Hasan Piker all that often is the biggest streamer in the world, and a total fag. A while back he got a brief Twitch ban for saying “cracker,” in an anti-White manner, but the e-revolutionary is once again entirely uncensored.

Last summer Sam Hyde called him out before and then after his boxing match. That was the last time I thought about this turkroach, until now.

This is footage taken from Hasan Piker’s laughable real life picketing on behalf of the Writer’s Strike. To back up for a moment, Hollywood writers, technically the Writers Guild of America (WAG), is going on strike. This is being lead by Adam Conover.

If the name and face rings a bell, that’s because he’s the gigantic fag behind “Adam Ruins Everything.”

It’s rare that a non-tranny provokes such a visceral disgust reaction from me, but Conover is offputting and creepy on a fundamental level.


Writer and comedian Adam Conover blasted David Zaslav, the Warner Bros Discovery CEO, during an interview with CNN on Tuesday, a company Zaslav also oversees.

“David Zaslav, the CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery, the parent company of the network I’m talking to you on right now, was paid $250 million last year, a quarter of a billion dollars,” Conover said during his interview with CNN anchor Sara Sidner. “That’s about the same level as what 10,000 writers are asking him to pay all of us collectively, alright. So I would say if you’re being paid $250 million — these companies are making enormous amounts of money. Their profits are going up. It’s ridiculous for them to plead poverty.”

Normally I’d agree, but I feel that we have stumbled upon the one singular group of workers who I genuinely want to see crushed under the boot of Jew capital. Tone starts from the top, and don’t ever think that people like (((David Zaslav))) aren’t responsible for anti-White pervert garbage pushed by Hollywood. However, the writers themselves are garbage people who are also totally incompetent.

Even in the above example we see Adam Conover, worthless faggot, make a rudimentary math error. 1/10000th of 250 million is just $25k per year. Is that really what the writers are demanding?

Not even close. The screenwriters are demanding $250k per year, which really puts things into perspective. I can honestly say that I can’t remember the last time I consoomed Hollywood Product, especially if we don’t count my review of Rangz of the Kangz. But if you find yourself stuck watching the latest Globo Homo aggravating schlockfest, just know that someone got paid to write that. In fact, multiple someones, and they’re angry that they didn’t get paid more. They want you to be angry as well. 

Luckily, working class hero Hasan Piker is here to save the brave workers of America. No, not the rail workers, who got crushed by the bipartisan congress of ultra wealthy shitbags. Breadtube doesn’t have time for those bigots.

The real backbone of America is the 90 IQ Genderqueer losers who already get paid almost $150k minimum – often more – for their screenplays, plus addition payment per rewrite. That’s the easy to sympathize with crowd that’s going to give us the workers revolution. Not those icky and bigoted White rail workers who the Government outlawed from striking. 

Some minor e-celeb named Matan Even showed up and started trolling Piker. If you ask me, there’s much better material you could use than “we love landlords.” Hasan Piker is a guy who literally wears “eat the rich” shirts while streaming on his uncensored Twitch channel from his $5 million house.

The Quartering fag has his typical shitty take on this, along the same lines.

But the comments on the above video get more to the point.

Hasan Piker isn’t a “communist.” He’s a rich shitbag who isn’t just uncensored, but literally promoted by Google and Amazon. The first thing that I get when I search “Hasan Piker” on YouTube is his channel, then a bunch of his videos. The first thing written on his About Page, visible with the search, is “the revolution will not be televised.”

Luckily, the revolution will be promoted by trillion dollar multinationals who are the most censorious institutions in all of human existence.

His fake anti-capitalism “ideology” is a consumer good, just like the rest of Breadtube. Remember the Traffic Soyboys?

These hyper-geniuses managed to find a way to stay on Patreon without the capitalist owners shutting them down like they do for us. I wonder what clever trick they used? Was it being complete and utter frauds who exist to turn anti-billionaire sentiment into a totally impotent semi-political e-moobment which is also extremely anti-White and perverted?

Mystery meat Matan Even strikes me as being a fairly low effort real life shitposter, so it’s not like I’m critiquing our guy. He’s most well known for crashing some game awards show, and pretending to be a part of the team that made Elden Ring, while giving a shoutout to “his rabbi Bill Clinton.” 

I don’t think the kid is particularly clever, but even with his “we love landlords,” spiel, he managed to expose everyone at the WGA strike as a bunch of pampered faggots. Imagine a serious labour movement that lets some fifteen year old kid talk over your uncensored Twitch livestream.

The serious guy totes anti-capitalist workers hero ends the confrontation with the fifteen year old and his friend by walking away, doing his best impression of “the virgin” from the “Chad vs Virgin” meme.

Gives me serious flashbacks to Justin Trudeau getting humiliated by Xi Jinping.

Piker, who was quiet as a mouse when the fifteen year old was chirping him, decided to clapback on twitter the next day. 

This might seem immature, juvenile, and pathetic, but this is actually in the mold of the great labour leaders of days past. Who could forget when Cesar Chavez looked at his feet when some twelve year old girl said “lol I support scab labour,” before calling her multiple times the next day and telling her that she belonged in a coal mine?

The serious labour organizer continues his beef with the grade 9 troll over the interwebz. He accused the guy who trolled him of wanting to collab with him first? Okay, so? He was just going to troll you doing that instead. Hasan, what the fuck are you even blathering on about? 

Shockingly, the peanut gallery is less than impressed with Piker raging at the fifteen year old. 

Others notice something else that is obvious, which is how utterly pathetic Piker is when facing the slightest bit of confrontation. I know that to say this is to say the obvious, but Piker is clearly someone who has never faced even mild real life criticism and heckling. If he has, then he certainly hasn’t learned how to deal with it. 

This is a guy who made his image that he was the tuff antifa. The one who actually would punch der natzees. 

For the record, a brief chuckle at the kids would have sufficed, and made them look like totally unserious trolls looking for attention, which is what they actually were. Alternatively, he could have had some muscle gently escort the kids out. Or rather, he could have if he was doing a serious labour protest.

Since he wasn’t, he had a pack of skinnyfat diseased tranny screenwriters around him, who weren’t organized and prepared to deal with the barest disruption. Instead he tries to intimidate the fifteen year olds while keeping his mouth shut, then fails to do so, the worst of all worlds. 

Kotaku, an absolute hive of scum and villainy, rushes to the aid of brave Hasan, before slipping on a banana and crapping all over themselves. 

I try to write more about Breadtube, but I find that it’s difficult to work up the motivation. How many words can we write on people who pretend to be anti-capitalist while being promoted by every trillion dollar multinational conglomerate in existence? To some extent, taking these people seriously even to deconstruct is privileging them as being serious enough to be worthy of deconstruction. Case in point, when I searched “Hasan Piker” this was the third news story that popped up, him beefing with some weird streamer that no one cares about. 

In the meantime, the WGA picketing has minorly disrupted some Marvel movie films. Good. The longer this goes on, and the more suffering both sides enjoy, the better. Unfortunately, the writers are so incompetent that there isn’t much reason for the movie studios not to crush them and replace them with scab labour, so I expect this to end quickly and go nowhere.

At least one group of intolerable cunts is getting it in the neck. The worst outcome would be for them to get a raise and business to go on as usual, but I pray that won’t happen. 

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  1. Hope they all fall on their pickets but I also hope they succeed so they can drain more money from hollywood jews and spend said money on buying more rainbow colored dragon dildos from amazon and funko pops like they always do.

  2. Good Post. Who wastes their time consuming their crap?
    Relatively few, and they’re all Homo Replicas.
    I can count on one decapitated hand the number of times I’ve gone to the theater in the last 10 years – ditto for my group of friends….everything good is old and even there you have to look HARD – therefore… I know their shit circus is exactly like every jewspaper in the world – NOT PROFITABLE – so show me the meme with Nose-feratu’s huge fingers doing sleight of hand card tricks with their monopoly moneys.

  3. Oh no, a bunch of overly pampered faggots and race traitors are demanding even more money from their miserly kike overlords.
    Wake me up when they’re hanging from trees.

  4. Found this article funny and entertaining

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