All the original articles from October 10th until December 27th are gone. I might write up the details explaining how this came about, but it’s a long story, and I’m too angry right now. It can be adequately summed up as “it’s all HostPapa’s fault from top to bottom.”

In fairness, I should have had physical backups not just of all the media that went onto the site – which I do have – but of the posts themselves. I had relied on the WordPress site export feature, something I used to get this site up and running from the Hyphen Report split, and had an export from early December 27th, when everything on the site was present.

Unfortunately, there are a few issues with that. First, the maximum allowable site import file is 64 MBs, and mine is 142 MBs. Second, the backup is an XML file. It doesn’t contain the actual content, only links to the content. Since that has been wiped from this site already, it’s not clear that it would do anything for me. That would definitely be true of the media, although I don’t know exactly how they store the posts themselves, so who knows?

But the main reason why I don’t want to run the import tool is just because I don’t trust that it won’t break anything, and I can use The Wayback Machine to copy-paste my old articles into here anyway. There is a weird bug with that software, and each snapshot only captured a fraction of the relevant work, but there are enough snapshots to fill in the blanks.

For example, above is the snapshot from December 23rd. Below is the snapshot from December 1st. Yes, that does mean that I am missing the last installment of the Night of the Long Steak Knives series, but I can live with that. 

Unfortunately, the copy-paste process from archived links isn’t cut and dry. For some reason, I get weird formatting errors when doing this in WordPress, unless I go paragraph by paragraph. Furthermore, I need to manually replace each image in the article. Before doing that, I need to upload all 1,215 of the lost images from October 10th until now. 

That’s actually not that big of a deal. I can just select them all and upload them into the site. A bigger deal is all your comments being lost forever, at least the ones you posted between October 10th and December 27th. I can live with having to reproduce my articles, but I’m sorry about that. There were a lot of comments that I was going to reference in the rest of the Night Of The Long Steak Knives series, but it is what it is. 

Anyway, that’s what I’m going to be doing from now until the New Year. A tedious process of reproducing old articles, combined with working out some small issues that have cropped up with the new host, and making sure the transition went smoothly.

I apologize for this interruption, but it should be over by the New Year. 

EDIT: Credit to MoodyJooz on Poast for finding the archive link of the last entry in the Steak Knives series. That was the one published article that I was still missing, along with the Merry Christmas piece.

Unfortunately, all of the unpublished drafts from October 10th-December 27th are gone. For the Steak Knives series, this worked out to about 15k words of work. There was also an entry into the Gaza Gone Wild series that was basically finished, and a few others. It’ll take me a long time to bring those back, although they are coming.

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  1. Although this trouble seemed to start before the posting of the NJP articles, it’s absolutely clear that the Borzoi Simp Brigade mass (turbated) reported your NJP articles. As you’ve said yourself before, I don’t think you’re impacting ZOG so hard Shlomo decided to give you a hanukkah present. I don’t believe in coincidence, and as you say it’s almost certainly malicious, so occam’s razor dictates that most likely to be true. It’s exactly the kind of “online action” the BSB would be into.

    1. I must clarify, NOT the actual NJP articles themselves, but other, more “hateful” articles. However, it was done BECAUSE of them…

      And it wasn’t whatever there is of “Hovater’s Mob”. Tony has shown by his continued “attacking” of the NJP on the Official NJP Telegram what a lazy fuck he is. Confirms what people have been saying about his work ethic at least. Or lack thereof.

  2. Considering the mountains of retardation the Steak Knives series has produced, it’s probably for the best that the comments are gone.

    1. There were a few great ones, some of which were already mentioned in the articles.

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