I saw the e-right was whining about Justin Trudeau launching his own personal YouTube channel. Because they’re a bunch of grifting consubversatives, they turn this into a huge deal, on par with an asteroid hitting the earth.

They’re pretending that Bill C-11 has “ruined” the internet, because apparently the internet isn’t already wasteland of political censorship and TikTok dances. According to the uncensored e-right, it’s still the Wild West freedomland of ~2015, and you can totally speak truth to power. Or at least you could, until big bad Joffrey Trudeau passed some legislation that doesn’t affect anyone, because everyone cool has already been censored. I’ll remind you, unlike the grift-right, our tiny YouTube channel was e-holocausted because we were apparently too truthful towards troons.

As an aside, YouTube deleted that entire account, not just the channel. This caused them to start recommending me the typical stuff that normies get recommended, and it’s absolute cancer. Every video is sportsball, Ben Shapiro, or annoying short videos featuring cute but trashy girls. It’s a serious problem. 

What’s not a serious problem is Bill C-11, or Trudeau’s pathetic YouTube channel, that’s just funny. I’ve started the video at the point where the Prime Minister reminds us peasants not to forget to like, favourite, and subscribe to his vanity project. 

Boy is our retarded aristocrat “leader” ever hip with the kids these days.

Apparently the Goyim disagree, and the video is getting a (((Hollywood))) style ratio’ing. There are almost ten times the amount of dislikes as likes, and the 2k comments are universally negative. 

It’s even more pathetic than you know, since Justin already has a YouTube channel. It has 66k subscribers, 904 videos, and was created in 2006. If you’re wondering how it could be created so far back, it was probably not called “Justin Trudeau – Official PM channel” back then. It was probably something more like “Justin’s Silent Hill 2 Let’s Plays,” or “Justin’s Standard Fuck Party VLOGs.” That kind of thing. Or maybe it was always called “Justin Trudeau is PM Bitch,” and he was that presumptuous even back then. I wouldn’t put it past him.

Dress yourself for the job you want, not the one that you have right now. Do the same for your YouTube channel. If you’re wondering where The Daily Rake Odysee channel went, we’re going by “God-Emperor of the Universe” now. 

As can be expected, the videos on his original channel got very few views and little engagement. 

Which is why he felt the need to start the new channel. To satisfy the overwhelming demand for more Justin.

Looking at the About page I see that he created it in October, but only started promoting it now. Or perhaps he’s been constantly promoting it. That would make both him and the consubversatives even sadder, since he has pathetic sub and view counts despite shilling, and the cons are pretending that something sad and pathetic – which they should be laughing at – is WEF globalism anti-Israel wokeness secular humanism enslavement or something else retarded like that.

I’m not kidding about the viewcounts, by the way. You’d think that they could pay for some bot farms to at least watch the videos a few hundred times each. Bump those numbers up to a few thousand per video. 

As it is, random videos from our destroyed YouTube channel regularly got more views than the Prime Minister of Canada’s personal vanity project. I could have gotten more views than this guy just by sitting down in front of a greenscreen and blabbering on about whatever. That’s true even for his video when he’s talking to the POTUS.

Never forget. Normal people are not invested in finkled politics. They may vote during election season, but that’s it. Pierre Poilievre, Jagmeet Singh, and Justin Trudeau aren’t being sold because there’s a real demand for it. The truth is that no one cares what they have to say, and only tepidly support them as lesser of x evils. 

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