I got an interesting comment chain under my last article.

It was a long piece, no doubt. Six thousand words that can be adequately summed up as: 

Does a fifteen year old internet slapfight over a now dead videogame matter? It doesn’t now, and it didn’t back then. Starcraft was a video game that some people cared about, and then it died. There was an online e-war that happened between two groups of people, and both sides have now moved on with their lives. At the time each side felt it was extremely important to dedicating hours of their lives, collectively thousands if not tens of thousands, to flaming the other side, and it was all poitnless.

I understand the urge to see someone be Wrong On The Internet and feel the need to correct the record. I fell victim to that myself when writing that very piece. This isn’t all bad, and can often be entertaining, but it shouldn’t be considered anything more than that, entertainment.

The point I was trying to make was that, even if Starcraft was important to you, the opinions of people on the internet should not have been. If someone was serious about saving Starcraft they would have had to get hired by Blizzard and try to fix things from the inside out, ideally working with many other people with a shared goal.

That is an enormously difficult task that may not even be possible. Even if you got hired, there’s no guarantee that anyone would listen to you. You could spend years of your life learning the skills and building the resume in order to work yourself into a position that still might be no better than the internet peanut gallery. 

This is not about Starcraft. I do not care about the game, barely played it, and find the internet slapfight mildly amusing from a distance. What it shows is the extreme impotence of the online. It doesn’t matter what “the community” thinks any more than it matters what the people think. No part of the Corporate-State Complex is up for a vote.

It also shows how the internet can congregate people who have a view that is shared by 0.01% of the world’s population, yet becomes the dominant viewpoint in that niche. In this case it was the idea that games should be difficult to control, but for any other online group it could be something entirely different. Remember the body positive people? They’re so viscerally repulsive that even on YouTube the first results when searching “body positive” are all people alogging them. 

Maybe alogging them can be somewhat productive, since what the fatties promote is harmful. It’s possible that there are some people who are unhappy with their bodies, and you save them from destroying themselves by exposing the toxicity and unscientific nature of the fat-o-philes. It’s also possible that you can make entertaining content making fun of them. 

What you can’t do is alog these people out of existence. Debunking them doesn’t make them go away. Making fun of them doesn’t make them go away. The people in that toxic community may only represent 0.01% of the people in the world, but they’ve found their fellow losers and are content with that.

Remember when Nick Fuentes was caught covering up for Ali Alexander, a brown pedophile homosexual, grooming fifteen year old boys in Anal First? 

I wrote three articles on that, and many other people adjacent to us made fun of him. More importantly, it was picked up by mainstream butthole-left propaganda rags who wanted a great way to get out from the very effective groomer label. That was a rhetorical gift to them. 

What it wasn’t was the end of little Nicky Fuentes, the mixed race Mexican manchild saviour of the HuWhyte race. Neither was his embarrassing rejection from Kanye West for being too much of a homosexual, as opposed to Milo Yiannopoulos.

I enjoyed writing about all that, but you can still find Nicky’s Cozy.tv site up and running. Sure, the numbers were confirmed to be botted, and they look pretty pathetic anyway, but it’s still paying the hosting bills. The fans of the Tradhomo have found their sad little niche, and they’re content with that.

Captured on Friday night at 6:15 PM PST.

You can’t alog away internet communities. You can’t expose them to death. You can’t make fun of them until they die. The internet doesn’t work like that. Not for the ADL, not for Weird Starcraft Bad UI Enjoyers, not for the E-Right, not for anyone.

Remember Not Just Bikes and the Traffic Trannies? I still consider that to be the best thing that I made for this site. It’s also the longest, with the almost finished series clocking in at over 150k words. You can find all the articles here.

On numerous occasions I exposed these people having arguments that were stupid to the point of incoherence, or even just outright wrong. Remember when the above fag explicitly argued that Cadillac Escalades had less interior space than Subaru Outbacks because the ride height was higher? A claim that, in addition to being obviously false, didn’t even make sense because ride height and interior space are entirely orthogonal.

My plan with that series was to finish it, then turn it into a series of videos to gain a larger audience. Just before that happened I got banned from YouTube. I could have formed a new channel and started fresh, but political content like that is one click away from being censored into nothing.

Besides, there was no guarantee that it wouldn’t get shadowbanned, or simply not end up as quality content. Writing articles and making videos are two different skills, and video production is an extremely time consuming process. I have other productive uses of my time, like making fun of Andrew Tate’s home workout videos.

I enjoyed writing the I Hate The E-Right Series as well. Frankly, that one could go on forever, but I have to call it a day at some point. I don’t get paid for The Daily Rake. I could, and there are people who have practically begged for me to take their money, but I never wanted The Daily Rake to be a content site.

I’ve always felt that politics is politics, and content is content. We live in a totalitarian system that pretends to be democratic, yet is the complete opposite. There are actual consequences for the peasantry sticking their heads up and fighting against the powerful. Like any serious fight, there is no dipping your toes into the waters. You are either in or out.

I realized when doing my aborted school board election run that I simply did not have anywhere near the in person force to do political action. Winning an election isn’t a must, but you want to at least make a serious showing of it, and definitely want to make it worth the time of the people who get intimidation knocks on the doors from the feds. I realized that I needed a larger audience ahead of time, so as to get the critical mass of people in the real world in order to begin doing real politics.  

That was why I worked so hard on the Traffic Trannies series. I was going to try building an audience using that and a few other pieces, and go from there. That’s when I got censored from YouTube.

Odysee is great for what it is, but alternative sites do not have one thousandth the real world audience of the main platform, due to the winner takes all markets they operate in. The same is true for Gab vs Twitter, although the latter is dying under Musk. No one even bothers making a competitor to Facebook, since the value of Facebook is the userbase. 

Ultimately, if the goal is not to build an audience to lead to real world actions to do real politics, what we are doing here is little more than yelling at people on the internet. Frankly, I’m sick of it, and waking up to the obligation of writing content for The Daily Rake has increasingly become a thankless chore. I realized about two weeks ago that I simply have no desire to produce any more infotainment. What’s more, the obligation to write hovers over me, sapping at my productivity even when doing other, more important work. 

I’ve said what I needed to say, and am moving on. Do we really need more articles covering Drag Queen Story Hour groomers getting caught with CSAM? Do we need more articles covering the US Military’s incompetence? Do we need more articles covering Russia-Ukraine? Do we need yet another example of Canadian Conservative Party Leader Pierre Poilievre being a duplicitous, subversive little weasel? If I write another piece, do I get to be the leader of a zionist approved political party

If you want daily news, check the Justice Report. They get censored by Elon “free speech” Musk for a reason. If you want some alog infotainment, maybe create a KiwiFarms account. If you want someone covering current events, go listen to TRS. I’ve had my fill of staying up until 3:00 AM to finish a piece alogging someone for free. People on the internet can continue to be as wrong as possible without my commentary.

The reason why I brought up Starcraft in the last piece was to show how entirely pointless internet discussion is, even without mass censorship. It doesn’t matter what people on the internet think, and that’s even more true when looking at the tiny number of people who are constantly on highly censorious twitter, no matter what the slacktivists claim. 

With Starcraft, the only people whose opinions were relevant were the higher ups at Blizzard. The same is true for politics. There are institutions that matter. There are positions that matter. There are actual, tangible political actions that matter. Then there’s tweeting on the internet.

But I have to admit, countersignaling the people who want to post on twitter all day is also pointless, especially after the first few times. You can’t alog people into having the right opinion, especially if their grift depends on them not having it. It’s difficult to do even that while being censored from everywhere, and even if you could, it doesn’t matter what they think, because we don’t live in a real democracy. 

I’m extremely proud of the work done on this site, and it’s not going away anytime soon. Frankly, there’s going to be an explosion of work going on around here. I have an announcement that I have been teasing for a very long time, coming Monday. Until then, thanks for reading. 

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  1. So, you are keeping this site going with new articles?

    I sure hope so.

  2. Too Long, Didn’t Read.

    Video Games Suck.

    I gave my ps2 to a friend when I was 17. I never looked back.

    Ok, I lied.

    I still play online chess and go.

    Video Games Suck.
    Sci-Fi Sucks.
    Fantasy Sucks.

    The lamest copes about sci-fi or fantasy is that *it’s actually about different races/real events/or politics*

    Ok, then why not just write a story about the event or situation you want to talk about, but with human characters?

    Oh! Because that’s harder to do and you can flatten the characters and storylines. If anyone complains about how flat the writing is you can fall back on THEY’RE ALIENS! THEY ARE NOT PEOPLE DUDE!

    But then go right back to smugly patting yourself on the back and tell your fans “this story was actually about the Cold War…”

    They don’t even use an alternate reality to even talk about anything controversial. They use their probably deniability to just talk about whatever the common narrative of the day is. For a long time every sci-fi was about the Cold War. So brave!

    There’s only two type of sci-fi/fantasy writers, and they’re both terrible writers: Those who are too autistic to understand human emotions so they have to talk about humans without them being human or shit tier writers who are conscious how shitty of a writer they are so the get into sci-fi or fantasy.

    *also nick is a piece of shit

  3. When I left that comment I meant it as a compliment to your abilities as a writer, as I stuck with a fairly long piece about an issue I didn’t know much or care much about, TDC. Thank you for all your work.

  4. I like your site, I like your writing, but I feel like you aren’t making good use of the niche that is open to you. You do “serious guy politics” content because you think e-drama is beneath you and it winds up being boring and redundant. There are many other places I could go to catch up on clown world, what makes this site interesting is your critique of the movement itself. I don’t really see content like that in many other places. It’s what’s needed right now. That is the particular form of the zeitgeist in this moment. Take up that mantle and the wind will carry you. Resist it on account of some stodgy preconception and watch all the momentum evaporate.

  5. I love your work

  6. I found myself saying “this is very clever” as I read this, like it was the plan to highlight how pointless the internet arguments are and how they basically waste peoples time. You are consistently correct.

    ‘we’ are not a niche. as a whole, ‘we’ are growing and ‘we’ are learning to actually do stuff in reality. An internet ‘protest’ is just clicked away by enemy controlled ‘public squares’, when NJP go out into actual reality and do things they cannot click a button and remove them.

    Lucky for us our enemy is powerful but pathetic and incompetent and they are not getting better, they are not recovering or growing or advancing. The tricks of the past are not working and they have no new tricks.

    If you don’t like what we tell you to believe in, we’ll kill you.

  7. I used to comment on the only videogame genre I care about, combat simulations, mainly flight and tanks, with the insane Hope (hopium?) that somehow like-minded folk might chime in and somehow our concerns might get to the greedy LAZY-ASS game developers ..
    I’ll make it fast, back in the windows 98 days, (yes I am an old fart) – games did not sell unless there was lots of CONTENT (single player of course) … and lots of CUSTOMIZABILITY…. it’s called REPLAYABILITY, and it made the good ones addictive.
    If I wanted to put a sasquatch in the terrain and fly a plane that said “fuck the jews” on the wing I could.

    NOWADAYS IT’S NOTHING BUT TEENAGE DWEEBS AND MULTIPLAYER CRAP MONOPOLIZED BY STEAM….and did I mention the games are a ripoff for what they offer (next to nothing) AND NO HARD COPIES…. Like MUSIC in the west… STICK A FORK IN IT, IT’S DONE … well i get pissed off goddammmmit !!!

  8. Damn, I really enjoyed your articles and work. Please don’t stop. I understand wanting to take a break and post less frequently.
    Either way, best of luck to you and I’ll see you around.

  9. Writing organizes thinking. And thinking is the first step before action, so it definitely has its place.

    Not every one can write, so I think you’ve given people a voice. Or at the very least you’ve helped organize their thinking.

    In any event, I’ve enjoyed your content. All the best for whatever happens next!

    1. His writing has definitely helped me organize a lot of political thoughts I already had, but didn’t have the right words.

  10. I hope you don’t stop writing, as your writing is one of the few sources out there that seems legitimate, in that you are at least saying it how you see it rather than trying to promote some narrative that you are being paid to promote which is 99.99999999% of internet commentators.

    I gave ya a little shit in your StarCraft article or whatever it is, but I still think you should keep writing. If you don’t, I will just no longer get any news.

  11. I’m excited to see what comes next. Great stuff as always TDC.

  12. Sad to hear that you’re moving on, but I understand.
    I referenced By The Numbers in an earlier post and will do so again here – the very first episode focused on just how ineffective online activity is in effecting real world change.
    You’re not going to save the White race by posting memes from a throwaway anime avatar account.
    The fights that matter are won by people who can actually get boots on the ground when it counts.
    If all you’re doing is talking shit online it’s only a matter of time before you are censored or, worse still, lured into a fed honeypot.

  13. Chiming in to say please dont stop writing altogether on here. You’ve provided countless hours of humorous and informative content.

    If I had to pick just one topic that I enjoyed the most, it would in fact be the chess stuff as I am struggling to gitgud and found it highly informative. The ‘air fighters are a joke’ is a close second of course.

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