The Giardian:

Greece’s general election has propelled a far-right group called the Spartans, a previously unheard-of political force, into the Athens parliament with the help of an imprisoned, neo-Nazi leader of the now-disbanded Golden Dawn party.

While the centre-right politician Kyriakos Mitsotakis has won a second term as prime minister, the Spartans have emerged as the fifth biggest group in the 300-seat parliament.

With 4.7 % of the vote, it was the Spartans who could claim real victory in a bloc of unabashed neo-fascists, religious fundamentalists and ultra-nationalists catapulted into parliament with two similarly minded far-right groups: Greek Solution and Niki.

I’ve seen 6% vote numbers thrown around. Either way it doesn’t matter, just enjoy the:

In typical WMD Liar fashion, the dilating trannies at The Giardian don’t bother explaining to us who this unidentified Neon-Natzee leader of The Spartans is, at least not immediately. They never make this entirely clear throughout the piece, but I believe the man most worthy of praise for this result is Ilias Kasidiaris.

Ilias Kasidiaris

Below we can see The Times of Israel whining about him reading “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion,” in Greek Parliament, back in 2012.

I don’t think the praise should all go to one individual, of course, I am just fairly unfamiliar with Greek politics. What is clear is that coordinating this many votes while imprisoned is a tremendous feat.

The ascent of the far right – in a country where memories of Golden Dawn have yet to fade despite the imprisonment of the now defunct organisation’s leader, Ilias Kasidiaris – has sent a shudder through the media and, undoubtedly, parts of the judiciary, which earlier this year prevented Kasidiaris’s hate-mongering party, Hellenes, participating in the national vote.

“The elections have produced the ‘darkest’ result of the last half-century,” wrote the leftist newspaper Syntakon, describing the 25 June poll as the grimmest day since the restoration of democracy in 1974 after the collapse of military rule.

Mitsotakis’s New Democracy party, it lamented, had not only won with a record-high margin over the leftist opposition – cumulatively, the three far-right parties garnered close to 13% of the vote, a share that gives them 34 seats in parliament. The Spartans will be represented by 12 MPs.

Economic uncertainty, Greece’s pro-Nato stance in the war in Ukraine, lingering anger over the Macedonia name deal, frustration over immigration and growing anti-westernism have provided fertile ground for the return of the populist radical right in Greece.

I’m quite certain that Eric Striker has written multiple articles on Golden Dawn. Certainly he knows more than I, and will probably fill us in on the upcoming Strike and Mike. 

But the gist of it is that Golden Dawn was entirely banned from participating in Greek elections, and the entire leadership was thrown in jail. This was done because some antifa attacked two low level members with a knife, and ended up getting beaten to death in a fight he started.

I referenced this a bit when writing about the utter nothingburger that is Elon “ADL Uber Alles” Musk letting schizos bloviate on his site, while banning the NJP, Justice Report, Patriotic Alternative, and others. They’ll let you rant in your shadowbanned playpen. Actually taking real political action risks this happening. 

Our parasite class bloviates constantly about “muh democracy.” Then they go and outright ban populist political parties. That’s when the good old fashioned mass censorship, de-banking, and the rest of their dirty tricks aren’t doing the job. Finally, they’ll try throwing you in jail. 

I know this isn’t the first successor party that the Golden Dawn guys have started, in part because I saw that another one of theirs had been banned from elections in May of this year. 

Take all of this with a grain of salt, but someone made the following comment in the Daily Rake telegram chat.

They got banned in the [elections] in May, but they did re-elections after because nobody was able to win a super majority and the main cuckservative party that won most of the votes didn’t want to make new coalitions, so they decided for it. In the new elections they didn’t have the time to ban the Spartans. I guess they thought it was over. Well they were wrong.

What a blow to Tvue Democracy this was! An absolute outrage! We must berate the bureaucrats who failed to ban this political party before it could pervert (((Our Democracy))) by letting the Goy-Peasants vote for real representation. Deezgusting!

Golden Dawn rally.

I tried starting a political party in Canada, and realized that I simply didn’t have enough organic support or money to make it work, at least for now. Nevertheless, political parties, and political action, is undeniably the way forward. Yes, that might mean getting thrown in jail. It might mean doing a lot of things that the illegitimate ZOG regime makes illegal. But ultimately leaders need to have the balls to actually fight for power, and that means engaging with the electoral process.

But despite their lack of apparent preparedness, the Spartans were backed by more than 240,000 Greeks at the ballot box, with the party’s leader, Vassilis Stigas, in his first public statement, thanking Kasidiaris profusely for providing “the fuel” for the party to do so well.

The leadership of Golden Dawn is currently behind bars, and yet they still got around 5% of the Greek vote with a surprise party that few people had ever heard of. Keep that in mind when you see annoying e-commenters pretending to be political on twitter. 

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  1. They won’t let you vote your way out of this. The whole ‘political party’ solution is just gonna be a stepping stone to the actual direct action that is needed. Yes start a party and get it banned and do it again and again until we have enough people and enough rope for a real solution. That’s the point of fucking around in their jew system of democracy, to make them ban you and arrest you to show that they are fake and gay to every White man on earth. Fucking hell America was founded on the idea of violently overthrowing the government. The Jew used violence to overthrow Hitler, the jew used violence to overthrow Russia and Palestine and Iraq and Afganistan and Libya and … We all know what you can’t say in this nightmare clown world, but I do hope none of you think the jew will just say ‘well they got the votes , looks like we lost time to get on the boat to madagascar’ .

    1. Madagascar is a very beautiful place, the jews don’t deserve a nation, not after they tried to destroy all of our nations.

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