In our last installment we were introduced to the “redpill,” and “blackpill” e-communities. The former is actually difficult to describe these days, much more so than in the past. The “Pick Up Artist,” of yesteryear is gone, leaving those clinging to “the redpill,” as some sort of weird amalgamation of PUA-lite retards, pseudo-political commenters, and flat out vicious misogynists whining about women.

I unfortunately was forced to binge watch a bunch of these videos recently for content, and I’ve noticed an obnoxious format that they appear to have settled on. It’s something like “guy with no charisma provides unnecessary commentary on filmed social interactions while calling himself a Chad.” 

It appears to be a competitive niche, with “GriffinMind,” “Darius M,” “De-Em,” “Whatever Podcast Clips,” “FBE Capital,” “Aloudy,” “Arako TV,” and dozens more all putting out pretty much the same content, often with the exact same clips, just arranged in a different order. Probably the best example of this is “Alpha Central,” and his videos celebrating women getting rejected. This is partly due to the nastiness of celebrating something like this, and partly because of how much of a fag he is.

In just the first 30 seconds of that we’re treated to a bunch of Indian guys and girls. We don’t see a lot of context, but it appears to be a dating show. One of the girls is asked “who do you think will be your biggest competition,” to which she replies, politely, “I don’t know, these girls are all so beautiful.” Then one of the guys in the background says “stop the cap.” 

I’m not a nigger, so I don’t know exactly what “cap,” means, but I think it means lying. Anyway, “Alpha Central,” has this to say.

Bro was a straight up savage for this comment. Comin’ in hot right at the start.

This plays over this image.

I watched this entire 12 minute long video with a grimace on my face, one half notch short of full on cringing. It doesn’t get better from here, as the very next clip starts off with a man commenting a woman.

Hey there. Anybody tell you you look good today?

The girl, who was just minding her own business before, breaks out in a smile before saying no. This smile stays on her face until our “Alpha” responds.

There’s always tomorrow.

At which point the smile falls from her face and is replaced with a hurt look, while our Sigma Male Stud Grindset Hentai Appreciator scurries off.

“Alpha Central’s” soy voice belts out the following.

Man is gambling with his LIFE. He might be on the coach for that one.

Uh, okay. Seems like we’ve had two clips of men being mean to wahmens unprompted and for no reason. Maybe that’s all just been harmless banter though, right?

Our next clip is of some guy shooting down some girl who goes over to him.

Slut: Do you have a girlfriend?

Sigma Male: I don’t.

Slut: Do you think I’m hot?

Sigma Male: Eh, not really.

Slut: Ohhhhh, why?

Sigma: Way many more people are attractiver[sic] than you.

Slut: What’s not hot about me?

Sigma: Your personality and your voice.

Slut: My voiiiiiice.

Sigma: You’re a little too small. You could maybe like eat a burger and not be anorexic.

Slut: Wow. That’s aggressive.

Sigma: I dunno who you’re trying to impress, no one’s going to simp over you.

Alpha Central is back with the commentary.

Man is the definition of a sigma. He knows what he wants and won’t stoop to these games.

I’m sorry, can we have a closer look at the definition of a sigma please?

For the record, that girl was annoying and definitely not my type. That’s why you say “you’re cute, just not my type,” when a girl like that asks you if you think she looks good, like any normal decent man would. Then again, I’m a few hundred pounds short of being a Sigma Male, so that’s just me. Your mileage may vary.

I’m skipping over a clip, although it’s all pretty much the same garbage, and going to this one. We see some drunk girl on camera saying “I could get any man’s number,” after the guy with the mic asks her the equivalent of “can you get any man’s number.” She then goes up and asks some guy for his number, and gets turned down. The guy with the mic makes fun of her, and Alpha Central has this to say.

Well at least she was confident about it, but she got straight up humbled.

Are we supposed to be celebrating?

I thought I saw a drunk girl who was bantzing at a club. It wasn’t crucially important to me to see her humiliated in person, before also having the interaction put online for the world to see. Seems like a cruel thing to do, but again, I’m a bluepilled beta fag game denying anti-sigma secret tranny.

The next few clips don’t have anything to do with women getting rejected. Some of them are about going to the gym. Others are just random podcast conversations with all guys that aren’t even centered around women. This is par for the course in this neck of the woods. These content creators are terrible in terms of their messaging, and totally interchangeable. Then they basically throw the same garbage into all their videos regardless of the title, making every video they put out also interchangeable. I’ve seen Ben Shapiro clips talking about transgenderism just thrown halfway into these videos supposedly about wahmen getting rejected.

We go about five minutes without any more women being rejected. Instead we’re treated to shitty TikTok videos with mystery meats across Weimerica. Finally we’re treated to yet another Sigma Male Grindset Enjoyer rejecting that bitty.

Aaaaand it’s a fat guy neglecting his wife who is trying to get him to come to bed and have sex with her, because video games are more important. #SigmaMaleGrindset

For the record. One of the complaints that you’ll hear from these fags, and which we’ll cover later in this series, is that a man is owed sex from his woman in marriage. Taken as a single isolated belief, this is at least defensible. Relationships are mutual. Your partner has desires, and so do you. You should work to satisfy those desires.

But a man clearly neglecting his wife asking him to be intimate with her because he’d rather play video games is given this treatment by “Alpha Central.”

Bro just wanted to finish the game. Ain’t nothing wrong with that.

Stop playing the video game and go tend to your wife, faggot.

The entire rest of the video goes by with not a single woman getting rejected, or a man refusing to simp. I remind you that this video is titled “When Women Get Rejected and Men Stop Simping#15.” Perhaps the most egregious example of this is when two friends, pictured above, are asked some questions about girl friends and guy friends. Basically, the girl says that guys get very little out of the situation, and implicitly insults her friend. He stands there and takes it.

I don’t say this as an insult to him, sometimes you’re in a bad and awkward situation. But the video is supposed to be about women getting rejected and men not simping, and we see an example of the exact opposite of this. It is so goddamn annoying how all of these Redpilled Manure-o-sphere fags are so scatterbrained that they seem incapable of making a focused video on one subject, even if their video title promises exactly that.

Anyway, if you enjoyed that video, YouTube has about a billion more just like it, each browner and more bitter than the last!

That’s so odd, because it would appear like (((YouTube))) is a totally censored platform, and has been for years. Hell, even this small website had our channel holocausted. It’s crazy how Der Juden allowed these Wahmen Dark Secret Knowers onto the platform to Redpill The Normies into never going outside, never talking to women, and never reproducing. Truly, this is what the (((Democracy Class))) fears most.

The first video was so unfocused and idiotic that it was hard to get too worked up. The second video is more to the point, starting with a man pulling a prank on a cashier girl.

Cute Cashier Girl: What’s your email?

Guy: Can I get your number?

Cashier Cutie: Uhm sure, I finish in ten minutes.

Guy: Ah.

Cashier: Want to get a drink?

Guy: No that’s just my email.

Cashier: Um… okay.

Her smile and optimism gone.

He then goes up to a second cashier and pulls a similar trick.

Cashier: And what was your email?

Guy: Far out you’re gorgeous.

Cashier: Thank youuuuu. Uhm you’re not so bad yourself.

Guy: Nah It’s my email.

Cashier: Oh.

I tracked down the original TikTok video, which you can see here. I am 95% sure that it is staged, but many of the commenters believe this is real, and are ecstatic to watch two pretty girls getting crushed for absolutely no reason other than that it makes the girls sad.

The above comment seems like a bot from the pre-ChatGPT days, but you get the gist of it. There is nothing funny about flirting with a girl only to shoot her down and say “Lol, jk,” when she responds positively. Laughing at that is just weird, especially if you think it’s real.

If all that got you down, above we see a motivational speech by Andrew Tate that has over 1.1 million views on YouTube, as of time of writing. He tells you to never focus on any girl, because none of them are special. That’s right, if you think that you’ve got a connection with a certain girl, Andy Tate knows that ackshually she’s totally interchangeable with all the rest, so whatever bro.

I’m so glad that Andrew “nigger values” Tate is dispensing the crucial redpill advice to the Goyim, and for free. Boy does that Andy Tate ever have our best interests at heart. Luckily we managed to find another speech by Andrew Tate that is equally helpful.

Andrew Tate: This is where the famoose would start. I had a lot of girls that worked for me. And the best would be the Ukrainians or the Russians. Cause they’d get some guy to fall in love. They’d arrange a day to meet. All this shit.

“Ahhh, I need a visa.”

“Okay get a visa.”

“I need money for a visa.”

“Okay how much is a visa, it’s $900.”

“No but it’s not $900, because the embassy thinks I’m a risk and I need a return flight there and back, and I need a hotel, and I need to have spending money in my bank account or they won’t let me come.”

“Okay so how much do you need?”

“Ten grand.”

“Okay ten grand.”

Boom, so ten g’s. Thanks. Go to the embassy, take a picture outside the embassy, come back.

“They rejected my visa. They said we have to wait two weeks. After two weeks they’ll give it to me.”

“Okay babe, thanks.”

Boom, two more weeks of tips. Boom, boom, boom, boom. Cause now he thinks he’s gonna fuck, right. To get the girls now he’s spending more than ever. Two weeks, two weeks, two weeks.

Two weeks come…. some other problem. Whether it’s visa or whatever, whatever, we make up some bullshit, right.

Other fag: All these OnlyFans chicks can learn from you.

Tate: Oh man *inaudible* yeah people would say “why did those girls work for you?” Cause the girls who worked for me, and at 50%, cause it was 50-50, would make millions per month. If they worked for themselves they’d make fucking nothing. I was the best in the fucking gameeee.

Me, and I had a whole team of staff. The girl would only work six or seven hours a day online. But –

Other fag: So how did it end?

Tate: Bro the story’s just begun. You want me to tell you. I can shut up if you want.

New fag: Well you started double dip, and started to coach these guys too?

Tate: I could have, but fuck I’ll give it all for free. But – so, the girl would be online for six to seven hours, but then when she logged off, was sleeping or whatever, on her WhatsApp, I’d have staff – she was “online” 24 hours a day. Her WhatsApp, her this, so she was famoosin when she was asleep. We were bringing money in from the fuckin sky. We’re promisin’ all these meetings. All these pictures outside of embassies. All that shit.

Eventually the girl – what she’d do is she’d say “oh, I don’t want to go to the embassy.” She’d give a really lame excuse to try and provoke the man to get angry. So she’d say “the embassy wanted me to come back, but I have a headache.” That was the one we’d use.

He’d be like “I just sent you a million dollars. You promised you were gonna come. You said you had the delay. Now you’re saying you have a fuckin’ headache, you won’t go to your appointment,” to make him mad on purpose. Because that would annoy any man.

And then, that’s what we needed. We need a little trigger. We’d go “why are you being aggressive?”

“I’m not being aggressive, but you’re not serious,” and so on.

And then we’d say “but you know what? I really like you and I’m flying to the other side of the world by myself and now you’re being aggressive and now I’m intimidated.”

And we’d flip it on them. Saying “well now you’re being scary.”

“No I’m not being scary, but you – you know it’s your appointment you’re supposed to go.”

“Yeah but I feel sick and you don’t even care.”

Female bullshit. Female bullshit. And I’d flip it on ’em. And he’d get fuckin’ furious. Cause we were really good at –

Other fag: Playing both sides.

Tate: Yeah pokin’ him. To the point where he’d go “you’re a fuckin’ scammer. You’re fuckin’ scamming me.”

“I can’t believe you think I’m a scammer. I was gonna come. I went to the embassy. You’re a fucking liar, every man in my life has only ever lied to me. I thought you were different.” de de de de da. Big beef.

But here’s the thing. The guy would get pissed off, right, and leave. Stop tippin’ her, stop comin’ to her. But for these men, that’s the only chick in their world, the only hot chick in their world who talks to him. Maybe it takes a week, maybe it takes two weeks for him, takes three weeks.

He’s in bed at night, alone, jerkin’ off, looking at her old videos and pictures. Watching her streaming again from another account so she can’t see it’s him. Sittin’ there going “maybe she was gonna come. Maybe I just got too mad when she had a headache. Maybe, maybe I should have been a little more patient, and she would have been my girlfriend.”

And 100% of the time, within less than three months, with an apology, a brand new pile of money, and the cycle would repeat. We fuckin’ Killed. The. Game.

Millions of dollars a week. And it was not just because I had beautiful girls. It was not just because webcam is easy. It was because I am a genius, and I put together an apparatus of genius behind the avatar of beauty.

And we Fucking. Conquered. The. Internet.

He isn’t confessing, he’s bragging.

I don’t believe that Andrew Tate’s scams were pulling in millions of dollars per week. Tate is a fraud in every aspect of his life, and it would be more absurd if he wasn’t exaggerating here. However, I’m sure he was doing this to plenty of lonely men, because he’s a worthless piece of shit.

Sure, Tate got holocausted from social media and JewTube, but he lasted for years on there, and you can still find his “motivational speeches,” uncensored and with millions of views. If you feel the need to hear words of wisdom from a guy who thinks you’re a mark to be exploited, feel free to tune into them whenever you feel like it. In fact, (((Google))) would very much enjoy seeing you do exactly that.

Tate: I am a four time kickboxing world champion multi-millionaire.

For the record, the biggest scam product that Andrew Tate puts out there is himself. One of the easiest to deboonk is his claims of being a “four time kickboxing world champion,” because it’s bizarre to claim yourself a world champion without mentioning the promotion. Tate doesn’t do that, because he wasn’t winning titles in Glory, or K1.

Gabriel Varga, a very well known and actually successful kickboxer, had never heard of the guy, and was none too impressed with what he saw. Apparently the only full fight you can find of Tate is him getting knocked out in a lesser known promotion.

And if you’d like, you can find a compilation of this redpilled alpha male improvement scammer getting knocked out.

But hey, that’s just a compilation, right? You could take any serious fighter with some losses on their record and do much the same. Here’s the full fight between Tate and Grajs, so you can see how awkward, sloppy, and utterly outclassed Tate is by a journeyman kickboxer en route to a first round knockout.

And I’m not kidding when I say journeyman. Franci Grajs compiled a record of 34-8 in his kickboxing career, never became champion in K1, Glory, IKSA, One FC, and in fact never even got to fight in those larger promotions. This is the guy handing Andrew Tate his own ass.

I’m not saying that he’s a terrible kickboxer, but his claims of being a “world champion,” are utterly laughable. The equivalent would be me, a guy who played two years in the BCHL, going around talking about myself as if I was some legendary hockey player who belonged on the Canadian Olympic team.

Am I a great hockey player relative to the rest of society? Of course. Could I compete against real NHL players on an NHL team? Not even close, and if I pretended that I could then you should immediately discard everything else I have to say on any subject ever.

Doing research for these pieces has utterly caused JewTube to aggressively try shoving this garbage down my throat. Above is a screencap from the homepage that YouTube shows me. There is one video on the NHL, which makes sense as I watched some playoff game recap/highlight videos. The rest is all garbage. Some combination of idiotic life advice for men, thirst posting, making fun of cute girls showing off their bodies, and obviously staged interactions when men insult women for no reason.

The comments under the Tate motivational speech video are, again, garbage. I considered transcribing some of them, but they are all terrible in their own unique way. Just read each one and move on to the next.

The scatterbrained nature of the redpilled manuresphere naturally detracts from any critique of them. And they are so awful in so many different ways that it’s easy to get sidetracked as they go down some other path of garbage. However, we are not focused on Andrew Tate specifically, but rather the absurd viciousness of the Smegma Male Movement.

With that in mind we take one more look at another one of these videos, this time by “GriffinMind,” to see a high school Sigma Chad being an obnoxious little shit to some girls for no reason.

Sigma Fag: Sophia, you actually look good today.

Sophia: Thank you… actually?

(next girl) Sigma Fag: Oh my god yes. Normalize looking your best, Charlie. *Charlie is this girl*

Charlie: What?

Fag: Normalize looking your best.

*Pause as girl’s smile remains on her face, but increasingly doesn’t meet her eyes*

Charlie: Oh.

GriffinMind then plays this react pic from Patrick Bateman, a fictional character from “American Psycho,” who murders tons of people and is generally a psychopath. He’s become a hero to the Smegma Male community, because why not?

With that we’ve finally arrived at the main course, a video by “Darius M,” laughing at an evil Vagina-Person who tried going out by herself and making friends, only to end up alone and crying by the end of it. I have started the video from the right time, and highly recommend you watch it first.

We start off with a very pretty woman doing what these Chadlets tell you is supposedly the right thing for a girl to do. 

This year I’m gonna go the full year without using any dating apps. Uh, however I still want to meet people. So tonight uh, it’s Friday. I’m gonna go out by myself. 

As is par for the course with these types, Darius M doesn’t bother giving us a link to the original video, which is extremely irritating and amateurish. However, I did some sleuthing and found her name to be Angelica. 

She starts off the video excited, and no doubt more than a little bit nervous. I can sympathize. 

Okay, uhm, this is what I’m gonna wear.

Just passing a BeerGarden that was full of people with their friends. *pause* It’s okay. This’ll be fun.

At this point in the night, Angelica is already clearly not enjoying herself. 

The normal human reaction is to hope that she meets someone nice and doesn’t have a terrible time. However, we’re watching this on a Smegma Male Grindset channel, so rest assured, that won’t be happening.

Okay, that did not go well, and was a little embarrassing. Uhm, I’m gonna see if I can find another place to go then. 

[At next place] Uhm. The night is *pauses to not cry* not going as planned.

I dunno what I thought. Like, *sniffles* I legitimately thought I was gonna meet people. It was just that like, the jazz bar was too crowded. There wasn’t even anywhere to sit. I’m gonna go again. I’m gonna keep trying. I’m gonna keep trying, but that was – that was really hard.

What I’m going to say next will be mundane to the 99.9% of the world’s population that supported Harvey Weinstein getting locked up, but will be utterly sickening to the 0.1% who found in Mr. Weinstein a fellow traveler. 

As someone who used to work as the doorman/bouncer for a bar – many stories from that coming in later pieces – I can tell you that many people, maybe even most, don’t actually enjoy going out. I’ve seen a lot of lonely people, male and female, trying to portray the outward appearance of a good time, nurse a drink for an hour, and then leave. You can observe this phenomenon with individuals as well as groups. 

The natural human reaction to seeing this is to have sympathy, and that’s especially true for Angelica here. It takes guts for anyone to go out barhopping by themselves, especially if they’re relatively socially reserved, which this woman clearly is. If I was sitting right next to her I’d wrap my hand around her waist, give her a little noogie, and tell her that next time she goes out, I’m coming with her and I’ll do my best to introduce her to any decent guys I meet when we’re out.

Let’s check in with the Smegma Males and see what their takes on the situation are. I’ll transcribe the most upvoted comment, by @joels6736.

The girl who went to a bar and was in tears over not having a man approach her made me chuckle.

A woman going to a bar and then crying because she had a terrible night out and is lonely makes you chuckle. Okay, not sure where the punchline was, but let’s see if this gets better.

They really do think life is supposed to be like a movie.

Or… they think it would be nice to go out and meet people, and hate being lonely.

The rest of the comments in that thread are equally toxic, so let’s see if some of the other Sigma Chadlets have some kinder words for this suffering woman. 

The woman at 5:00 is the best example of woman privilege ever. She went out, didn’t get a boyfriend after an hour, and was bawling about how unfair her life was. – @JeremyFag

And here I was almost ready to have sympathy for her. But now I learn that she has “woman privilege,” so it’s okay that her loneliness has made her so sad that she’s moved to tears.

I spent my young life being called a dork or nerd and laughed at by women simply because I was focused on starting my own business and I found things interesting like nature and animals which made me a dork in their eyes. So it makes me happy to see women over 30 miserable and sad and lonely… they deserve it !!!!. Karma is a b** – @Grasshopper80s4ever

Dude, get help. 

Seeing that woman breakdown after not having a single man approach her was extremely satisfying – @johndang8971

In fairness, not all the comments were this toxic, but you don’t get credit for not being a misogynist to the point of psychopathy. Watch the video of this woman crying again, and ask yourself how you feel about it. It is almost impossible not to feel sympathy for her. I would argue that it truly is impossible, unless there is something seriously wrong with you.

This is the equivalent of seeing someone drowning, only instead of trying to help them you laugh at them as they cry out for help. This is bizarre, grotesque, disgusting behaviour. And it is precisely because it is so offputting to normal, decent people that this kind of garbage is allowed online, while we are all censored. The Smegma Males provide a great service in making any opposition to Globo Homo utterly toxic, low status, and gross.

Darius M, the alpha Smegma Male, chimes in. 

Here’s what I’ve noticed about modern women.

You know what? Just shut the fuck up. I don’t think we need to hear it.

Stay Smegma fellow Chads.

Next time we go deeper into “the blackpill,” and uncover the deepest, darkest secrets of women online grifters who use pseudoscientific evo-psych JustSo theorycelling to make impressionable young men panic into thinking that they need jaw implants to avoid being forever alone.

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  1. Love this new series, it is badly needed.

  2. The parallels to our America First “friends” is unmistakable. They appear to have no solid mission or purpose, but have attracted a wide collection of misfits and losers into the grift as well as an audience of fairly normal folks who lack direction in life.

    I actually mistakenly thought those people had some mission in life or politics, but really they’re every bit as “serious” as this PUA crowd and are just chasing audience and “clout”

    1. There are a vast cornucopia of these weirdo online communities, but really they are just branches of the same poisoned tree of societal dysfunction. I’ve given this some thought, and now I’m going to be insufferable and do some armchair psychology.

      There are a disturbingly large number of people who are socially retarded to a crippling extent – so much so they become permanently online turbospergs. Their childhood upbringings are characterised by parental neglect (if not outright abuse), and their lack of social awareness seeps through even in their online activity. They are so bitter and twisted that they are only capable of feeling joy at the suffering of others, or whenever they coom to whatever degenerate fetish that got imprinted onto their brains during puberty.

      I got a chuckle when the good Doctor quoted that YouTube comment from the smeghead who claimed he was dissed for being dorky because he was dedicated to building his own business. I doubt thatI even live on the same continent as that particular tard, but the scent of bullshit is inescapable.

  3. “Bro just wanted to finish the game. Ain’t nothing wrong with that.”

    I’m old enough to remember when having this kind of mindset was enough to get you branded as a faggot. Your Bing Bing wahoos are not more important then sex.

    Many years ago I read about a Counterstrike tournament in Russia where for the final match the organisers decided to distract the competitors with a bunch of strippers. My friends and I all agreed that it was a hollow victory for whoever won.

  4. […] I Hate the E-Right Part 2: Redpilled Alpha Chadlets Laugh at Normal Woman Crying While Lonely […]

  5. If White men want to know why White women turn to niggers – watch these videos. I’m against this of course, for a host of reasons, but hyper sexualized nigs would never turn down pretty White girls, or any type of halfway decent women, of almost any age, if only for a one time banging session. I don’t know what to say about the alleged “men” in these videos. Women aren’t the death of the White Race, though….


    none of them are “hot” and none deserve an ounce of respect.
    Some of them so nauseating one almost yearns for the years before interwebz – when only Juden were allowed on the glowing screen in your living room….ALMOST.

  7. “Only gay people like women.”
    ~T. Every PUA Smegma Mail.

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