A far-right member of the European Parliament is on a cross-Canada tour that includes stops at protest events, speeches, and $250 a plate meet and greet dinners. 

Titled the “What Would Christine Anderson Do? Tour,” Anderson already spoke in Alberta, arrived in Ontario this week, and had planned to end her tour in Quebec. A firebrand speaker who lived and studied in America, Anderson has a resume littered with climate change denial, Islamophobic activism, and is a member of one of Germany’s most far-right political parties. 

Christine Anderson is an elected member of the EU Parliament since 2019, representing AfD, translated to “A Voice for Germans.” AfD has some controversies in the past, and I have mediocre hopes for them as a political party. Having said that, they are not really the issue. The servative party of Canada, lead by Pierre Poilievre, a totally useless faggot, are whining to the press that they had nothing to do with the meanie bad Goy.

The “What Would Christine Anderson Do” tour took place over about a week. The repercussions have lasted until today, as the obedient servatives are lining up to denounce her.

We start about a week ago with Brian Lilley, a propagandist for the Toronto Sun, who printed a statement from Pierre Poilievre whining about Christine Anderson. I have transcribed it below.

Christine Anderson’s views are vile and have no place in our politics.

The MPs were not aware of this visiting Member of the European Parliament’s opinions, and they regret meeting with her.

Frankly, it would be better if Anderson never visited Canada in the first place. She and her racist, hateful views are not welcome here.

Sounds pretty xenophobic, fag. What’re your thoughts on Israel? 

The following screed from CTV news dropped earlier today.

CTV News:

Two Conservative members of Parliament are remaining tight-lipped about whether they regret meeting with a German politician, which is something Pierre Poilievre has said they do.

This is neither here nor there, but it always amazed me the low quality of propaganda in this country. This is the first paragraph of the piece, and it’s a CTV piece. That’s a big boy propaganda rag, and they have basic errors like this in their writing. I make mistakes as well, but I don’t even have a copy editor.

Even after being fixed to “Poilievre has said they did,” the statement is quite clunky. It should have been written as:

“Two Conservative members of Parliament are remaining tight-lipped about whether they regret meeting with a German politician, a meeting Pierre Poilievre has claimed they attended.”

News propaganda is getting to be written about as competently as Hollywood propaganda, even ignoring the messaging. To be perfectly fixed it should have been written like this.

“I, Stephanie Taylor, am a worthless whore propagandist who writes for CTV News, one of the propaganda outlets responsible for the murders of hundreds of thousands of innocent people in the Middle East, as well as thousands of our soldiers. I, as a domestic policy propagandist, am paid to be anti-White on behalf of my hooked nosed employers. Please feel free to disregard everything I say.

With that out of the way, total shill Pierre Poilievre was whining about two Conservative Party of Canada MPs meeting with an honestly kind of cucky AfD member, and basically he’s a faggot.”

Much better.

Neither Leslyn Lewis nor Dean Allison have responded to direct questions about whether they agree with the Conservative leader’s characterization of their feelings about their choice to take part in a recent luncheon with Christine Anderson.

I find myself unable to provide commentary on just how ridiculously homosexual this entire affair has become. They should just say that Christine Anderson is great, and Pierre Poilievre is a faggot. But instead we get this Finklethink about their feelings being mischaracterized and it’s unbearable.

The right-wing populist party has been under surveillance as a suspected extremist group in Germany since 2021 and has been accused of downplaying Nazi crimes, opposing immigration and pushing anti-Muslim ideology.

You know what I’ll say if you accuse me of fact-checking natzee “crimes”, opposing immigration, or pushing anti-foreigner ideology?

The whole anti-Muslim thing makes me suspect even stronger that AfD isn’t going anywhere. I hope the best for the Germans, but “muh counterjihad” is a kosher gayop. Israel literally runs the fake refugee camps into Europe. Those people are only there because of Schlomo, and if you’re not willing to name the problem, I don’t have any faith that you will fix the problem.

What’s with the hair?

This is further confirmed, at least with Christine Anderson, with a cursory examination of the content of their discussion.

Bethan Nodwell, one of the organizers who arranged for Anderson to visit Canada and meet with three Conservative MPs during a lunch last week, said their discussion centred around Trudeau, vaccines, the convoy and pandemic-related restrictions, such as lockdowns.

Finklethink stuff that has long declined in relevance. I wonder who could possibly be assblasted at that kind of thing.

The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs said it raised concerns directly with the Conservative party, and the Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center also condemned the meeting.

Both groups said it was “deeply concerning” and “troubling” that elected leaders in Canada met with Anderson when her party espouses “Islamophobic” and “hateful views.”

The Jew Nationalist Israel Enjoyers are really angry about muh Islamophobia. They’re leading the way with the good treatment of Goyim Muslims over there in Occupied Palestine.

I know that our community is past this, but let this be a lesson to any idiots or shill who still push the whole “based Yidsrael” garbage. They support Jew Nationalism because it is good for their race. And they support shoving infinity Third Worlders into your community… because it is good for their race to destroy your nation. Their one and only principle is “Goyim exist to serve us,” everything else is tactics.

The response from the few Servative MPs who met with her was exactly what you’d expect.

A staffer in Lewis’s office provided a statement to The Canadian Press on Monday, where the MP reiterates how her job requires her to meet with foreign officials “quite frequently and often do not share the views of those officials or their parties.”

Above is Leslyn Lewis. We covered her a bit in the Cuckfight series.

She went on to defend her record as a lawyer where she says she stood up for the rights of immigrants and members of the LGBTQ community.

“Before becoming a member of Parliament one of my practice areas was human rights, and as such, I’ve always, and continue to, condemn any views that are racist or hateful,” said Lewis.

“As an immigrant to Canada myself I am blessed to have grown up here in Canada, and have seen, first hand, the vital role that immigration plays, both to us as Canadians and to those seeking to build a better life.”

Lewis also took to social media last week following an interview with the Toronto Sun to say she rejects criticism coming from Trudeau over her meeting with Anderson, pointing to how during the 2019 federal election [Trudeau] was discovered to have worn brown- and blackface several times before entering politics. After the news came out, Trudeau apologized on the campaign trail.

Let’s check in with pervert supporting Maxime Bernier. Surely he has a really based take. After all, look at what he’s said in the past.

I still get his emails, and I received this one a few days ago. It was titled “Pierre Poilievre EXPOSED”. 

This triggered a backlash from the mainstream media and special interest groups like the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs.

The tweet was real, the issue was fake. Bernier is a LOLcow.

I’m listening.

Because of this common sense [anti-immigration] position, Christine and the AfD are vilified as “far-right” and “racist” according to the mainstream media, and Pierre Poilievre!

Getting worse.

But Pierre’s woke weekend wasn’t done there!

Getting better again. Calling him Woke Pierre is objectively good rhetoric.

Later in the day Pierre attended and spoke at a pro-Ukraine rally with other establishment politicians like Doug Ford and Justin Trudeau.

During his speech Pierre made the commitment that if he forms government, he would continue to send Canadian tax dollars and resources to fuel the ongoing proxy war between Russia and the US in Ukraine.

Look at these two! Can you spot the difference?

I was planning on writing about that event myself. Then I realized that the picture, which was going around social media, speaks for itself.

But warmongering and supporting endless foreign wars to appease an ethnic bloc domestically is a new low for the CPC.

And ethnic bloc you say?

Make absolutely no mistake about it. Maxime Bernier is not referring to an (((ethnic bloc))) when he says that. He’s referring to Ukrainians. Because the Russia-Ukraine war is totally about doing right by Ukrainians, as opposed to serving the zionists running their puppet Government while stealing enormous amounts of money from the taxpayers. It’s that powerful Ukrainian Lobby that is getting us into this. Damn those beady eyed Ukrainians with dual citizenship to Israel!

Bernier continues to be an intolerable fag.

And Canadian politics continues to be unbearably fake and gay.

There’s really nothing else to say.

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  1. I’ve always wondered what the kikes endgame is, let’s examine the hypothetical that Europe and Canada and the USA are completely taken over by Muslims, and the Muslims are 99% of the population of these nations, and the kike succeeds in destroying the last white nations.

    What are the parasites going to do then? This hypothetical Muslim caliphate in the America’s and Europe won’t want to fund Israel anymore, they won’t like how Israel treated their Muslim brothers and sisters in Palestine, and they will see how serving the Jew destroyed these once powerful white nations. who’s to say a radical Muslim leader in on of these countries doesn’t use one of our many nuclear arsenals to nuke Israel for Allah or something?

    Even if they never harm Israel militarily, could a tapeworm nation like Israel even survive without a valid host?

    Idk if I’m missing something here but it seems that the (((parasites))) are so blinded by their hatred of their infected hosts, that they don’t realize how much they need their host for survival.

    They would kill all the white people in a blind hatred, and then be like “oh shit” when they realize that white people were the only ones with high enough empathy levels to fall for their “muh racism” bullshit.

    I can’t see Asians, Africans, or Muslims giving a fuck ever about the Jews semantics games. If the USA’s massive military wasn’t available to defend Israel, and if we were no longer around propping them up economically, technologically and otherwise, I think other middle eastern nations would have destroyed them by now.

  2. I also think it’s cute how they still shake us for “taking indigenous land” like 200 years ago. Yet they support Israel taking indigenous land from Palestine. Their only excuse is “the Jews wrote a book in which they claim this land was there’s thousands of years ago so we can steal it”.

    Well we had manifest destiny so by their logic that completely justifies us taking indigenous land.

  3. “the (((parasites))) are so blinded by their hatred of their infected hosts, that they don’t realize how much they need their host for survival. ”

    The jew we have today has consumed much of his own poison, and has lived in total luxury its entire life. The jews that handed power to this generation, are totally different from them. They have made themselves weak and dumb and they only have power because it was given to them, the modern jew could never achieve what the jew of the past “‘worked'” hard to give them. The modern jew is like epstein , or any one of those child molesting jews that get caught. the fact they put themselves in positions of power and run high profile groups instead of having shabbos do it to keep themselves in the shadows shows you, they are fucked, ” the fag shit was for the goyim , not for you! what have you done! why are you pushing this obviously insane tranny shit? do you not remember what happened last time? why are you obviously running nearly every company ? you get the shabbos to do that are you insane do you think the goyim that dumb they won’t notice? why have you fagged up the shabbos armies? we need them to fight our wars ! oh vey! theres gonna be a real shoah this time”

    spoiler : they can’t turn back, they can’t stop, the modern jew has done more damage to jewry than any whiteman ever did and they will not stop and it is glorious.

    I’m just a working class poor man with no high end expensive education , yet I know what they have done, I know what the jew is, that is a huge failure of the modern jew, they could have smartly worked in the shadows and we would be chasing vague things like the freemasons or some skull and bones shit, instead they have stupidly made sure anyone who wants to know, knows without doubt, it is the jew.

    They are fucked. There will be no jew in the future. We will make their lies real.

  4. I think Whites should emulate the jews: cultivate non-White allies, and point them in the direction of the common enemy. Like your high living standards? Then join us – because if you don’t you can say bye bye to all that is good, sane and healthy.

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