Today I learned that the HuWhyte Race has been holocausted by not tweeting enough during the 2024 Republican primaries.

How did we get here? How was it that we did not reach the promised land through sheer tweet quantity?

It was because the bad theorists said so. Shun the bad theorists. Burn the bad theorists. Kill the bad theorists. They have empowered Matt Walsh to steal our talking points, and it is very important that the 867 people who saw Parrott’s tweet know that.

Kent, a confirmed Bad Theorist, proceeds to get uppity with Matthew Parrot, a confirmed genius. Having said that, I have to admit that I was somewhat intrigued when this Kent fellow asked Parrott the following.

Memetic thinking: cheering over dog whistles while counter intuitive policy is passed.

And what happens when, due to immigration, they no longer feel the need to dog whistle? The language is changed already. Great replacement is a household term. Memes on x are a dead end.

What strategy does Matthew “cuckbox” Parrott think that we should pursue when the GOP passes literally all the policies that their (((donors))) want but that the people do not want?

You boo when the bad policy is passed, obviously.

The strategy is to whine a little bit on twitter to a tiny audience of anons. 

Matthew Parrot is a LOLcow, and crawling back to the GOP plantation is even more ridiculous for him than for any of the other e-right fags that I’ve covered before. Parrott was the spokesperson for the TWP, ostensibly a competitor to the GOP.

In retrospect, it’s not really clear what the purpose of the TWP was, other than to put on costumes and embarrass Richard Spencer. And when you can embarrass Richard “Apollonian” Spencer, a guy who Elle Reeve made cry, you’re a level of embarrassing that shouldn’t even be possible.

I understand that many of you don’t know the Matthew “Cuckbox” Parrott story. I hate to give them the clicks, but Daily Beast unfortunately sums it up quite well.

Daily Beast:

One of America’s highest-profile neo-Nazi parties is “no more” after a bizarre love triangle saw its leader locked up for assault, the party’s former spokesperson, who described the incident as a “white trash circus” told The Daily Beast.

Here’s Matt Parrott, second only to Richard Spencer in his addiction to talking to (((butthole-left))) media figures and giving them every single soundbite they were looking for and then some. 

Not content with spilling the beans to Daily Beast, he went straight to the SPLC and spilled the beans. 

David “Matt” Parrott was the party’s spokesperson until Tuesday, when he quit in a statement to the Southern Poverty Law Center. Parrott told The Daily Beast the incident might be the end for the white nationalist group. “People have lost faith in the party on every level,” he said.

Yeah that’s right. This literal cuckold made sure to give a prepared statement to the SPLC. Not covered in the Daily Beast article, but he also praised them for “winning.”

Richard Spencer, Matt Parrott, Nick Fuentes. The reason why these fags love talking to enemy propagandists so much is that it flatters their ego. It doesn’t matter how many times you explain to them that it’s politically harmful to do so. They continue, because it flatters their ego.

That personality trait is so obnoxious that I had to carve out a few paragraphs ranting about that before focusing on The Night Of The Wrong Wives. As for that, I can’t do better than the Daily Beast headline. 

Matthew Heimbach and his spokesman came to blows after Heimbach was caught sleeping with the spokesman’s wife. What’s more, Heimbach is married to the spokesman’s stepdaughter.

Yeah, you read that correctly. Matthew got cucked by his son in law.

The Daily Beast article continues. 

The implosion began at a TWP compound in Paoli, Indiana, where Parrott’s wife, Jessica, was allegedly having an affair with Heimbach—who is married to Parrott’s stepdaughter from a previous marriage.

Heimbach and Jessica told Parrott they’d ended the relationship, but Parrott and Heimbach’s wife were skeptical. They arranged to “set up” Heimbach and Jessica in a trailer on Parrott’s property to catch them having sex.

Parrott stood on a box outside the trailer and watched Heimbach and Jessica have sex inside, according to a police report. When the box broke under Parrott’s weight, he entered the trailer to confront them. Heimbach allegedly choked him and chased him into a house, where Parrott threw a chair at him. Heimbach hit back, choking him into unconsciousness, according to the police report.

Parrott fled to a Walmart near his home and called police around 1 a.m. Tuesday morning.

Matt Parrot is a man who stands on a box to watch Heimbach have sex with his wife, only to lose a fight to the obese landwhale after the cuckbox breaks, giving his stealth cuck-watching position away. After regaining consciousness he runs off to his happy place, Walmart. Then he voluntarily cried about it to the Daily Beast and SPLC.

Now he’s back to give us all crucial advice that will deliver us our salvation.

I’m surprised that he didn’t simply disappear from public life entirely. Although I’m not really sure if we can characterize tweeting constantly, at 20 likes per tweet, to be participating in public life. He’s like the alt-right version of the aged out and drug addled starlet who lost her fifteen minutes of fame a decade ago but still pretends to be relevant. 

Here he can be seen tweeting out advice on the Russia-Ukraine war. Those four likes that he got per tweet were all from the CIA, or maybe Mitch McConnell on his burner accounts, so you know it’s about to turn into policy.

In the original BANG thread Borzoi points out that, since he got his account back, he’s already gone viral a few times. Sometimes it’s just shitposting, sometimes it’s tweeting links to important exposes of antifa and the (((ADL))). 

He had this to say:

I don’t think trending on Twitter actually matters but by their own retarded standard I’m successful

Matt Parrott is a guy who gets almost no likes on twitter, yet wants you to feel shame for having personally failed Da HuWhyte Race by not tweeting more. His justification for this is that you can influence GOP politicians by tweeting, and yet his twatter Op-Ed was so unimportant that I only heard about it a day later, thought I’d write it up as easy content, forgot about it, and then remembered about it a week later just to have a scheduled morning piece. I guess that means that Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy are hanging on his every word.

I have never felt more vindicated to forgo the constant grind of creating political content and work on a video game instead. Eight years ago this guy formed a political party to spite the GOP. Today he’s been reduced to raging that the Bad Theorist Americans ruined his chance to influence GOP politicians by tweeting a bit more.

This is what the internet does to people. Because you can’t actually exert power with anything except IRL action, you are forced to pretend to the audience that you’re “influencing” major institutions that exist for no reason other than to shut you out. 

Ten more tweets and the GOP will finally shut down the US-Mexico border.

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  1. Wow – Parrott needs to get his own life reasonably in order before giving political advice – or any advice for that matter – to others. And maybe take a BJJ class or two, ffs.

  2. Fatt Faggot is so cringe omg

  3. I unfortunately listened to a podcast with this fag where he mentioned “we” won the adl meme war because the adls power comes from twitter. Make sure when you make this videogame of yours to make matt faggot a killable character.

    1. Different aspects of the e-right could honestly be the entirety of the enemies list.

  4. Matt Parrot and Heimbach are both degenerate pieces of garbage. Rumor is that Matt was pleasuring himself while watching Heimbach plow his wife.

  5. Say what you want but Heimbach had the most potential. He might have been a POS but he was one of the few in these circles who wasn’t a physical coward. He was also a good speaker who was building a following. He and his crew smashed Antifa multiple times while outnumbered 10 to 1. No one is doing anything close to that nowadays. It’s all podcasts and social media, preaching to the choir now. The only ones who even have the balls to go out in public (and anonymously at that) are Patriot Front – and they’re a bunch of wimps who get bullied by magatard boomers. The whole shit’s just in a pathetic state in general right now.

    1. Heimbach mysteriously missed the Battle for Sacramento, only showing up once it was over. The few good TWP guys, like Tony Hovater, moved on to the NJP.

      1. Whether he was actually involved or not (and he was involved in some of TWP’s scuffles) is beside the point. It was his followers at the Battle of Sacramento. Not just anyone can build the type of following that he was building. Many more qualified people than him have tried and failed. He had a certain charisma that you have to be born with.

        Why is that type of following important? Because, contrary to popular belief, putting Antifa and BLM in their place is the best possible optics to the normal people that you want to win over. That especially would have been the case during and after the 2020 riots when those groups became more and more disliked by normal people. All the podcasts/tweeting/statistics/suit-and-tie optics in the world will never compare to action.

        I’m not suggesting he would have definitely succeeded and built a mass movement, but he was probably the best hope since Rockwell. (Yes, even Pierce was a “preach to the choir” type who had no mass appeal.) Thanks to the cuck Parrot burning it down, we’re never going to know how far it could have gone.

        As for NJP, it’s accomplishing nothing but preaching to the choir and grifting.

        1. Wut? NJP has confronted antifa at lots of different rallies. I’ve written multiple articles about those events at the time.

          Heimbach was a LARPing fag. He had negative charisma, and was always offputting to normal people.

  6. There’s nothing more pitiful than some goy peasant thinking he’s gonna change things politically by typing a series of ones and zeros on some laptop screen.
    It’s just one sign of the times. Naivety is not a strong enough word.

  7. The NJP is it’s own worst enemy. I expressed an interest in becoming a member and requested to be vetted, and did not pass their vetting process, although the process I went through is not what most serious organizations would consider vetting. It was entirely based on information I self disclosed showing honesty and candor. Because I am a convicted felon and served a short stint in the state pen for a non-violent, victimless crime (firearms charge), I was told I could not be a member, which I found almost as surprising as the indignation of my “vetters” when I declined their invitation to send them money even though they consider me undesirable and undeserving of membership. Even more surprising is the FAQ section of their website where it states that no identifiable information is required to become a member. How can you vet someone when you can’t even identify them?

    1. Have you considered that maybe having convicted felons in the group may be a fucking retarded idea? And why is it a shock that the group you volunteered to join said you should support them financially? Also what youre referring to on the website is the form to donate money, that requires no identification which you know if you read the webpage. Its no wonder you didnt get let in.

  8. To me, the memes are evolving and morphing along toward what one may call hyper-conformism. This is a concept from Jean Baudrillard, the guy behind hyper-reality that inspired the whole Matrix movies.

    Instead of trying to rationalize what everyone is doing and making fun of it for the insanity that it all is. Not trying to be that guy who think he is super smart because he figured out for the first time there’s only two sexes and so he can be super subversive telling people what everyone already agree with.

    The hyper-conformist approach has been growing on twitter yes. It’s all those fake parody accounts. Most do it all wrong and are too obvious. But there is definitely a way to create hyper-conformist accounts where you repeat basically whatever you read on Salon or see on MSNBC and you just amplify it to an absurd level without showing this is what you’re doing. Chasing rage responses from the Daily Wire viewers and Breibart readers. That seem more effective to me now than mindlessly coming up with the obvious talking points or making memes to make fun of it all. It really is as easy as reading a article and then embracing and amplifying all it is saying and chastising anyone who disagree with what you’re saying as being racists.

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