I was initially going to cover the reveal of Andrew Tate’s (((benefactor))), when I got exposed to Andrew Tate’s cartoonishly dumb workout advice. I’ll still cover his (((owners))) later, but for now we take a look at the morally pure sex trafficker and lonely man exploiter’s workout guide for ten year olds with no life experience. He promises that they can get a shredded physique with Two Weird Exercises That Definitely Aren’t Retarded. 

Nigger: So, if you want to do another exercise – I stress again, burpees are the most important – but if you do want to be doing something else, this is another exercise that I do. 

He previously showed a retarded version of the burpee which involved the worst clean and jerk technique I have ever seen in my life. We’ll circle back to that, but for now we’re focusing on the overhead press/squat combination. It’s the second of the only two exercises that Tate tells you to do in order to get Le Shredded Physique.

Just pick the bar up once again with 30 kilos, you might have to do it lighter. What I do is I move it over my head three times. One, two, three, then down.

We do twenty five [reps]. 

Without taking a million screencaps I can’t properly show how idiotic this is, but let me try anyway. He starts off by telling you that you should lift a 30 kg bar, which is a bit more than 65 lbs, and do a sort of weird, not fully extended overhead press with it three times.

Above is as high as he ever gets the bar, and he isn’t exactly the model of consistency. He moves the bar from in front of his head to behind his head, then back again three times. 

Once he’s done that, it’s time for one single squat, after which he’s back to moving the weight from front to back again. 

First of all, compound movements are great, but this is like the down syndrome version of that. If you really need one single exercise that hits a ton of different muscles, you can just do the clean and jerk. Tate already has a bar, so there isn’t much argument against it.

However, we don’t need to only do one exercise. Tate makes up some gibberish about why we do, which makes absolutely no sense, especially since he says that the workout should take at least thirty minutes. I’m all for doing just a few exercises per workout, but some bizarre burpee/clean combination and an overhead press/squat combination is just laughable. He doesn’t have an explanation for why we don’t just do overhead press as one exercise, then squats as another. That’s because there is no explanation, and this is a novelty workout routine for idiots.

Real compound exercises are movements that involve more than one joint. Almost every natural movement that you can do, squat, deadlift, bench press, pushup, rows, dips, pullups, they all qualify. A contrast to that would be something like a biceps curl, where only the elbow joint is being moved, and which isolates the biceps.

Compound lifts are great because they hit multiple muscle groups in the same motion. As your body tires it starts to get less tired muscles to contribute disproportionally to the lift, in addition to working stabilizer muscles isometrically. I’ve certainly found this to be true for me.

As one example, squats typically “burn through” my glutes, then quads and upper hamstrings, and then even start hitting the lower back. Hell, I often feel my calves start contributing as the other muscle groups get fatigued to the point of failure. 

Overhead press is another great exercise. I typically find that shoulders start out as the limiting factor. Sometimes it’s a purely shoulder limited lift all the way through, but often I find that the triceps also give out. Along the way I can feel the upper pecs being hit, and occasionally the traps as well, as my body pulls out all the stops to lift the weight. 

With dips it’s the same thing. The pecs get burned through, and I end up failing on my triceps, but with the pecs typically being more sore the next day. Pretty much every compound movement is like this, and over time, if one particular muscle is being disproportionally worked the strength gains tend to be disproportionate, so eventually the other relevant muscle groups start being fatigued. 

But that’s the key, relevant muscle groups. When doing overhead presses, I often feel my delts or my triceps as the muscle group that fails the lift. However, I never feel that my triceps are failing when I do a squat. That’s because they have nothing to contribute to the movement. They are an irrelevant muscle group for that lift. Similarly, I never feel that my quads are contributing to my overhead press.

All of which brings us back to Andrew Tate’s idiotic combination of the two. This is the kind of thing that a dumb nerd, which is what Andrew Tate actually is, thinks up as a “genius” way to… I don’t even know. It’s not like he’s saving time by combining these two exercises. All he’s doing is ensuring that he’s using the incorrect weight for at least one of these two exercises, and introducing a ton of rest-pauses for the other exercise. 

As if it couldn’t get any dumber, he acts like there’s something magical about moving the weight from in front of his face to behind his head. Not only that, but you must do this three times, using Baby’s First Overhead Press technique, despite lifting 65lbs. Literally everyone on the planet who is in even moderate shape will find this rep and weight combination entirely arms limited, which makes me wonder if he’s ever even done his own workout routine before turning the cameras on.

There is no reason to combine these two exercises, but if you had to you’d switch up the reps for the squats and the overhead press unless you were morbidly obese. Instead of three overhead presses with 65 lbs before one single squat, you’d do three squats, then one single overhead press, if that.

In my Fatty Gets Fit series I mentioned that my lifts had been improving consistently. I got a bad groin tweak, so I substituted bulgarian split squats for a few weeks, and have been keeping the squat weight low upon my return to that exercise. Even still, I’m at almost thirty reps at 135lbs, not a particularly impressive or unusual feat for an adult man. My dumbbell overhead press PR is 18 reps at 30lbs, for 60lbs total with both hands combined.

These are not unusual numbers, yet Andrew Tate thinks that I should do three times the amount of weird, ersatz overhead presses with the same amount of weight that I’m squatting with.

Oh, and you don’t do this to failure, or with some reps in reserve. You stop at 25 reps for no particular reason.

This is so dumb that it borders on parody. You can’t combine these two exercises into one exercise without having one of the two different exercises be the limiting factor. However, you could at least not go full retard and actually pick a roughly appropriate ratio of squats to overhead presses. This would probably be something like 3.4:1. How you are supposed to do 3.4 squats for every one overhead press I have no idea, and neither does Tate. I guess you could pick 3:1 and be press limited, but with a moderate leg workout, or 4:1 and be squat limited, with a moderate press workout.

Or you could just do squats uninterrupted until failure, then presses uninterrupted until failure like a non-retard. No one works out this way, because it’s stupid, unnecessary, and doesn’t work. 

It’s actually even dumber than I described above, because you can’t even subscribe a constant ratio of squats to presses. This changes as you change the weight lifted, and for each individual. Tate never mentions it, but there’s no reason why a new lifter should start with anything other than bodyweight, then the bar with no weights, then adding 5lbs to each side, and so on and so forth. It’s called “progressive overload,” and people do it because it works, unlike his made up exercises for idiots. 

Body weight squats are a great exercise for beginners, because you’re squatting a fair amount of your bodyweight while you do them. Doing bodyweight overhead press might be useful for someone who has never seen a weight in their life, but your arms just aren’t that heavy. It’s almost certain that you can do a great deal more bodyweight overhead presses than bodyweight squats. However, that drastically changes when you add even light weights. This is because the proportional increase in the weight you’re squatting is minimal, while the proportional increase in the weight you’re overhead pressing is enormous.

Let’s say that I can do the same number of bodyweight squats and bodyweight overhead presses until failure, perhaps something like 100 reps. It’s probably more, but the exact numbers are irrelevant. I don’t know what my overhead press one rep max would be, but there’s no way that it’s currently higher than 60lbs for each hand, or about 120lbs total, but I can squat 120lbs for over thirty reps. Every time we add weight to the bar we’re massively shifting the ratio of squats:press until we pass our press 1RM and the ratio goes to infinity. 

Yet Andrew “dumb mulatto” Tate insists that we do three bastardized overhead presses for every squat, for twenty five combined reps. Why does he insist that we do this? Because he’s a fraud whose audience is impressionable twelve year olds who have no common sense or life experiences and he’s pretending to have some sort of unique insight for them. I’ve put more thought into his workout routine than he has, but I’m not trying to scam eleven year olds, so the truth is important to me. 

We skipped over the burpees, pictured above, but let’s come back to them now. He starts off with a lazy plank, then performs the least athletic looking clean and jerk that I have ever seen, with the same 65 lbs bar as before. 

After standing up from the plank he locks out his knees, keeps his feet together, and lets his body slump backwards as he raises the weight over his head. 

As if to make it more baffling, he even cheats on the plank, not coming close to fully extending his legs. 

To point out the blindingly obvious, there is no reason to combine this weird bastardization of a clean and jerk with a plank, and the weight that he’s using will make this an absurdly arm limited movement, especially considering that he isn’t using his legs to propel the weight up at all. If you do this you’ll end up with massively tired shoulders, combined with almost completely fresh legs, abs, really the entire rest of your body.

This is what he says is the “most important exercise to do.”

He combined a plank with terrible form, an upright row with terrible form, and finally an overhead press with terrible form. Do this precisely twenty five times for three sets and you’ll get jacked.

Jaime, can you please pull up a screencap that highlights the uploader’s name?

“Not Fit yet” uploaded this video to his YouTube channel over a year ago. Something tells me that he remains not yet fit to this day. There’s plenty of legitimate workout advice for beginners freely available online, but the Tate Retards are dedicated to being duped, so they absolutely swoon over this LOLcow.

I think a lot of these comments are paid shills, but I especially love this one in particular. 

Fifteen months studying fitness and you can’t recognize that Andrew Tate’s workout regiment is retarded and made up?

It’s true that Andrew Tate has some shredded pictures online. Those are from years ago, and aren’t representative of his body now.

Above we see him at his most jacked. Below we see what he looks like without anabolics. 

He released this bizarre video from prison where he’s somewhere in between. 

We have his workout videos where, even wearing pants and a tshirt, he looks like a skinnyfat normie. 

And his kickboxing career when he was noticeably smaller than when at max ballooning, but with low bodyfat percentage. 

Tate has the classic, telltale signs of on and off anabolics usage. He claims to be natural, but he’s so stupid that he sent Derek from More Plates More Dates some bloodwork of his that accidentally proved that he was taking testosterone. 

Low Kick MMA:

In short, Derek found that Andrew Tate’s test results were that of a moderate TRT user.

“I’ve followed [Andrew Tate] for a long time. I do actually think he’s natural. However, I do think that what he has posted has completely kind of done the opposite of helping reinforce what he is trying to prove here,” Derek revealed. “This is showing that he basically has the equivalent level to a guy who’s on a moderate TRT dose.”

And of course, it’s trivially easy to temporarily go off superphysiological levels of anabolics, get some bloodwork done, and then go back on. Tate is such a lazy fraud that he didn’t even do the fake natty scam properly.

So no, the secret to Tate’s physique isn’t to do some retarded double exercises all as one thing together. The secret is to take enormous amounts of anabolic steroids, probably combined with a traditional bodybuilding program. Then Tate takes a bunch of shirtless pictures, before his lazy ass goes back to not working out.

When his body is smaller, he dresses up in clothes that cover him up, even when making workout videos when there’s little reason not to wear shorts and go shirtless. He shoots these videos in such low resolution so that it’s harder for the gullible dipshits that make up his audience to see how average his physique is. When it’s time for more shirtless pics it’s back to the super physiological doses of tren and TRT.

For the record, I understand this part of Tate’s workout video. 

I detest getting up, packing my gym bag, getting in my car, driving, parking, signing in to the gym, going, then getting in the gym and training, changing, going home, it’s a huge waste of time, and that’s just to stay in basic physical shape. It’s a massive waste of time, it’s completely unnecessary, and it’s expensive. 

To the nine year olds with no life experience, Tate just invented the home workout. To everyone else, he’s reinvented it and made it retarded.

But don’t worry, I created a non-retarded home workout routine that I did, and you can do with no equipment. It’s totally free, and since it wasn’t created by a retarded, grifting mulatto, it actually works. It also works your entire body, and prepares you for going to the gym.

We start off with a warmup. I prefer jumping jacks, but you can do whatever you want. 

The first exercise is bodyweight squats. You don’t add some retarded other exercise on top of this, you just do squats. You can either do full on squats or a timed isometric hold. I would recommend starting with the latter, as I find it easier on the joints, but it doesn’t really matter either way. Do it until you can’t stand the pain. 

After that it’s time for doorframe pushups. Again, you can do an isometric hold at the bottom, or reps. Start off with your feet close to the frame, and the next time you do the exercise put your feet further and further away from the frame. 

Eventually you can progress to girl pushups, and then normal pushups. Do as many of these as you can. 

Now it’s time for the hip hinge motion, which means stiff legged deadlifts. For this exercise I would highly recommend starting with an isometric hold at the bottom of the movement. 

Eventually you can progress to the single leg SLDL.

Now it’s time for our very last exercise, door frame rows. These are just like door frame pulls, but in the opposite direction. Progressively overload by stepping your feet further forwards, holding for longer, and doing more reps. 

Four exercises, and you’ll be done well within thirty minutes. I think for untrained people this is far superior than going to the gym, since it will make you just as sore, and saves you time. This is the actual training wheels exercise program that I wish I had when I was a kid. If you don’t have access to a car, and you don’t have access to a gym, you can do this workout for weeks if not months while seeing progress. You can even ask your parents to buy you a set of light dumbbells to prolong the benefits. 

However, everyone who has ever seriously worked out will tell you that you graduate from bodyweight work. Your body adapts, so you increase the weight to the light dumbbells, but your body slowly adapts again until no progress gets made. Eventually you have to bite the bullet, go to the gym, and lift progressively heavier weights. This isn’t some sort of weird bodybuilder conspiracy theory. This is the experience of everyone who has ever consistently trained before. People don’t just do home workouts with one single bar, because it isn’t as good as going to the gym, even when you’re not doing retarded exercises made up by an idiot.

When you’re at the gym make sure not to find yourself doing two totally separate exercises for absolutely no reason because you didn’t know that Andrew Tate is a moronic grifter and his workout advice is trash. 


This is the most that I’ve ever been exposed to Andrew Tate, and it was one of the dumbest experiences of my life. 

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  1. Is this guy from the future? Some kind of alien cyborg?
    Did he just stick his toe in an electrical socket for this photo?
    Enquiring minds don’t want to know….

    1. i appreciate your schizophrenia, but… Could you try making more sense?

  2. I worked out with my friend in high school and it did help me get chicks.
    But in my day, nobody had the faggoty buzz-cut military hair cuts like the dweeb generations of today.
    Between working out I played soccer and learned that being on a winning team (we won northern cal in CYSA) – you learn fast that weight lifters are faggoty compared to what your body goes through playing full games as a midfielder.
    Of course, soccer now is retarded, mostly hispanics and sad to say they stand around doing nothing a lot – if you’re not always running my coach would chew your head off….
    OLD FARTS like me love to drone on and on about their past like some has-been idiot….and working out you’ll find when you get old your values change drastically and you develop man-boobs from laziness because muscle turns to fat… in the end who gives a rats arse.

  3. LOL. Dumb nigger monkey

  4. I suspect that the commenter who’d been studying fitness for 15 months was being sarcastic. For the sake of my own sanity, I’m going to believe that.

    1. I been studying fitness for 30 years… Then I hit the gym and actually got fit.

      It’s sorta funny to use the term “study” when talking about fitness 😂

      1. I’ll say this for Tate – he at least knows his audience (complete retards).

  5. Tate is what you get when you cross-breed the trash of the white gene pool with a nigger chimp. Really sad and telling to see jew gatekeeper buffoons/scammers like Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson, defending and promoting Kalergi nog Tate as he scours poor nations in order to exploit desperate, poor European girls. These freaks should be given a nice, perfectly fitted hemp neck tie.

  6. Fuck your cringe training advice, TheTDC. I’ve been on ExpressLifts 1×1 since like, forever.

    Works like this: Rack them plates (none), hit that single rep and that’s it, you’re done. Twelve minutes of gym time means 48 minutes of shower time and that is where the real progressive overloads happen. Ram Ranch ain’t got shit on me and my Cozyboyz.

    1. I worked that program for nearly a decade. Gained a lot of mass around the midsection. Have recently lost it, along with a curious definition loss in the right triceps and biceps.

  7. I’m A personal and have been for 11 years, I agree that all of Tates training advice is terrible however the idea that you need to be on massive amounts of roids to achieve A body like that is laughable.

    He has some ab definition and pretty good delts this is achievable naturally for most young men with reasonably good genetics.

    Also the before and after pics you posted are several years apart and one is him in the gym, pumped up, flexing and in good lighting the other is him just chilling lying back on A sofa with bad lighting which also makes A big difference.

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