This piece was originally published on October 9th, 2023.

It’s times like these when a lot of zionists start saying things like “it’s times like these when people show you who they really are.”

Greek City Times:

Mia Khalifa’s posts in favour of Palestinian “freedom fighters” have caused strong reactions on social media after the start of the surprise attack by Hamas against Israel on Saturday morning, which caused the death of at least 900 people. In fact, it even led to her getting fired from a podcast.

The former adult film star Mia Khalifa was fired from a podcast deal with Canada-based podcaster and radio host Todd Shapiro over her support for Palestine in the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas. Mia Khalifa was widely trolled for her insensitive take on the ongoing war between Israel and Palestine.

You may remember Mia Khalifa from one of my pieces on the pornographic industry.

At some point she got a gig with some (((shock jock))) named Todd Shapiro. He loves all sorts of edgy stuff… except criticism of the genocidal state of Yidsrael and Jew nationalism more broadly.

“Can someone please tell the freedom fighters in Palestine to flip their phones and film horizontal,” wrote the former actress of pornographic films and current influencer on “X” on October 7.

“I just want to make it clear that this statement in no way shape or form is enticing spread of violence, I specifically said freedom fighters because that’s what the Palestinian citizens are… fighting for freedom every day,” she added, explaining the so-called rationale behind her post.

I have never found this whore attractive before.

But the sexiest female organ is the brain, and if you gave me half an hour alone with this beat up skank I’d turn her pussy into a grilled cheese sandwich. 

In a … ‘lighthearted mood,’ Khalifa said: “I can’t believe the Zionist apartheid regime is being brought down by guerrilla fighters in fake Gucci shirts – the biopics of these moments better reflect that

I might have to write a “Mia Khalifa sits down with the Daily Rake,” article at some point in the future. She’s like Emma Watson, only she’s actually serious about destroying Israel. 

The 30-year-old’s posts, on a day when the world was shocked by horror videos showing Hamas murdering and kidnapping Israelis of all ages, drew the ire of many commentators on the platform who were quick to criticize her for “cruelty” and “ignorance » her. A company with which he appears to have worked announced in a post that he is being “fired immediately” due to the “horrific” posts.

Mia Khalifa, however, did not seem to be deterred by the interruption of the collaboration.

“I’d say supporting Palestine has lost me business opportunities, but I’m more angry at myself for not checking whether or not I was entering into business with Zionists. My bad,” she wrote in a new post.

Doubling, tripling, quadrupling down. This Arab whore has more balls than the entirety of the NRX movement.

Who is this Todd Shapiro character who fired her?

Soon after Khalifa’s first post went viral and was condemned on social media, Shapiro called it “horrendous” and said that Khalifa should consider herself fired immediately. The podcaster urged her to “evolve and become a better human being”.

Fucking Decent People totally support the ongoing genocide of the Native Israelis, also known as Palestinians. Gosh, that’s so insensitive of you, Mia, to not support the genocide machine that is the Jew ethnostate.

Consider yourself cancelled, bitch. Do better, Goy. That’s terrorism condonement, Chud.

Are you surprised to see that (((Todd Shapiro))) has formerly been “known for his offensive antics”? Because I could not be less surprised to see some unfunny, untalented nepo-kike seething when some Goyess makes a legitimately subversive and funny comment at the racial expense of Jews. I’ve seen this exact thing happen so many times before that I’d be more surprised if the “shock jock” just laughed along with her.

But we’re not done yet.  

Business Today:

Adult magazine Playboy has fired Mia Khalifa for her comments on the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict. In an email sent to its members subscribed to the newsletter, Playboy announced that it has terminated its relationship with Khalifa and also deleted her channel on their creator platform. 

The magazine also said in its mail that while the organisation encourages free expression and constructive political debate, it has a zero tolerance policy towards hate speech. 

I almost lack the ability to explain why I find this so hilarious. Playboy, the filth producer, is admitting that she’s too edgy for them because she stood up to a genocidal regime run by Jews. 

America is a country where the Democracy Class offers you a consumerist, ersatz, knockoff version of edginess. Part of that involves consuming gross pornography, which offends the ostensibly delicate sensibilities of average, everyday people.

Then some actual porn whore comes out and says “LOL Hamas pls start filming sideways that’d be more kino thx by.” This offends the actually delicate and fragile sensibilities of the (((privileged and powerful))). Even institutions like Playboy that are supposed to be all about projecting that devil may care attitude start whining about this like nuns at a brothel.

I thought offending people was good? I thought being edgy was good? Didn’t this bring in the clicks and the eyeballs? Speaking of porn, why is there anti-White fetish porn, and anti-Arab/Muslim fetish porn, but nothing with Jew girls getting railed by the various Goyim of the World? It’s almost like the (((porn industry))) is just run by filthy, disgusting Nose-Americans and is more interested in pushing their racial ends than making money.

The collective id of Schlomo is a fragile little bitch, and the thin veneer of astroturfed edginess can be holocausted by some Arab porn whore tweeting in support of Hamas.

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