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In June 2021, an Ontario high school student tried to sign up for a summer program. He was rejected because he was white. The “SummerUp” program, sponsored by the Ontario government, was open only to Black students. His father filed a complaint with the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal alleging racial discrimination. Last November, the Tribunal dismissed the complaint, saying the quiet part out loud. White people, wrote the Tribunal, cannot claim discrimination.

I am not in the slightest surprised when we have “Human Rights” Tribunals putting out press releases like this. 

Before we go any further, I refuse to call these things “Human Rights Tribunals.” Even ignoring that they are anti-White kangaroo oppression courts, with a side of pushing POZ, we must focus as much on what they do not censor as much as what they do censor. And what they most definitely do not censor, or punish in any way, is the mass murder propaganda used to lie us into wars that result in the intentional murder of hundreds of thousands of people.

You might think that mass murder is a human rights violation, but you’d be wrong.

Real human rights violations are when you don’t have enough coloured people on your staff, fact-check the lampshadocaust, or refer to a mentally ill man in a dress as a mentally ill man in a dress. Murdering children by blowing their legs off with bomb shrapnel and using sanctions to starve them to death and deny them essential medicine? That’s just the Rules Based International Order, Goy. To be opposed to that is to be a human rights denying authoritarian populist.

The law appears to say otherwise. Under the Ontario Human Rights Code, every person has a right to equal treatment without discrimination. The Code, however, has a loophole. “Special programs” are exempt. Special programs give special treatment. They discriminate “to assist disadvantaged persons or groups to achieve or attempt to achieve equal opportunity.” A government, company or organization like a school board can apply to designate a discriminatory program as a special program.

What annoys me about these crybullies almost as much as the oppression itself, is the dishonesty. First, purely for optics purposes, they say that everyone is entitled to equal protection under these laws. However, they wrote themselves some “loopholes” that enable them to totally deny you these same protections. All of which means that the real law is that you, Whitey, can’t discriminate against these people, but they can come up with arbitrary and legally enforced definitions of discrimination, such as saying that there aren’t enough non-Whites in an organization, which essentially forces you to be discriminated against. But they can also just straight up discriminate against you, because something something underprivileged groups.

Of course, this makes you a second class citizen. Really, something like a fifth class citizen when we add up all the ways in which you are disadvantaged. They then justify this, by slandering you as privileged in some vague way, and the actual privileged groups being disadvantaged, while you are explicitly discriminated against. If you get too uppity about this, you will be censored by them, potentially lose your bank account, and possibly be thrown in jail. And no, none of that counts as “systems of oppression,” either. Systems of oppression are when Hebrew feelings of colour are hurt.

The SummerUp program had not been designated as a special program. But the Tribunal determined it met the requirements anyway, which the Code empowers it to do. If a program discriminates against the “correct” groups, it will fit within the exemption as a matter of course. The Tribunal wrote, “an allegation of racial discrimination or discrimination on the grounds of colour is not one that can be or has been successfully claimed by persons who are white and non-racialized.” The statute that purports to prohibit discrimination authorizes it instead.


Let’s take a look at the definition of the made up term “racialized,” shall we?


to give a racial character to to categorize, marginalize , or regard according to race (see RACE entry 1 sense 1a)

You are being discriminated against because you are White. One of their justifications for this, is that you are not cast into a racial category because you are White.

No, it doesn’t make any sense. It’s just anti-White hate propaganda masquerading as intellectualism.

It’s not just the Human Rights Tribunal. For almost 40 years, the Supreme Court of Canada has eviscerated legal equality. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms states that every individual is equal before and under the law and has the right to the equal protection and equal benefit of the law without discrimination. But the Court has given it the opposite meaning. Like the Human Rights Code, the Charter has an equity exception, and like the Tribunal, the Court has made the exception into the rule. The Charter, the Court insists, requires not equal treatment between individuals but equal or comparable outcomes between identity groups.

Pierre Trudeau

While I’ve never met a judge I didn’t think needed to be deradicalized, the purpose of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms was to have these “equity” loopholes in them, which explicitly let the courts racially discriminate against White People. It’s not like Pierre Trudeau was interested in doing anything that was actually for the peasants and not his (((benefactors))). That’s why it expands the scope of “judicial review,” a term for dictatorship by judges, or kritarchy. So that they can take away your rights, and you don’t even get the thin veneer of democratic input to this process.

The Charter does not merely allow discrimination against certain groups, the Court has said, but sometimes requires it. For instance, in 2020 the Court declared unconstitutional a RCMP job-sharing scheme that enabled employees to work part-time if they wished. The voluntary program was open to men and women. Since part-time employees worked fewer hours, they earned lower pension entitlements. More women than men chose to enrol, and as a result more women than men ended up with lower pensions. The program was unconstitutional because the rules of the program were the same for men and women.

Other courts, of course, have followed suit. In December 2022, the Ontario Divisional Court declared a standardized math test for teacher candidates unconstitutional. East and Southeast Asian and white candidates passed the test more frequently than Black and Indigenous test-takers.

Even a somewhat sympathetic piece in the Financial Post still refuses to capitalize the W in White People. This was the subject of another failed human rights complaint, by the Students for Western Civilization.

Failed may be the wrong word. It’s always productive forcing these anti-Whites to explicitly admit that they just hate White People and that we are explicitly second class citizens denied the same rights as other groups. It’s just that you need a political party backing you up, or it’ll end there. 

Therefore, the Court concluded, the test was discriminatory, “which occurs when neutral laws have a disproportionate impact on members of enumerated or analogous groups.” The Court did not care why different groups passed the test at different rates. The fact of disparate success was enough to bring use of the test to an end.

Gordon Moore makes a point in the comments that I’ve been making for a while. Namely, this is tactical caring about equity.

Do these anti-Whites ever look at the number of Blacks in the NBA, and conclude that there need to be more White People? Of course not.

Do they ever look at the number of Jews in various truly powerful positions, and conclude that there need to be more Goyim? Of course not.

Do they ever look at the number of men in prison, and conclude that there need to be more women in prison? Of course not.

But too many criminals of colour? That means they’re the real victims, and need to be let out. After all, when men get sent to prison more than wahmens, that’s because men commit more crimes. When Blacks and Abos get sent to prison more than Whites and Asians, that’s because you’re oppressing them.

Unlike Canadians, Americans have a right to equal treatment, at least in principle. The Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments of the Constitution and the Civil Rights Act of 1964 require it.

Right. Which is why the NJP has made forcing the civil rights act to apply to White People or be repealed one of their central policies. 


2. We demand the extension of the 1964 Civil Rights act to provide equal protections and privileges to the White majority, or the act must be repealed.

Apparently they felt the need to include this as the second policy on the list, even though Whitey is totally protected against by the already extant civil rights act which totally doesn’t exclude White People.

In Canada, legislatures, courts, and tribunals have rejected equal protection, but they are not the only ones. Professional regulators, universities, and other public institutions have piled on, too. The Law Society of Ontario insists that in the practice of law there are too many of certain kinds of people and not enough of others.

What kinds? Could that be too many White People?

Amazing how, even in an otherwise decent piece, the consubversatives have to retreat to the concept of abstract principles oppressing you, instead of anti-Whiteness. 

It aims to socially engineer the profession’s demographic makeup and to require lawyers and firms to comport with mandatory “equity, diversity and inclusion” measures. Universities offer admission processes, support programs, and faculty positions for which only certain races are eligible.

What races?

Could it be non-Whites, with the occasional side discrimination against Asians? I think it is, so maybe cut the shit at the bottom of the piece by trying to make this about abstract principles instead of anti-Whiteness. The purpose of all of this is to hurt White People. 

Government agencies offer grants and other benefits to specific identity groups.

Preferential measures, distinguishing between people by their colour, lineage, gender and sexuality, are becoming the order of the day. It is time to say the other quiet part out loud: Canadians have not agreed to be treated unequally.

It is time to say the other quiet part out loud: White People have not agreed to be treated unequally, are being victimized, and are entitled to justice and revenge.

The commenters get it, why can’t the consubversative writing the piece? 

Bruce Pardy, a law professor at Queen’s, is far from the Juden Peterstein-tier of consubversatives. His piece here is quite solid, and details how White People, and even heterosexuals, are being discriminated against in university and corporate hiring, application of hate crimes/discrimination laws, government grants, and even support.

He just wraps this up by making it about abstract principles, bloviates about Martin Luther Kang – I cut that part out – and will no doubt tell you to vote for Pierre Poilievre, a man who has never found a third worldist he didn’t want in your neighbourhood.

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  1. Human Rights 101

    Freedom of speech: Jews slandering White people, pushing porn into their communities, denigrating their culture, history, and achievements, promoting hatred and division, etc etc etc

    Hate speech: White people calling out said Jews.

    Basically all you need to know about any of these so-called HR codes and commissions.


  2. No idea where you get the energy for long articles like this.

    Anyway, this is no surprise and is consistent with reality as experienced by Whites for as long as I can remember — e.g. you can find video of Eric Holder testifying before Congress and stating explicitly (he was asked) that proposed new federal hate crime legislation was not intended to punish hate against Whites, and investigating and prosecuting suspected hate crimes committed against Whites would not be a federal priority.

    This is one reason I find the lobbying the NJP does for hate crime charges against non-whites who commit crimes against Whites to be mostly cringeworthy — it’s not going to happen, and just legitimizes laws designed and intended to harass and intimidate Whites as their country is demographically stolen from them.

    Personally I have no problem with a summer camp just for niggers, but I would prefer they allow Whites to have their own summer camp too (LOL, hilarious concept, right?) — but I do scratch my head over any white parent who would want their kid to attend a summer camp with a lot of black kids — would he have been happy had they allowed his kid to attend? — how would his kid have benefited? — weird.

    1. Terrible take. Lobbying for anti-White hate crime charges forces these anti-Whites to explicitly say “no, these don’t apply to Whitey.” And they don’t need the NJP to legitimize these laws, FFS.

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