yellow dressed tranny dancing with the child. But the point remains.

They cut to more shots of them being arrested while the police congratulate themselves on preventing the horrible, very bad, no good HuWhyte Supreemacists in Patriot Front from mildly inconveniencing the antifa groomers.

Unfortunately they were duped by Vincent James and Summer Bushnell into using this footage of the tranny. What it did was absolutely disgusting, and indefensible, but it wasn’t naked, like the koshervative grifters claimed. Nevertheless, the point stands and I’m glad they made it.

There’s some interesting footage of their arrest, and then we are introduced to this cop, who smugly tells them the following.

Everyone, everyone in this group is trespassing on city property. So you’re going to jail for conspiracy to commit a riot. If you bond out, and decide to come back down, you go back to jail for trespassing. You cannot step foot on city property.

My calls with the police have burned away any possible latent “muh thin blue line,” instinct that I once may have had. The reality is that the police are no different from the police dogs, they obey whichever hand is on the leash. Wrong hand on the leash, and they are simply the blue antifa.

The incompetence of the police search left one of them with a small camera, which showed the ride to jail, and some brief footage of them in jail. There’s also some more mundane, but interesting shots of them going through the bail system, as well as congratulating each other for getting out. Then Rousseau makes this little impromptu speech, highlighting some of the lowlights of the Coeur d’Alene PD.

…a large room with ten cells, a cell block, to ourselves. They didn’t even give us shoes, because maybe they didn’t have enough. We were barefoot, but still in uniform, in cells. Side to side to side to side. We could hear each other, and we were communicating through the cracks in the walls.

Waiting hours and hours. I believe it could have been twelve hours they took from first putting us in those cells to finally beginning the booking process.

Thousands of thousands of dollars worth of camera equipment, digital devices, personal items, even money, was taken and held by the city police without any recourse for now. Even medications that some individuals needed for their health, was held and upon request that such items be made available, the detective said that one could call an ambulance, and stopped talking to them.


The end of the little documentary features them going out into the streets and talking with people. They’re handing out flyers and things like that, and interacting with the locals.

What is undoubtedly true is that the reception they got from the Coeur d’Alene locals was not “Oh Em Jeeeezus it’s Da Evil People.” They had a middle aged guy come up to them and try to buy them a beer. They had a lady say “We’re glad you guys are out.” They had another guy say “you guys ought to come to town more often.”

This is what your enemies look like.

It’s great to see, and it’s similar to Tony Hovater and Mike Peinovich who said that they had people honking their horns for them, and one guy even said “White Power,” at their march for Jupiter Paulsen. This idea that normal people are these squeamish pussies needs to go away. Show them antifa, show them you, and most people will have the correct opinion.

While there have been many former PF members who have expressed criticism of the group, the slander of them as feds is coming from weak and pathetic cowards. These are the types of people who stab you in the back for few superchat donations, or even just for fun. And that’s not the way that normal people think.

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  1. Watching that video has given me confidence that the charges won’t stick. Nothing short of outright fabrication of evidence would be required to get a conviction, and as cynical as I am, I doubt that the state would resort to that for a mere misdemeanor.

    The camaraderie on display has also given me great confidence that the group is going to survive this minor setback. I don’t think the accusations that they’re feds are going to go away anytime soon, but anybody who has convinced themselves of that is a demoralized halfwit.

  2. This sort of action is extremely popular when people see it and making good propaganda out of it regardless of whether or not you’ve experienced setbacks shows that you’re someone other people can put their faith in.

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