Yesterday we announced the Daily Rake game. That was met with quite a few encouraging comments, as well as some concerned that I would be ceasing all writing on this site.

That will not be the case. Individual pieces will be written here and there, as well as any guest pieces that other writers send for me to publish. Currently I am editing a series of articles written by new author “Helldweller,” on the pornographic industry. Those will be trickling out at regular intervals, starting tomorrow morning. 

What I will not be doing is forcing myself to write when there’s nothing to write about. Many days there isn’t any news of note, and it’s a drain on my productivity to pretend otherwise. I previously used those days to write entries into a series, such as the I Hate the E-Right series, or Deboonking the Traffic Soyboys. Those will be put on hold indefinitely, as I simply cannot justify the massive time commitment those types of works require.

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  1. I thought it was already clear. But thanks anyway.

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