Our last piece went over the sheer volume of garbage crapped out by the modern manuresphere, and we got quite a few interesting comments. Let’s start with one by NKIAAD.

This is strong confirmation of Dead Internet Theory. With the amount of those videos out there, there’s no way they’re getting millions of views because there’s no need to play the same “motivation” over and over and over again, and there’s simply not enough time to view all this shit.

When Musk bought Twitter he claimed more than 20% of accounts were spam bots. I’ve seen analysis, don’t remember where, that showed an overwhelming proportion of the traffic for corporate websites like NY Times or Washington Post was coming from Chinese click farms. They pay to boost traffic not only to squeeze their advertisers, but also because they believe they can fake it till they make it.

I don’t think it’s even up for debate that bots are involved at some point in this process. Certainly the view counts can’t be all genuine.

Having said that, the few videos that I looked at in depth had mostly normal comment sections. I say mostly normal, because I did get that faint whiff of AI generated commenting here and there, but not obviously so.

Above is from HustleNexus’ vid. Below is from Dodo sip’s compilation. Yes, the comments are the male equivalent of “you go girrrrrrl,” but I can easily see real people leaving this sort of claptrap online.

Sure, AI can most definitely imitate obnoxious and stupid people without issue. What’s harder is threads like this, when a few people with functioning brains step in and state the obvious.

The thread continues.

Never underestimate the self-selecting nature of communities, professions, or hobbies. It isn’t just you who thinks that this garbage is time wasting trite. The other 99% of the population agree that it’s stupid, they just don’t stick around for long, and may never have been exposed to it in the first place. That’s true of pretty much every online “community,” that you can think of, from the Body Positivity Movement to the Traffic Trannies to the Andrew Tate Sycophants.

Another comment in the same vein was left by HorseGirl Respecter, who linked to a video by a YouTuber complaining about YouTube pop-science spam.

The parallels are obvious, although there are some differences. I didn’t see any of the Reject Modernity, Embrace Steroids videos be monetized. This doesn’t mean that they aren’t spam, only that the purpose is political, as opposed to purely monetary. Many of the other manuresphere videos, such as the ones laughing at women crying, were monetized.

Another comment, this time from Anonymous.

They are no different from antifa in the sense that they are promoted by YouTube and everything yet they think they are some sort of rebellious counter culture movement. They play right into the hands of big Jew, rejecting women and thus not ever having families. Also how exactly is getting swole going to effect real political change? Lmao.

Imagine a group of people who are literally promoted by the YouTube algorithm in 2023, yet who think that they’re rebels bravely fighting some vague, abstract power. Well, you don’t need to imagine anymore.

MKNAOMI had a similar comment,

Ah yes, “Youtube” the same place that bans anyone to the right of Ben Shapiro and had a severe feminist slant since the early 10s is hosting, promoting and (presumably) paying tens of thousands of revenue shekels for SIGMA-MALE-GRINDSET-DO-YOU-ALSO-LIKE-LAUGHING-AT-DESPONDENT-FOIDOIDS-FELLOW-HUMANS content. Nothing to see here.

And from Dane.

The common theme between the mgtow, the lgbtq, the greens, careerism, drugs, etc, is the anti-natalist slant.

IOW, they want to steer you into literally anything, ANYTHING, that keeps you from starting a family.

Ergo, just to piss them off, go start a family.

It was this last comment that made me realize that there was something missing in the “Reject Modernity,” videos. Something that would massively increase their visceral impact, while getting the political message – pretending there really is one – across with even more clarity. Let’s take a look at their examples of degenerate modernity, and see if there is some mysteriously excluded group.

We start off with some obese creature in the body positivity movement. Fair enough, although focused on the body, as opposed to any sort of political action. The same is true of the next shot, which is a common one used throughout these videos. 

The man in the yellow shirt is talking about how no one wants men with big muscles. From this we move to the obvious faggots, with two weirdos doing a TikTok dance dedicated to the AIDS Demon.

There’s binge eating.

Another fag dancing on TikTok.

A fag with nail extensions and a lisp that would put Liberace to shame going on about how men are meant to be “submissive worker ants.” This is another very common clip, and is at least mostly on target.

Then we get an e-whore.

Another e-whore.

A third e-whore. This one did a dance where she twisted around, showed us her ass, and then gives the camera the finger. 

Finally, we have a fourth e-whore. Nothing was skipped, and nothing was taken out of order. This is the last of the “degenerate modernity,” that features in the video. 

With that we get to the eyeliner wearing steroid abuser who died at age 22, who is the true representation of masculinity embrace, or whatever.

The things chosen to represent negative, degenerate modernity are not horrible, and I can’t really take issue with the inclusion of any of them individually. However, I can’t help but think that there is this group of people who best represent the disgusting civilizational decay of The Current Year better than all those featured above.

No, not them, although we’ll circle back to this in a latter piece. I’m talking a group of people that are truly repulsive to the sight. Astonishingly creepy and disturbing, and even more so in motion. What possible group could we be talking about?

Could it maybe be something called: a tranny?

And look, they even have sub-groups. Remember the diaper fetishists?

What about DesmondIsAmazing? You could make a great video with the same clips that focuses on the child trannies, as a way to stand out from the pack. 

Why do these e-right faggots care so much about binge eaters, girls making overly sexual TikTok dances, e-whores, and fatties, but so little about trannies, diaper fetishists, and drag pedos who groom children before getting arrested on CSAM charges?

And it’s not like that’s a one time thing. There are so many of these creeps who get arrested for CSAM that it’s become predictable. And those are just the ones who get caught with stuff so vile that the Democracy Class can’t let them get away with it.

The run of the mill grooming is still going strong. As the TRS guys have stated many times, once the groomers realize that they can’t bring kids to their drag shows, they don’t bother, since that’s the point.

Promoters of this event were caught with CSAM.

And I remind you that child mutilation surgeries, which render the children permanently infertile, are legal. Yes, you read that correctly. There are many such cases.

You don’t even need to write a dissertation explaining why this bad. Simple slogans will do.

In fact, you don’t need simple slogans. All you need is the very same pictures that these child abusers put out themselves. 

There are videos that Wallace Wong, a child abuser here in BC with authority over orphaned children in the foster care system, has put out where he is even creepier in motion than in still images. And even in still images he has that “feed me the child,” vibe going on strong.

I could go on ad naseum. It’s not difficult to find truly disturbing trannies on the internet. Even cuckservatives occasionally find some.

Hell, remember that music fag who made videos where he was simulating being pissed on by half naked gyrating AIDS patients?

The guy doesn’t exactly make it impossible for you to make fun of him, now does he? How come the Reject Not Taking Steroids fags never include him in their videos?

What about Sam Brinton? The nuclear energy hire who courageously rapes dogs and steals women’s clothes at the airport?

We really couldn’t find any way to work this guy into any of these videos?

Wasn’t enough material there?

You can head on over to “Horrendous Trannies: Pharmageddon,” right now and find a collection of thousands, maybe tens of thousands of disturbing images, screencaps, and short video clips. Below is literally the very first one that I saw when I clicked on their channel.

Anyone remotely familiar with these people knows that this isn’t cherry picking. They are all this gross and creepy, if not more so. Below was the very next post down.

I skipped over one that was sexually explicit – and also stomach churning – to get to this one.

The very next post speaks for itself. 

They include a bit of “Polly,” dancing. Sort of weird how the Reject Modernity guys made sure to include videos of young girls dancing – not that I approve of that – but not utterly repulsive troons jamming out to the beats of their youths. You’d think that, if you wanted to get the message across that “modernity,” is bad, you’d focus on the most repulsive and disgusting thing, as opposed to some girl making an ill-advised TikTok, right?

Horrendous Trannies: Pharmageddon do make videos, or at least collect them. You can see one of them below. I don’t really like the music, but at least it’s getting to a real issue. 

Here is an example of the one of the video header images they use. 

Here is what it would look like if these e-activists were actually trying to make a positive impact on the lives of the consoomers of their content.

Here’s another, more overtly political example. This is the kind of stuff that might have actually been on YouTube up until ~2017, which is when you could arguably still “redpill da normies,” in a productive way. 

The “problem,” is that this stuff gets you censored from SchlomoTube, and we can’t be having that, now can we? Even still, you can definitely push much harder up against the line without getting censored. They don’t, because they’re not interested in politically activating anyone into doing anything other than supporting Ben Shapiro and Andrew Tate.

Because when you’re not talking about “muh modernity,” but about “child hungry pedophiles and misanthropes who want to abuse children,” the answer of “work out and listen to Andrew Tate brag about scamming men out of money to buy expensive cars bro,” stops sounding profound and starts sounding like the obnoxious grifting that it is. 

The same is true for Juden Peterstein and Ben Shapiro.

Take a look at the garbage below. Forget Hitler posting for now. Instead, tell me that it wouldn’t be more effective with trannies on the “reject” side, instead of e-whores.

Yeah, I get it. TikTok whores are annoying. Streamer whores are annoying. People who are morbidly obese making videos of themselves binge eating are disgusting. But there are pedophiles grooming children so that they can rape them, and in some cases pimp them out to their fag friends, right now. You’re not going to stop any of that by going to the gym and getting swole, bro. Political problems require political solution. Systemic problems require systemic solutions. 

The main reason why I hate the e-right so much isn’t some bad take they have here or there. I hate them because they aren’t political, but pretend to be. We’ll see an even better example of this when their response to women in the porn industry telling everyone how terrible and exploitative it was. Spoiler: they think (((pornographers))) are great, and that wahmens be entitled and shieeet yo. 

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  1. Just like the traffic antifa, it’s more significant to look at what they DON’T say than what they do.

  2. A lot of the porn available on the internet is so degenerate and evil that it’s shocking it is even legal. There is a lot of mainstream porn (that some 13 year old could be exposed to on the main page just by clicking “yes I’m 18”) that is so sexually sadistic and hateful it’s just insane.

    Then add to the mix the reality that there have been plenty of women and men that were in these professional porn videos against their will and are the victims of human trafficking and rape. Hell even Andrew Tate seems to be one of the pornographers who trafficked women.

    Additionally professional porn studios have been caught making CSAM in the same studios they made their ‘normal’ filth in.

    Honestly the world would be dramatically improved if pornographers were out to death.

  3. If you’re making a simple binary choice to choose from, the choices have to be opposite in some way. For example:
    -Reject *being* an effeminate fag, lift weights and get strong.
    -Reject slutty e-thots, find/make a trad wife and make a family

    Instead, they post: reject slutty e-thots, choose narcissistic gym bros covered in oil.

    Sounds pretty gay, doesn’t it?

  4. I think they’re just gay and this is another form of grooming. “Reject girls, embrace dudes.”
    Granted homosexuality is anti-natalist.

  5. Trannies are your punishment if you piss them off and start a family. Trannies are a special protected class of child-seeking establishment missile.

  6. […] I Hate the E-Right Part 5 – About that Modernity you’ve been Rejecting… […]

  7. Lmao you still haven’t gotten to Vox Day?

    But yes, this “content” is evidently allowed because it’s just further atomization and blames acceptable categories of people. It’s the same reason manosphere grifters and PUA gurus etc are allowed to run around until straight up criminal shit happens: Their message is mostly harmless.
    Become a hedonistic defector. Lift. Make money. Get bitches. Hustle. Everybody is just a mark for you to con.
    Zero difference to anything embodied by debatebros like desTINY or Vaush, the faux-radicals pushed to replace organic RW content, if you think about it.

  8. The core political problem is jews. There are many different ways of evading that fact. Many different flavors of “it’s women socialists muslims contards egirls atheists soyboys karens niggers extraterrestrials chicoms libtards feds interdimensional beings” etc. Just look at BitChute. It’s an avalanche of safe irrelevancy.

    Anyone who identifies as “political” but puts out content that is 99.99% >>not the jews<<, is merely an entertainer. A black-light wielding clown.

    I'm not saying it isn't diverting. It is diverting.

  9. this content has very strong homoerotic vibes. I genuinely believe that tate fans are all faggots simping for him.

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