Currently, the front page of the site looks as follows.

Some of you may have noticed that the last article written – ignoring this one – is from October 9th. This is odd, since I could have sworn that I wrote at least a little something in the ten weeks since. I hadn’t taken a screenshot of the homepage in a while, so I hopped on over to the Wayback Machine. The below screenshot is from their last snapshot of the site, which was on December 23rd.  

In my Merry Christmas post, which not longer exists, I detailed the problems I was having with HostPapa whining about “hate speech” on my site, and forcefully pulling the plug. That was far from a seamless process, and they borked the transfer process. I’m not sure if this was some sort of political attack, or rank incompetence, but I lean more towards the latter.

I’m talking to a few different people trying to get this fixed. Progress is being made, even if said progress involves bizarre steps, such as me downloading a 24.4 GB compressed version of the site from HostPapa and not really being told what to do with it other than “the other host probably knows”. This feels like a problem that could be solved with the click of a few buttons from HostPapa, but whatever. Worst case scenario, I use the Wayback Machine to copy-paste recreate my old articles, although I don’t think it’ll come to that. 

The exact date when the site will start working properly again is not something I can say with any certainty. I would be quite surprised if the site is still broken come Friday morning. Also, I don’t think it’s worth writing new articles pertaining to every little detail of this kerfuffle, so I will be editing this one with updates as they come. 

UPDATE: The new web host replied late last night to my support ticket, which is impressive. I’m currently uploading the 24.4 GB .tar.gz file that HostPapa gave me, at approximately 1 MB/s. It’s very annoying that HostPapa essentially bundled my entire site into one file, instead of just the relevant files. Also, I don’t think that I’ll ever get many of your comments back, which is a damn shame. 

UPDATE: The upload failed at ~20 GBs yesterday, so I had to upload it again. That succeeded late last night, yet the site still remains outdated as they need to figure out how to re-add the relevant files. I also realized that the site has too many small files for the current plan, and we need to get that figured out. Sorry, this is incredibly frustrating for me, but I can’t promise any instant solutions. 

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  1. Sussy, sussy bakas.

    Good luck on your move!

  2. So…let me get this straight. You’ve been bouncing on NJP and TRS really hard for about a couple of weeks now and suddenly all that material just up and disappears. That’ s a helluva a coincidence.

    1. Clearly Tony Hovater called in favors or made bargains with the connections he made from his time with notorious arch-criminal Jayoh to the CSIS and the Trudeau regime deep state, along with web hosts within and without Canada. We’re through the looking glass here, people!

      1. LOL!
        Yeah, because it would be Tony who’d want to get rid of all that material.

  3. That sucks, sorry about your hosting woes. Despite me not liking your airing all of the dirty laundry and having been an NJP supporter I don’t like that you lost your reporting and believe you have the right to post it anywhere to be judged by the reader.

  4. So Rake, what time slot is Sven giving you?
    Solo show, or is he teaming you up with Borzoi?

    1. I’ve actually secretly been Sven this entire time. That whole Sveltdown on Randbot’s stream that vindicated me? It was a setup right from the start.

  5. Remember the six gorrillion comments. RIP in peace.

    1. Well, whoever is responsible for THAT should get a medal!

  6. Wish you the best TDC. Would donate f I could, unfortunately, am dealing with expenses and debt right now so I cannot in good conscience expend any non-critical funds at this time, deeply wish I could but I am an imperfect man and haven many mistakes under my belt. Will definitely do so when I can though, I can definitely see without a doubt that you are a borther in arms in the movement resisting white genocide. And it’s so fucked up right? The story we all grew up with is that we whites in NA, “liberated the jews from death camps” and yet how do they repay us? I am an agnostic but I can’t help but think sometimes that these people must be literal demons that see any show of compassion as a weakness to exploited for their own gain…. What other explanation is there that provides any logical rationalization to their actions? I can’t think of one… We have to protect ourselves, there is no other option if we want to survive. I’m constantly pondering as to how they can be so self destructive and spiteful.. but maybe that is just who they are intrinsically… Fucking-A. Wish it weren’t so. But it is.

    1. Read the Talmud and the Torah, and you will understand exactly what the the trans-national terrorist network disguised as a religion, judaism really is. The demon worshiping jew freaks would have no power at all, were it not for a small number of white pieces of shit in the private and public sectors protecting and empowering them. Never forget who empowers the kike, and decide for yourself what must be done about these particular white people.

  7. Do you have offline copies of the articles you’ve written? One should always keep backups of the important stuff.

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