I did not think that migrating web hosts would be as much trouble as it turned out to be. Part of that is my inexperience with such things, part of that is with working with two different corporations, and not knowing where the failures lay.

I ended up staying awake until past 3 this morning coordinating with both HostPapa and the new host. Apparently there were corrupted tables from my site, a temporarily missing database, and for the past five days I had accidentally been working on the version of the site hosted on HostPapa’s servers, instead of the new web hosts.

I told them that I was fine with that work being lost, but they went above and beyond and made sure that I had everything. Impressive, and to be fair to HostPapa, they extended the date that I had to move twice. I have nothing good to say about that corporation politically, but the people I dealt with were helpful and charitable.


This problem has been put behind us. I’ll spend the rest of the day cranking out all the old articles, or as many as possible, and the site should have new content on it hopefully as soon as tomorrow. 

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  1. Turning over a new leaf.

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