Another day, another Globo Homo Schlomo entertainment product trailer. If you’re like me you’re looking forward to the comments section with giddy joy, but before we take a look at what real talent can produce we need to watch the actual trailer.

We start off with a full minute of establishing shots replete with a CGI mermaid swimming around. They tease us by almost showing us Ariel’s face, before it’s back to more establishing shots set to some weird generic score that eventually morphs into “Part of Your World”. Finally, at pretty much exactly the one minute mark we hear a human voice singing the words to “under the sea,” while we see a black screen. And then, seconds later, a black face.

I included the time just so you can see the buildup this got.

This is what the entire trailer was building up to, the reveal of The Little Perm-aid herself. But they kept the red hair, so I guess she’s wearing a weave or something.

The camera then zooms in on New Ariel, in case your brain subconsciously rejected the red haired African mermaid as Ariel. But no, this is what the Globalists have done to this Aryan figure.

Personally, I feel the closer we get the more unnerving it is. If this is what mermaids look like, they can stay in the sea. It’s not even entirely that she’s Black, it’s that she’s this weird fake-White girl who falls into some sort of racial uncanny valley.

The actual actress is named Halle Bailey. Yes that’s her real name, and no, she doesn’t have any relationship to Halle Barry. The name likeness is pure coincidence. And as you probably could have predicted, some autists on the internet used AI deepfake-esque technology to give us back the White Ariel that we wanted in the first place.

But since it has to be plastered over Halle Bailey’s performance, there are some limitations. I saw a five second clip of this, and it’s not exactly airtight when in motion. I’d rather they cast an actual White Woman than have me deal with the AI creating something that looks like a terminator pretending to be a woman in order to get close enough to murder me. 

The way the face kind of… slides as it moves is big yikes.

Sadly I don’t think that AI is going to help us get out of this one. Unless we finally get some of that based AI hooked up to skynet I think we’ll need some political solutions.

A thought shared by our AI frens.

Getting back to the trailer, it’s over. That was it. We learned nothing other than that The Little Mermaid is coming May 2023, and Ariel is Black now.

I for one support this decision. The original Little Mermaid totally Whitewashed Ariel. Her day to day struggles, like surviving drive-bys, playing basketball, and enjoying grape drank always made more sense with her being Black, which she is in the original fairy tales by Hans Christian Anderson.

In fact her original motivation was primarily escaping the high crime area she was born into, as well as being the first member of her family to go to college. Her desire for Large Aryan Cock, while a part of the original fairy tale, was again Whitewashed by the goy Walt Disney, who wanted to downplay the race fetishization that Hans Christian Anderson clearly put in his original work aimed at German children.

While I as a reddit enjoyer am pleased with this turn to honour the progressive vision of International Finance Capital, by the looks of the like:dislike ratio the peasantry appears none share little of my enthusiasm. This is odd, as all of the highest rated comments appear fully in support of Black Ariel.

As an aside, you can hit “sort by highest rated comments,” and YouTube only puts on the barest pretenses of doing that. You’ll see a streak of comments above that have three or five likes sandwiched in between ones with thousands. It might not be relevant to this particular story, but sorting comments by likes is the easiest thing in the World. That they aren’t just doing that indicates that they’re desperately trying to manipulate and obfuscate the actual comments that people like.

None of which actually works in this case, since everyone on the internet is thoroughly enjoying making fun of this steaming pile of garbage. And if Jaime can zoom in, you’ll see that I do mean everyone.

You said it Mr. Kumar. Although like I said, so did everyone else. This is universally loathed.

I’m tired of screencapping, here are some more.

What an ending scene! I would have never expected to see Ariel use her new legs to kick the giant Ursula saying “THIS IS ATLANTICA!!!”. It was amazing and empowering, without any doubt.

Demize Plays Games

The part where Ariel busts down a door and then bravely screams “Say hello to my little friend!” really sent chills down my spine. It’s so inspiring that she wants to show off her friend Sebastian to the world so badly


The part where ariel decides to swim up breaking the surface just to loudly proclaim” Black lives matter” to the masses only to remember that she was a mermaid and immediately said ” I cant breathe” and quickly descended back to ocean depths was the true highlight of spreading “The Message”. Truly one of the films of all times!!


[SPOILERS] the part where Ariel said “dolphins are a virus, mermaids are the cure” brought chills down my spine. Those toxic white dolphins really had it coming and it couldn’t have been more satisfying to see Ariel swimming in an ocean of blood after the final battle. The colour of the blood-stained water matched her hair so nicely when she held up her titanium trident in victory

Sonia’s Way

The part where Ariel says “real eyes, realize, real lies” really moved me. Truly the line ever in the movie history

The Hedgehog

The part when Ariel sings WAP to Ursula so she can borrow her twerking ability was really stunning and brave.

The Nose-Americans who took over Disney are using their illegitimate power to put a red haired negress mermaid as Ariel. I don’t like it, you don’t like it, the internet doesn’t like it, and the first part of the solution is supporting me in my upcoming School Board election. In sort of the same way that the first part of a marathon is tying your shoes.

We’ve got a lot of work to do but you gotta start somewhere. Oh and join your local Active Club.

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  1. It’s like an underwater diary of Anne Frank, only with a grinning, singing, and tap-dancing mulatto girl. Truly a movie among movies ever told.

  2. Ursula and/or any other negative or demeaning characters will probably be the only White presence in the film.

    Ignoring the mermaid-american issue for a moment…that trailer’s underwater “effects” looked horrible. She’s sitting on a sound stage with a cheap rock façade and a ripple light effect over her. It’s probably just the jews attempting to widen their profit margin since they know Disney stans will still flock to the theaters to proclaim the film as the “BEST THING EVAR”.

    I hate (((Hollywood))) so much.

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