In the last piece I took a look at Andrew Tate’s absolutely idiotic workout guide for gullible ten year olds. I was supposed to cover the recent and entirely unsurprising revelation as to the brains behind Tate’s grift and abuse operation, but got sidetracked because of whatever the hell this is.

But now we’re back, just in time to bring you the shocking news that yes, the Tate Brothers are Made in Israel. 

Mirror UK:

A new documentary claims to have uncovered a “secret ringleader” of alleged human trafficker Andrew Tate’s organisation.

Known by the alias “Iggy Semmelweis”, this alleged ringleader has not been accused of any wrongdoing by the justice system. But while Tate, his brother Tristan and two female associates face charges, all denying the allegations, the channel’s investigation found Iggy appears to be the War Room’s true leader and intellectual driving force.

A secret ringleader? The intellectual driving force behind exploiting and abusing White women and lonely men? Somehow not facing any legal repercussions? Who could this possibly be?

I don’t want any uppity Goyim conspiracy theories. Jews are just 0.2% of the planet. It would be exceedingly unlikely that we’d find one here. A one in 500 chance, at best. 

Nevermind. Turns out it’s “Miles Sonkin,” a Chicago Jew who refers to himself as a wizard. 

Tate, along with his brother Tristan, denies all charges. Now, the BBC’s Andrew Tate: The Man Who Groomed The World? claims to have uncovered evidence of women being groomed into sex work by the controversial influencer’s “War Room” group, with allegations of a self-proclaimed “wizard” at the top.

Who could possibly have seen this one coming…

The above screenshot comes from this reddit thread, where one user claims the following.

hes saying cernovich popularized ‘goober’.

but also @ ing him for support and acknowledgment on the day hes been outed.

cernovich was one of the small group of original grifters that iggy gathered in 2019 to astroturf war room to the genuine paypigs. theres old warroom leaks where cern is shilling gorilla mindset supplements in the wr group chat.

Mike Cernovich, the Lisping Lizard himself. He came up again during the Jack Murphy/Goldman scandal. Guy’s always had the most wholesome and well-meaning friends. 

Cernovich is a part of the old school Manuresphere grift. A decade ago these guys were all about pretending to be confident in order to get teh females. Then they glommed on to the Trump grift in the Alt-Lite. Then there was a period of a few years where they were mercifully quiet, or at least I never heard of them. 

But, like herpes, they never really go away.  

Adding credence to the claim that Cernovich was shilling the Tate War Room grift, he went on a trip to Romania to meet the Tate’s, and talks about it in the above video. The info blurb is below. 

Mike & Mike discuss their recent excursion to Eastern Europe and visiting their friends Cobra Tate & Tristin Tate.

Need I even comment on his Gorilla Mindset product?


There are almost no pictures of Miles Sonkin on the internet. However, (((Vice))) did an expose of the Tate Grifters, and (((Bellingcat))) took some screenshots from that documentary, and gathered a few more from social media posts. 

Miles Sonkin/Iggy Semmelweis

Buddy looks like an orthodox rabbi, and may well be one. 

As an aside, while I don’t mean to victim blame, imagine seeing these tryhard and obviously grifting faggots and thinking “boy oh boy, do I ever need to pay thousands of dollars to be a part of this exclusive club.” Again, not making light of their victimhood, I’m just saying that the Tate Experience is a grift with a very narrow appeal, despite what you might think having seen the deluge of Reject TikTok, Embrace Steriods garbage on the internet. 

Back to the BBC article. 

But Eli, a whistleblower who claims he spent two years as the Tate organisation’s head of sales and marketing, told the BBC: “The War Room is all about you getting women that serve you in your life.” And Eli, who calls the group a “cult”, said “Iggy is at the top” when it came to leading the group, which had 434 members from around the globe as of August 2022.

Leaked messages from the War Room suggested violence against women was taught and encouraged, with one photograph of a woman bent over with serious bruising and cuts to her backside and the tagline “Who me?”. A leading member who uses the alias “Joe Lampton” describes reacting to a complaint from a woman who worked for him by saying: “I took her keyboard and hit her in the head with it”. “She went into the room and worked seven hours without any break,” he continued in the documentary.

While not all members of the War Room may act on its teachings, the documentary claims it identified many of the women possibly groomed by members of the group, plus a further 29 who were targeted over the same period. Two women from different countries claimed they were lured into romantic relationships by group members before allegedly being manipulated into sex work, subjected to violence and isolated from friends.

What a bunch of Chads! AMIRITE fellow constantly online alpha redpillers?

I had a lot more written for this piece, then I deleted it all. If you don’t have the right opinion on Andrew Tate at this point then nothing can possibly help.

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  1. Good exposure of the Zionist fake right, kike rat gangsters. These freaks are in some ways worse than the leftists in that they act as decoys who mislead well meaning young and ignorant people. I will say that it is great entertainment to see the leftists and the Zionist fake right murdering each other in greater numbers. Perhaps some enterprising people out in the world will devise creative and fun ways to further the conflict between these two groups of criminal freaks.

  2. I wonder what inbred Ashkenazi Rebbe Sonkin would look like with an entry wound where his nose used to be? Probably a lot better I reckon.

  3. “I had a lot more written for this piece, then I deleted it all. If you don’t have the right opinion on Andrew Tate at this point then nothing can possibly help.”

    – But it’s entertaining!

    – That scum needs more hammering! More!

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