Ethan Ralph and Nick Fuentes have officially changed their Facebook statuses to “single.” Fuentes was hanging in there for a while with “it’s complicated,” but undercover journalists embedded in the homosexual death cult known as Anal First, Second, and Third, have reported that Fuentes has also changed his relationship status to “single pringle,” and was seen uploading new photos to his Grindr account.

Fuentes and Ralph were the internet version of the absurdly toxic real life couple who everyone knows are going to end their relationship at some point with a huge blowup. The only unknown was the precise level of entertainment and violence we would be treated to during the inevitable split.

It really does not matter what particular tiny little thing got blown way out of proportion to cause this. Nevertheless, out of idle curiosity I decided to search Ethan Ralph’s telegram channel for the inciting incident.

Two days ago he was excited to attend “Fuentes Rally 2,” some event that I had never heard of until I sat down to write this piece. I have no idea when “Fuentes Rally 1,” happened, or what the Gaypers are even rallying about. That I hadn’t heard anything about Nick Fuentes or these gay little shindigs for months is pretty damning for a guy who clearly believes that there’s no such thing as bad tranny porn publicity.

It’s possible that I’m misinterpreting Ethan Ralph, and he was ironically pretending to be excited about showing up at “Fuentes Rally 2.” Ethan Ralph’s telegram account descends into incoherence fairly quickly. This is unsurprising, considering that Ethan Ralph is an alcoholic pill popper. All we know is that it’s more homosexual drama garbage from the serious, optical Republican Party outsiders.

There’s some reference to “snowflake gang”. Apparently, they were posting pictures of 10 year old girls and talking about raping them. It’s disgusting, tedious, and entirely unsurprising considering the crowd. It’s also something that Ethan Ralph was totally fine with up until yesterday.

Ethan Ralph proceeded to doxx at least half a dozen high up Gaypers on both his twitter and telegram accounts. Jim, also known as Mr. Metokur, blotted out the information when posting about this dumpster fire, but trust me, Ralph put out their names and phone numbers. 

I went on Randbot for some answers but they were just wrapping up the stream at that point. He did tell me that they got to see The Ralphamale get kicked off Cozy.Tv live. This is the same “censorship free,” site that kicked Jaden McNeil off after the Kino Revelations.

I was still mildly curious as to what caused the blowup this time. I wanted to know just how retarded this entire situation was, and expected to find something at least somewhat juicy. Instead I found this wall of text.

Some Gayper Fag Twatter Post:

I suggested to Ethan Ralph that it would be good for him to take the trip to Florida for the rally. I didn’t want him alone and depressed. Being isolated in a foreign nation is not fun. I told him to go and be around his friends to help pick his spirit up. I expected my Christian brothers to open their arms and take him in. Ethan promised me that he would stay sober all weekend. He has been to many AF events and rallies in the past. However, after he arrived in Florida, I reached out to a few AF guys and asked them to let Ethan be with them. What I could only describe is that they did not want Ethan in their presence. I can only assume that this came from the top. It upsets me because Ethan is going through a tremendously tough time right now and he needs friends. He needs to know that he’s not alone. He needs to know that he matters and is loved. So for his peers to shun him in such a manner was a crushing blow. I feel partly responsible for telling him to go. I had no idea that this would turn in to a debacle. I’m very disappointed that it went to this level. We are better than this and we should be taking care of each other, not breaking each other down. Think deep and pray for a peaceful and triumphant resolution. God bless.

The gist of it appears to be that Ethan Ralph is even more of a disaster than normal right now while going through a painful divorce. He’s been hitting the pills hard, and he’s such a mess that even cum huntin‘ Nicky Fuentes doesn’t want to be seen with him.

This sequence of events is all but confirmed by Jim.

There was drama as to whether or not The Ralphamale was going to arrive at Fuentes Cuckfest 2. Eventually he decided he wanted to, and showed up at the event. There he received the firm cold shoulder from the tradtwink godfather.

The Alpha Whale shows up, notices how empty the parking lot is, gets turned away, and proceeds to start an e-war with the Catboy Respecting Serious Optical Guys.

There was a time when I delved deep into the homosexual cult known as “America First.” There was a time when it seemed important to write multiple 4k word long effort posts explaining how fake their “strategy,” was. Then there was a phase where it was fun to point and laugh. At this point, I’m embarrassed that I even know who these people are. They are bitchier and less mature than fourteen year old girls. They are so far removed from real politics that I can’t even call them unserious. 

Ethan Ralph is one of the most garbage people I have ever had the misfortune of writing about. I’m not sure that I have ever met someone quite as awful as him in real life, with the exception of junkies I passed on the street. Nick Fuentes is a sociopathic fraud with an embarrassingly small cult. As if those two on their own aren’t bad enough, they bring in Andrew “Biological Failure” Anglin. His words of wisdom are “We are a cult.”

The Gaypers are the pathetic conclusion of constantly online psuedo-politics. As of time of writing, you can go and find “FuentesRally” which they got trending on twatter. You have never met a group of people more enthused about something so pathetic.

You’d be right to agree that Fuentes has a decent take above. He only has said take because Kalergi Tate made fun of Fuentes.

This is after months of Fuentes sucking off the Tate parasites, including just a few weeks prior.

You hear that? Morally pure sex trafficker, scammer, and women abuser Andrew Tate was too redpilled and alpha, which is why “they” had to imprison him. To be clear, he is literally  charged with “being too redpilled and alpha for the matrix.” Shaking my head at the bluepilled betas who want the guy who brags about exploiting lonely men for money shoved into jail. Goddamn feminazis.

The suckjob of the Tate Brothers was months in the making. 

Here Fuentes ups the ante by calling TikTok a haven of “anti-woke” content. 

And here Fuentes says that Tate found God or something.

But then Kalergi Tate makes fun of Fuentes, and FRIENDSHIP OVER! I’ve been through too many of these mini cycles with the Mixed Race Mexican Child Saviour of the Mestizo Race to even pretend that I care. They are both shitty content creators without a shred of political seriousness. Had Fuentes not been rebuked he would be joining the chorus of e-right fags worshipping the parasites right now.

Leafy? There’s a blast from the past.

Someone should make a fictional movie inspired by Nick Fuentes and the Gayper Cult, and I mean that in the absolute worst way. You wouldn’t even need to make much up. Play this pathetic “Let’s GOOOOOOOOOO,” bullshit pumped out by 48 year old zoomers a half decade after Fuentes’ last moderately credible pretenses of political relevance were catboi dated away into the ether to an audience of normal people in a movie theater and watch them all be too stunned to even giggle.

That’s always been one of the major problems I’ve had writing about Fuentes, to say nothing of the hangers-on like Beardlet. The guy has always been a cringey faggot who could only attract an audience online, because 99.9% of people have better things to do with their lives. He, and the rest of the Homosexual Republican Party Outsiders are less popular and relevant than Jehova’s Witnesses. 

Above the bizarre freakshow of losers who have congregated to be sad together online are celebrating their “ratioing,” of Elon Musk, another fake political LOLcow, albeit one who actually has things going for him in life. For the record, they didn’t even ratio Elon Musk. I couldn’t care less if they did, but they didn’t. His “!!” tweet clearly has more than twice as many likes as comments.

As an aside, I clicked on that tweet by Musk himself earlier, and was presented with a little tab that told me that I was subscribed to him. Despite this, there is a big bar in the top right of the tweet that gives me the opportunity to subscribe.

Elon has borked Twatter, and I think that could explain why I couldn’t get any video of Fuentes Cuckfest 2. I desperately wanted some, because the audio quality was laughable and the speeches were pathetic, even the parts clipped by the Gaypers. That’s not including the first ten minutes when Fuentes was on mute. 

When I went to download the videos from, I got this every time. 

I can’t know the exact reason, but it’s safe to just assume that Elon Musk messed something up. Maybe it was intentional, maybe it wasn’t. Either way, Threads will probably outcompete Twitter soon, so it’s a short term problem.

For a while Jim, one of the most talented guys on the internet, became a relatively one-note Fuentes alog. He has since moved on, but this dumpster fire brought him back. 

If you want to keep watching this trainwreck, I suggest that you head on over to his Poast account. I’m stepping out here. 

I highly recommend everyone check out the latest NJP Weekly Report with Warren Balogh and a local NJP activist guest. Real activism, even hearing about it, should help wash the taste of this constantly online clown fiesta out of your mouth.


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  1. A fasces is stronger than a rod.

    A coalition is stronger than a single entity.

    I found TRS several years ago (2015) before the great jewtube censorship purge. I doubt I would have stumbled upon it otherwise.

    I don’t think that this E-Drama infighting is helpful at all to the end goal of preventing the great replacement. A flawed ally is more useful than an enemy.

    Also… sad to say but a lot of /ourguys are incels in 2023 bro. Just reality, about a third of men under 30 in the US are virgins… probably more since this info is from surveys and self reported data on this is gonna be under inflated because of shame so.. it’s likely even worse… Thank god I’m personally attractive.. but that’s just me, and we need numbers.

    I listened to some of the FnF stuff recently and as a guy who is not an incel and has a good amount of wahmen exp… much of the shit they say on there is pretty legit advice on how women think(or don’t lol), at least from the few episodes I watched. Pretty useful stuff if one of your goals is finding a good wife.

    1. Why do the “no infighting,” concern trolls always come at me, TRS, and other heterosexuals? Go to Andrew Anglin, a guy who I’ve detailed slandering TRS, Cantwell, and just about everyone else for years, and tell him to stop infighting. Go tell this to Juan Fuentes, who laughed at us as we were censored everywhere for “not being optical.”

      1. I’m not trying to troll, trolling implies ill intent. I just don’t see the point in mentioning each other at all if your respective organizations have irreconcilable differences in strategy. Seems counterproductive and weak.

        I’m not that well informed though. Admittedly haven’t watched much of fuentes or read much of anglin until recently (over the last month have had much more free time than usual) but I haven’t heard either of them mention TRS at all. I could be wrong about that though, I’m not omniscient, but I haven’t seen it in the last year.

        Anyway, if I find out I’m wrong about that I will not hesitate to eat a big bag of crows.

        Agree that anglin is cringe as hell with his anti-woman thing being particularly egregious. I think the guy just gives off that “wierdo” vibe to females and that’s why he hates them so much. Petty and subjective personal reasons. Anyway, that’s my main concern. Petty personal shit is weak and I think at least one contingent should be wholly above that kind of crap.

        What I see is that TRS appeals more to sexually successful white men and their families while the anglin/fuentes contingent appeals to struggling incel white men. Women mostly just go along with what the guy who is giving them good dick says, or…. if single.. go along with what pop culture (our small hatted friends) says. Vast majority of women are followers, and I know from being intimate with a fair number of them that many are covertly racially awake too (I didn’t even prompt them to say things either, am very good at hiding my power level).

        Main point being, I think this “mean girls” gossip shit is weak, gay and feminine no matter who does it and, more importantly, that the more attack vectors our side levels against the enemy, the better.

        There is definitely utility in attacking people like Giorgia Meloni though.

        Wolves in sheep’s clothing must be purged. Retarded or sickly sheep however… can still serve some utility in certain situations. The kanye west thing was beneficial, for example. A lot of people are unplugged due to nihilism and a feeling of hopelessness and some of those can be woken back up if you can cast a wide enough net, make a big enough splash, etc.

        1. Go search “biological” on the site and read the last entry at the very least.

          1. “Failure” yes.

            I’ve read about 8 of them I think. You didn’t read tho, I already called andy an incel. This is accurate… well.. not technically incel, more sex tourist but really a distinction without a difference isnt it? Getting close to 40? Still fucking thaiwanese whores in zimbabwe or w/e and constantly hating on women without providing any meaningful reasons? Just out of spite? Yep, he is a retard.

            My point was not that. It was that there might be a use in allying in the future possibly. Incels are a thing, there’s a lot of them, they can also do things and have much more free time to spend than we do. That is my point. Trying to think outside the box here bro, that’s it.

          2. There is a world of difference between being supportive of men and women who are struggling romantically, and forming a harmful cult designed to keep them that way.

    2. The only useful purpose that Nick Fuentes serves is as a tard magnet.
      He attracts the attention of like-minded biological failures, thus preventing them from joining (and poisoning) movements that actually have a chance of success.
      Gatekeeping is not only a good thing, it is an absolute necessity if any sort of movement is going to have a chance at achieving anything.
      From what I’ve seen, nothing is lost by excluding the Gaypers, and their inclusion would be a net negative.

      1. to jimmy,

        yes. it shows the idiots and traitors.

    3. how is this infighting worm?

      they are not us so take ur monkey ass out of here

      1. I think echo chambers breed weakness. Someone has to play devils advocate.

        Also, I could kick your ass irl punk hahaha XD

        jkjk, I love you 🙂

  2. […] Retard Fight: Ethan “Purest of LOLcows” Ralph and Nick “Cumhunter” Fuentes E… […]

  3. The nick and Ralph scorpion and frog meme made me laugh for a solid few minutes that’s funny.

  4. Both of them are entertaining, but never to be taken seriously. Nick is clearly a sodomite, and Ralph is a degenerate piece of garbage. These are the people Anglin surrounds himself with. The only upside to having these people around is they openly discuss jews.

    With Anglin approaching the big four O, it’s probable that he won’t be having any kids. A biological failure in so many ways. I have long suspected that he is a self -hating closeted homosexual. Very short and small in stature with a creepy way about himself. Women are obviously repelled by him. It would certainly not be advisable to leave children unattended around Anglin, Nick or any other of their circle of degenerates.

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