I Hate the E-Right Part 6 – The (((Pornographic Industry))) is Inherently Exploitative, and Servatives Intentionally Miss the Mark

At the start of this series I promised to bring a takedown of Vox Day’s “Smegma Male Sociosexual Heirarchies,” nonsense. That’s still coming, but point and laugh type articles can wait. Instead, we have the disgusting pornography industry to expose, and the e-right to… tell the exploited wahmens to shut their mouths because of tactical LOLbertarianism in defense of pornographers.

Don’t bother actually watching any of these videos. I’m including them to show you a small fraction of the deluge of videos running apologia for the (((pornography industry))) and blaming 18 year old women for being exploited.

The e-right is, as has come to be the norm, even more vicious, stupid, and worthless than mainstream servatives. Juden Peterstein makes an appearance later, but even he doesn’t have the spiteful misogynistic energy of the Reject TikTok, Embrace Steroids crowd.


I’ll circle back to some of these videos later. The reaction by constantly online and uncensored content creators is utter garbage. We already know that. We also already know that the e-right isn’t actually political.

Anyone who is serious wants the pornography industry to be destroyed. It is far more productive to catalogue a small portion of the extremely negative experiences of these women, as compared to the misogynistic whining of irrelevant e-right content creators. To that end, we start with Lana Rhoades, a top 0.1% porn whore in terms of success, outright saying that pornography should be illegal.

Lana Rhoades: So many friends and girlfriends who thought porn was a good idea, and they don’t end up with the same outcome as me. They end up with a bunch of videos of them getting fucked on the internet for their family to see, they make no money, and it’s over for them.

I apologize in advance, because this is serious stuff, but this picture is too hilarious not to abuse.

Lana Rhoades

Lana Rhoades, real name Amara Maple, points out the obvious at the start of her statement. For the vast, vast majority of porn whores, their “careers” end up being humiliated on camera a dozen times, making $500 per shoot if they’re lucky, and then having the offers totally dry up. Many porn producers even specialize in “new girl” stuff, where the entire point is to churn through as many young women as possible. Even if they don’t, the novelty effect is enormous in porn, something we cover later on.

After the girl’s inevitably short career she get to spend the rest of her life with the footage of her having sex online. In some cases they get talked into extremely degrading acts, like getting peed on, something Lana Rhoades talks about later. Even without that, their lives are irreparably damaged, in exchange for almost nothing.

Interviewer: People end up doing this and like you said they don’t have a great outcome and then all of a sudden it’s like that’s what they get known for.

LR: I can’t imagine going to school after and getting harassed, or having to work a normal job and then your boss finding out that they can see your tits online. That just seems like a nightmare to me.

I don’t think [porn] is good for anyone, they should make it illegal.

Lana Rhoades is far from the smartest bulb in the drawer. If she was, she probably wouldn’t have ever done porn. However, divorced from any stupid political finklethink, she draws on her experiences and the experiences of others and comes to the obvious conclusion that pornography is harmful and should be banned.

We’ll come back to her in a moment, because the next video she puts out synergizes extremely well with this Daily Beast piece from 2017.

The Daily Beast:

“You can’t like everyone you work with—it’s the sex business, stop complaining.”

This is what one young girl was told when she spoke up. Sent to a director she’d never met in a city she hadn’t been to, then 18-year-old Minnie Scarlet was heavily reliant on the woman who had booked the gig for her. Like most inexperienced young women entering the world of porn, Scarlet hadn’t yet discovered where to draw the line between acceptable flirtatious behavior on set and sexual assault. Nor did she know what to do about it when she thought the line was crossed.

A long way from home, Scarlet was working 12-hour days and staying at the director’s house while in town to film—a common industry practice—to reduce a performer’s cost while keeping them accessible and accountable during the work week. Touching her in inappropriate ways as she modeled for his camera, she recalls the photographer she was working with taking a hands-on approach, saying things like “when your pussy lips push out like that I just want to lick them.” Feeling awkward and a little foolish, Scarlet wasn’t sure how to rid herself of the behavior and still get the job done. So she called the woman who’d arranged the shoot, who wasn’t even in the same city but operated from an office thousands of miles away.

Minnie Scarlet

It has always amazed me how feminists would bloviate about “power dynamics,” constantly, yet only meekly complain about the pornographic industry, if not outright promote “sex work”. Here we see an eighteen year old girl who is forced to, for monetary reasons, live with a (((porn director))) who she thinks is a creep who sexually assaults her. She must stay on his good side, or her career is over before it even began, and her (((agent))) tells her to suck it up when she’s complaining about being sexually assaulted.

Crickets from the Believe Wahmen crowd.

“I didn’t want to be a complainer but I’m pretty sure it shouldn’t be like this,” confesses Scarlet, recalling the phone conversation that left her feeling even more vulnerable. “I’m telling you he sexually assaulted me, he touched me, said things and I’m staying at his house.” She remembers how no one recognized it as sexual assault but instead compared the experience to filming with people you didn’t like, writing it all off as a normal occurrence.

“I was already overworked and my vagina hurt really bad but I was told I was an amateur and didn’t understand how this works,” says Scarlet. “I thought, well, maybe I’m too sensitive if this is how it is.”

Eager to begin her career in adult entertainment, Scarlet wanted to shy away from being labelled a “diva” or a “complainer”—but at what cost? Looking back, Scarlet feels she was taken advantage of due to her age and inexperience by a director that took things too far. Those initial harrowing experiences shaped her view of working in the adult business and drove Scarlet into a more personalized niche of filming.

“I was so young and didn’t know any better… you shouldn’t have to worry, ‘Am I jeopardizing my rent this month by saying something?’ Because that happened to me, it scarred me, and I decided I’d never be put in that position again,” says Scarlet, who now primarily produces her own independent content.

Since the Daily Beast is a butthole-left propaganda rag, they have to minimize the enormity of this story. They can’t come out and say “and this is why pornography should be banned.” Instead, they have to pretend that there are merely a few bad apples ruining the wholesome Weimerican Porn Industry.

You can refuse to work with a director, though that means not working and does not always fly.

In other words, you get (((blacklisted))). According to LOLbert theory, in a free market economy, this shouldn’t work. In practice, it does, which is why things like unionization exists, and why the bipartisan congress of ultra rich cunts banned the rail workers from striking.

The butthole-left conveniently forgets about the obvious power dynamics of workers to capital when it comes to pornography, even though these dynamics are on steroids for a number of reasons.

Told she’d never be a successful porn star unless she filmed with this notable European director, Luna Rival turned it down, aware of his nasty reputation. The director took that as a challenge and pursued her, asking her out for a meal to schmooze her into working with him. But Rival held her ground. She didn’t like what he proposed and turned the work down. Rejected, the director, whom she refused to work with, began lashing out at her in online forums and on social media, according to Rival. She felt she’d made the right decision when the colleagues she roomed with at a model house returned home several days later crying about the abuse they’d suffered on this same director’s set. According to Rival, some of her peers experienced their first anal scenes at the hands of this particularly aggressive director, and they swore they’d never try it again after being put through so much pain. Rival felt lucky to have dodged what could have been an even worse experience.

Daily Beast doesn’t name this (((European Director))), for no real reason other than to protect the guilty. All we know is that he specializes in “anal scenes,” which are so painful for the girls that they are still crying days later. He also specializes in blacklisting any women who refuse to work with him, which requires the cooperation of the rest of the (((industry))), something the (((Daily Beast))) conveniently leaves out.

But Rival kept these observations to herself. She feared further reprisals, and openly naming this director—even to warn other girls—could create an expensive backlash in an already diminished economy where the women seeking work outweigh available gigs. Though her agent was aware of the director’s reputation, he did a lot of hiring within the local adult industry and to go against him would have meant a financial loss for the agency.

The gig economy has hit the porn whores.

As for that last part, the agency was almost certainly also run by Jews and it’s far more likely that they simply didn’t care about Goy women being abused. Also, it’s amazing how, despite the glamorous image that the porn industry likes to convey, the reality is that unless you’re in the top 0.1% of women, the pay is shit, the work is extremely degrading, humiliating and painful. As a bonus, your life is ruined right from the very first scene, something the whores themselves will tell you if you mute the e-right fags chiming in with their own commentary.

Filming sex scenes can be especially nerve-wracking outside the country, where everything is unfamiliar. Booked overseas to work with European companies and talent, Xbiz Best New Starlet recipient Lana Rhoades found herself in an awkward and very unprofessional situation. Using her social media platform, Rhoades tweeted about what—according to her—transpired: a veteran French porn director, Pierre Woodman, allegedly tried to coerce her into doing things she said no to. Her post also alleges that he admitted to violating another woman on his set.

Rhoades publicly posted the following texts to her agent:

“I’m tired of people trying to see what they can get out of me to make more money, I don’t want to drink his piss for any dollar amount & I’m sick of people trying to push me harder and harder so they can use me… saying the girl said nonono and he basically raped her with Ricky (his own words he used those words exactly) is what he told me.”

In the glamorous world of pornography, you have to fight not to drink piss on camera. 

I did a quick Google search for “Lana rhodes pierre woodman blacklisted.” The fourth result was from some porn forum called “pornbox.” There we see Woodman bragging “I am a bastard and break the will of girls.” 

When I think “empowering wahmens,” I think trafficking teenage girls to foreign countries where they get coerced into doing humiliating and intentionally degrading things they never signed up for and occasionally outright raped by men who literally say “I am a bastard and break the will of girls.” 

Rhoades knew her agent wouldn’t be pleased that she left set and refused to shoot but she also relied on the fact that he’d understand. For a XXX agent, these situations are complicated since the agent pockets fees from both the performer and the producers they farm them out to.

Yeah, you read that right. The agents have no financial incentive not the exploit the girls, since that just means more money in the pockets of the producers who also give the agents money. At this point, asking who the agents represent is a rhetorical formality that’s barely worth your time.

As a known award-winning performer Rhoades would’ve had more clout with her agent than a newcomer, and though it’s shameful to admit, may have been given different advice if she were less of a star. (Rhoades couldn’t be reached for comment.)

Really? She may have been given different advice just because she’s less disposable than some naive nineteen year old girl who isn’t as attractive?

This girl was the number one porn whore for a while, something she’s ashamed of, but which is nevertheless true. That, and only that is what allowed her to get away pushing back against (((people))) trying to get her to drink piss and pee in her vagina. If she was less valuable, she would have had her career ended right there.

The (((agents and agencies))) need to play ball with the (((producers))), and it’s not like they put up much of a fight when they literally get paid by the producers. The agencies don’t actually represent the girls, since they’re sleeping with the enemy, which makes the propagandist’s next paragraph outright ridiculous.

Some agents tell new girls they’ll make a fortune and then put them through the wringer, sending them out on shoots they aren’t ready for and seeing what sticks.

One needs no experience with the inherently exploitative pornographic industry to see that this is obviously true. Most people have been in positions where we have been getting promised things that exploit our optimism. This usually happens in a job, where your boss might dangle a promotion out in front of you. Maybe it happens in an athletic contest.

In the porn industry, the job of the agents is to get as many new women into the meatgrinder as possible. To that end they have perfected their sales pitch, which undoubtedly involves promising the moon to each and every woman who is unfortunate, stupid, and naive enough to find herself caught in the spider’s web.

Another porn whore, Jessie Rogers, talks more about this later on.

This is bad agenting, and with the industry being as small as it is, those who do this are quickly found out.

It is as easy for me to believe that the agencies take new girls in and put them through the wringer as it is impossible to believe that any agencies do anything other than that. The only exceptions might be girls who clearly have top 0.1% looks potential in the whore industry. It’s not like these people are union reps who are there to actually fight on behalf of the girls. If one of the girls doesn’t want to do something, she can and will be replaced.

Agents who treat their performers as the people they are instead of sex objects with an expiration date work to prepare the performers for what lies ahead.

The author of this propaganda is Aurora Snow, a former porn whore. I believe in 2017, when she wrote the piece, she was a current porn whore.

Aurora Snow

That’s why she keeps doing this obnoxious “muh bad apples,” bit, with the implication being that the industry overall is happy and wholesome when it is in fact inherently exploitative.

“You want to prepare them beyond the bare bones, if there is anything unusual. Depends who they are working for. Some of the guys like to bite and some girls are into it but the next day you can’t show up to work bruised,” says Mark Spiegler, adult agent extraordinaire. “I tell them what to look out for beforehand, like ‘this guy shoots quick,’ ‘this director will yell at everyone on set.’ You have to prepare them for what’s coming. It’s a good business practice.”

You hear that? This disgusting Jew tells the girls what to look out for beforehand. That’s totally the same as actually looking out for their interests.

A quick search for Mark Spiegler gave me the following images. To provide commentary would be to say too much. Look at him and come to your own conclusions.

BTW, the above title card is from an interview he did four years ago with “No Jumper.” The interview starts off with

No Jumper: So you, famously, will only work with a girl who does anal.

Mark Spiegler: Not only, but they gotta be willing to do it in the future.

He literally refuses to work with girls who don’t want dicks shoved up their asses, something that most women very much do not enjoy and which can lead to serious injuries, illness, and at the very least pain. He spends the next few minutes of the video explaining how, in the rare case that a woman won’t immediately do it, he constantly pressures her into doing it.

Remember, this is the guy who represents the women, not the (((pornographers))), even though they pay him as well. But don’t worry, ladies. He’ll look out for you by warning you ahead of time that the director likes to scream at the workers on set and you should shut up and take the verbal abuse while there are two cocks in your ass and another guy is peeing on your face. I mean, you can’t do anything about that information or you’ll be labeled a diva and your career will be over, but you’ll know ahead of time. Maybe.

Lana Rhodes: So most girls getting into the industry at the time when I was in the industry, they had agents. It was just the thing that everyone did. And so the first agent that I had, he was very like “okay you’re gonna do this, you’re gonna do this, you have shoots for these people.”

The industry is very, in a way, you know the girls are disposable. You’re told that when you come to the industry. “You’re disposable,” our relationship is –

Interviewer: Really?

LR: Yeah, they tell you that.

Nothing to see here folx, except some extremely empowered wahmens who have finally freed themselves of the cisheteronormative straight White white male patriarchy.

The problem is that the patriarchy has not yet been defeated enough. We need to get to the point where no porn whores feel comfortable saying no to having their faces peed on. Every woman must be liberated in this way, and if that means we need to economically impoverish the nation enough to achieve this wonderful goal, consider it fait accompli.

LR: And they say “our relationship with the producers is more important.” So the agents goal is to get you to do as much as you can for as cheap as you can.

Lana Rhoades claims that “her” agent and agency explicitly told her and other girls that their relationships with the (((pornographers))) was more important. She then says that the agents real goal is to churn through the girls, getting them to work for as cheap as possible, while filming as many scenes as possible, before they’ve been used up.

Lana Rhoades is not a particularly intelligent girl, but her simple descriptions of reality are a more hard hitting condemnation of pornography than anything I have ever heard from servative media, or even the Alt-Republican Gayper types.

Interviewer: I am very upset right now.

LR: And also you have to be very pliable. So yes, you can say “no, I don’t want to do this,” and you can give demands like that. But you’re then told that you’re being bad, that you’re not going to be booked anymore because you’re a “diva.”

So if you say “no, I don’t want cum on my face, can you please do it somewhere else,” then you would be reprimanded and not booked again, because that’s not what they want.

I can already hear the chorus of servatives using LOLbert talking points to *checks notes* support pornographers exploiting young women in order to do humiliating sex acts on camera for little pay. Below is one of innumerable samples, screenshotted only because the response was clearly from someone who doesn’t suffer from anti-social personality traits.

Taken from the comment section in the first Lana Rhoades video.

There is no functional difference between workers being coerced into doing unsafe work with the threat of job termination, and porn whores being coerced into doing disgusting acts with the threat of job termination.

LR: My agent flew me to him and had me stay in his apartment in the room across from his and I shared a bed with another girl. After that I think I stayed there for a few months and then he actually wouldn’t let me move far away from him. He said I have to stay in Woodland Hills, which is the area where most of the porn is shot, and I had to get an apartment in the same building as him so he could watch what I was doing. And he didn’t want me to have boyfriends, date, or do anything that wasn’t work related.

So it was very much controlled.

It needs to be stated clearly that this is all happening in the context of the (((agents and pornographers))) knowing full well that they are churning through these girls, making as much off them that they can while they are still young, before moving on to the next. Lana Rhodes was seen as having decent mid term potential, while her friends just got a few movies to destroy their lives and then that was it.

By the time these not particularly bright girls realize that their porn whore peak was at age 19, the (((agents and pornographers))) will have moved on to the next crop of young women who they can promise the world to milk for whatever they’re worth before kicking them to the curb. If they’re the best looking porn whores, that’ll mean controlling their lives for a few years, preventing them from dating, and trying hard to groom them into various sex acts which they don’t want to do, such as getting pissed on, or taking it up the ass. For the less good looking porn whores, they’ll get a few “Newcummers” type scenes, and that’ll be that.

Both groups will regret it for the rest of their lives, and (((feminists))) will continue bloviating about how this made them empowered or something, instead of obviously exploited.

Interviewer: I think at that age [19] as well when you’re wanting to sort of climb the ranks because you still have this idea of “if I get to a specific place I’m going to get into The Girl Next Door,” that sort of thing, you’re probably fearful to speak up for yourself and ask that.

I’m very naive to all this so excuse me if I say the wrong thing, but I just want to say, when many people think of sex workers they sometimes think that they can be groomed, or they can have a pimp. I wanna know, have you experienced that, do you know friends that have experienced that?

LR: In the porn industry I will say it’s a known thing that some agents are more pimp like than others. I had two agents during my time in porn. The first one was what I just described, and he’s known as one of the best agents in that industry, but it did not work for me. It took me a long time to stand up for myself and say like “hey, I can’t work with you, you’re yelling and screaming at me. I want my freedom to live my life and date and be a normal human who doesn’t just wake up every single day and go and shoot porn.” So, I quit.

My first experience with an agent was very bad. The second was alright, much better, but there are lots of bad agents out there, which is one of the major issues with the industry as well. These 40 year old men who have been in the industry for 20, 30 years maybe longer, and they are very very good at getting the girls to do exactly what they want through I think grooming. Cause the second I got off the plane it was “this is what the good sluts do. This is how you’re gonna be successful. The good girls do this. They don’t complain. They do anal for $400.” 

And that’s the type of stuff I was being told almost immediately. So you feel like you have to do it because they’re speaking so positively of these other girls that are doing things that aren’t necessarily good for them.

Peer pressure, fake friendship, outright coercion. These are the tools that the (((agents and pornographers))) use to get the girls to do things that they don’t want to do, for shit pay. Partly that’s for money, but we can’t ignore the (((racial aspect))).

If a bunch of natzees occupied Israel and started up a pornographic industry where they pressured Jew girls into getting pissed on and taking it up the ass, the first thing one would think of would not be “this is about economics.” If some people were doing the “well they just signed the contract, they knew what they were getting into,” bit they would be looked at as subversives, and rightfully so.

We’re not done with the ex-porn whores. Jessica Mendes, who went by the term “Jessie Rogers,” has been railing against the pornographic industry for more than a decade.

Anti Pornography:

Hi everyone. Today I’m going to explain pornography and share my story with you. I’m currently 20 years old, and I retired from the “adult” industry in 2012, just a few months after I turned 19.

The pastor from my church molested me when I was 12, and I got raped by an older man when I was 15. I haven’t told people these things publicly because they’re so personal, and I never thought it was really necessary until now. Also, from getting to know so many different “porn stars,” their childhood stories are fairly similar.

Jessica Mendes aka Jessie Rogers

In on her eighteenth birthday, out just after nineteen. Coming into the industry with just the right amount of PTSD and sexual trauma to be an easy target of exploitation.

How I got into the porn industry is actually a funny story because I didn’t intend to become a porn star, but I do think that on a subconscious level I attracted that negativity into my life.

So I was searching for jobs on Craigslist, and on one of the ads it said: “Make $20,000 – $30,000 a month modeling.” I had a lot of modeling experience which I had made money off of, but never that much. So, it looked appealing to me, to say the least.

Long story short, I met up with an agent when I was actually 17, and they explained to me that it’s not regular modeling, it’s porn.

They don’t want to put out an ad for doing porn, since they know that only a tiny percentage of trash girls will respond to that. Instead, they put out an ad for modeling with a high dollar amount, knowing that they will be flooded with contacts.

Once communication has been started, they can slowly build fake rapport with the girls, and start selling them on the idea of doing nude modeling. Then once you’ve done that, why not do a girl on girl scene. After you’ve done that, might as well try a hardcore scene, and so on and so forth.

And they booked me solid from the day after my 18th birthday, until just a few months after that. I wasn’t really thinking about what I was getting myself into, I just wanted the money, and the validation that people in porn gave me.

Jessica Mendes talks about the validation from people in the industry constantly pretending to be supportive and friendly with her. Mia Khalifa, who we’ll get to later, talks about wanting validation from men. This is ruthlessly exploited for the gain of (((pornographers))). 

Since I did live in L.A. after getting into the industry, I hung out with a lot of people in the adult industry, and their stories were always the same, and negative. None of them liked doing what they were doing. They were just doing it for the money, and they dreamed of getting out — doing something else and having a normal life, like being married with kids. This wasn’t just female performers — the male performers and the directors as well.

Almost all, if not all the girls, go to their shoots high on something, whether it’s painkillers, weed, ecstasy or cocaine. So that’s why when people watch it, it looks like the performers are having a blast, but in reality they’re just disassociated and don’t even want to be there.

Through the course of my porn career I had to go to the emergency room several times. I had several instances where I would cry on set, because things had been so painful.

How utterly glamorous. What a wonderful group of people.

She goes into more gruesome details in another interview.

Interviewer Craig Perra: What impact did shooting 20, 30, scenes in a month have on your body? What did you feel like?

Jessica Mendes: Not good. I was not healthy, which is why I’m so adamant about living a healthy lifestyle and putting goodness into your body now. I was constantly going to urgent care, I went to urgent, I had to be taken to urgent care I think more than ten times. And then the actual emergency room I had to go there twice.

I was constantly getting sick with strep throat, mono, getting the flue. I was constantly getting sick, and also you know, with infections down there, like bacterial vaginosis, urinary tract infections, yeast infections, and then eventually, towards the end of my career, I caught herpes.

Yeah, I was constantly getting sick, and not just that. Because of the types of scenes I was doing I couldn’t eat, I was not allowed to eat. So I would go days without eating and really just munch on gummy bears and energy drinks just so I could get through my scenes.

Craig Perra: And the reason for that, we call a spade a spade and I want to keep it real honest, was because you were performing and may have become known for your anal sex scenes, is that why you weren’t eating?

Mendes: Yes.

Anal “sex,” is the kind of “sex” where the girl needs to starve herself for days, lest she shit all over your dick. And no, the starvation does nothing for the pain, that’s what the drugs are for. After all, the performer needs to pretend to be enjoying herself somehow.

That sounds like a lot of fun, and definitely not just something that (((pornographers))) push as bizarre fetish. Nor is there any sort of plan to normalize that kind of pervertism. It’s not like the (((porn industry))) is controlled or anything, that’s just weird conspiracy theorizing.

Perra: That must take a terrible toll on your body. In fact you were injured. This was towards the end of your career when you realized you were getting out. Can you share that story with us please?

Mendes: Yeah. So basically I had already decided to quit. I had already gone to my agent and said “hey listen, I don’t wanna do porn anymore. Don’t book me for anything else, but I will be respectful and finish out the scenes that are already booked.”

The day that I got injured was one of the scenes that was already booked, even after I had already decided to quit. I was working with another girl who was fairly new, and she brought her own toys. One of them that she used on me was actually a glass rippled toy, and it was really big.

I thought she was gonna be kind of gentle and I thought she knew what she was doing, since it was her toy. But no, she literally just rammed it in there and started pounding on me as hard as she could, with barely any lube or spit or anything like that.

I didn’t allow this to happen for very long because it was so painful. I screamed and turned around and when I look on the bed it’s covered in blood. I got really freaked out. I am terrified of blood, and so I went into the bathroom to clean myself up and it was still – I was still bleeding. I was still bleeding a few days after that too. 

It was weird, because the agents were – they wanted me to finish up the scene even though I was injured and everything. Even a few days after that my agent was texting me, asking me if I could go and finish the scene. I was like “are you kidding me, like I need a few – at least two weeks to heal.”

That’s when I realized, they don’t give a shit about us performers. They do not see us as human beings. 

No, they certainly don’t. They view you as cattle that exist to serve them.

Keep in mind, these are “her” agents who are pressuring her to finish an anal scene while she’s bleeding from her ass. Never before have workers received such solid representation.

Craig Perra: So no health insurance. Out of your pocket, right? You don’t have a medical plan with this industry despite the incredible risk that the actresses are taking?

Mendes: No, I paid for everything.

Perra: Wow.

Mendes: I’m still paying bills actually. I’m still paying medical bills from when I was doing porn.

Actually, Jessica Mendes has recently decided to, once again, get back into pornography, this time with OnlyFans. Pornography is for life. Put out one video of yourself out there, and you don’t have the option of doing much else.

That’s something that another infamous porn whore named Bree Olson, born Rachel Oberlin, found out for herself.

So, I have really gotten to the point where there are days to weeks at a time when I don’t leave the house, because I don’t feel like facing the world of what has been created out there for me. I get so disappointed when I go out and I meet a new friend and then it turns out they don’t want to be my friend anymore. Or I go out and, I don’t know I just hear things or witness things. It’s really easier to just stay inside my house and not put myself out there for hurt.

I wish that people would treat me how they would treat a married, registered nurse with 2.5 kids in Indiana. That’s how I wish people would treat me. *Cries.*

Interviewer: How would that change your life?

Bree Olson: I would be so happy. I don’t know. I never even thought about that before, but it’ll never happen, that’s why I don’t think about it.

I send a very strong message to young girls: don’t do porn. Because as much – I understand you want to embrace your sexuality. You want to say screw the man, screw whatever, like I can do whatever I want with my body. But you’re just gonna have a life of crap in front of you and dealing with people, companies. Companies are allowed to turn you down for work, for whatever you want. They have morality clauses.

You can never work with children after you do porn. You can never work in the medical field after you do porn. And these are things that teenage girls don’t think about.

How people treat you for the rest of your life, it’s not worth it.

The video was produced by “REALWOMEN/REALSTORIES,” and is seven years old, right at the height of e-feminism. As a result, they leave us with these final words from Bree, probably prompted by a question from the interviewer.

Bree Olson: I definitely think it’s time to respect sex workers and respect women in total, absolutely.

Respect wahmens? Sure. Sex workers?

It’s a classic bit of finklethink. The butthole-left takes the obvious abuse and exploitation of women in the sex industry, combines that with their terrible post-porn whore lives, and says that the problem is absolutely not the (((pornographers))), but rather that the entire rest of society has not been sufficiently re-engineered to respect the porn whores. Even though the actual woman herself literally says “my message to young girls is don’t do porn,” the message from the propagandists is that you’re bad for not wanting to wife up this waifu.

The original video is seven years old. I only stumbled upon it because some of the smegma males periodically make a big deal out of this old video. I searched “Bree Olson regrets,” and found the following videos.

None of the videos above were the first video I saw containing this clip. That would be from some generic e-Right fag named “The Poor Mans Podcast Reacts.” The deluge of cookie cutter cawntent continues.

Rachel Oberlin leaves us with an article, referenced by News AU.

News AU:

In an opinion piece accompanying the video, Olson — real name Rachel Oberlin — writes that she receives no money from her porn career now, despite the fact her pornographic images and videos are still viewed countless times online.

“There are no royalties in porn. I see ads to this day, and my movies are everywhere on the internet. These faceless people behind the industry still make millions and face no repercussions, and I am left to try and come up with ideas of how to have my own business because there’s not much else I can do. We are the only entertainment industry that doesn’t offer talent royalties after they are gone. So now I am shunned by society and broke.

Crazy how the (((faceless people))) behind the industry face no repercussions, despite what they do being unpopular.

We’re not done with the grooming stories. Here’s Mia Khalifa, real name Sarah Chamoun, telling hers.

BBC Interviewer: Let’s go through this step by step. How was a girl who was brought by her parents to the United States, brought here from Lebanon, her home country, schooled in history, very smart, went to Texas educated in History. How did you get involved with the sex – porn industry?

Sarah Chamoun/Mia Khalifa: I don’t think self-esteem discriminates against anyone. I don’t care if you come from a great family or if you come from a not so great background. Uh, I struggled my entire childhood with weight, and I never felt attractive or worthy of male attention. And suddenly, my first year of college I start losing all this weight from making small changes. And by the time I graduated, I was ready to make a bigger difference.

I felt extremely self-conscious about my breasts because that was the first thing to go when I lost all the weight. I lost about 50 lbs –

BBC Interviewer: Well it’s a considerable amount of weight.

Khalifa: Completely. So my biggest insecurity was my breasts. I wanted to go back to what they normally were. And once I did that I started garnering all this attention from men. I was never used to it and I felt like unless I held on to it, and kind of did what was asked of me or what was expected of me it would go away. And after feeling what it was like, that validation, and the, you know, compliments for the first time, I did not want that to go away.

It’s easy to verify Mia Khalifa/Sarah Chamoun’s story about childhood and early adult obesity. Attention and validation from the opposite sex, especially when denied to someone, can be powerfully addictive.

But it also helps when you have some (((pornographer))) outright grooming you on the street.

BBC: You were spotted, I think, on the street. There you were on the street, you were a young graduate wanting to find a job and you were spotted on the street by a guy who said “I can work with you,” and clearly he opened up and said “it’s the porn business.”

What was it in you that, far from running away, was drawn into it?

Khalifa: It wasn’t, that’s not how it was. It wasn’t just “hey do you want to come do porn?” It was more so “Oh you’re beautiful. Would you like to do some modeling? Oh, uh, you have a great body. I think you’d be great in nude modelling.” Things like that.

Sarah Chamoun aka Mia Khalifa

In other words, a very similar grooming story to what we heard from Jessie Rogers. The (((pornographers))) take the numbers approach, and slowly groom the girls to become full blown porn whores.

After I came and toured the studio – it was very respectable. It was a gorgeous location in Miami. In Doral, Florida. It was clean, everyone who worked there was nice. All of their cubicles were decorated with family photos. It was nothing dodgy or that made me uncomfortable.

The first time I went in wasn’t the first time I filmed a porn movie. It was the second time. The first time was more like “So, do you want to do this? Sign the paperwork.” Etcetera etcetera.

BBC: These guys just saw you, frankly, as a money machine.

Khalifa: Absolutely.

BBC: But you still had no advisers, you had no lawyer, you had no nothing.

Khalifa: What 21 year old has a lawyer on retainer?

There are no power imbalances here. There is no one being exploited. This is beautiful female empowerment in action.

BBC: I’m just trying to get my head around how stressful this must have been, because even now you sit here so poised and obviously a lot of time has passed and you’ve moved on, but do you think there is some sort of post-traumatic stress that is in you from this experience.

Khalifa: Yes, and I think it kicks in mostly when I go out in public because the stares I get, I feel like people can see through my clothes and it brings me deep shame. It makes me feel like I lost all right to my privacy. Which I did, because I’m one Google search away.

BBC: And those images, you cannot expunge.

Khalifa: No.

BBC: You have no right, even though it’s deeply personal to you, you have no right to remove them from anybody’s view around the world.

Khalifa: *Nods head.* Yeah.

BBC: I’m just thinking. This story is your story, but frankly, it’s also the story of other porn actors and actresses.

Khalifa: I honestly started seeing that recently after the interview came out and people started reaching out and all of the emails go, my manager checks them, and when he gets stuff like that he filters them and sends them to me. Reading the words of some of these girls who have been sex trafficked and forced into porn, and all of these stories of girls whose lives have been ruined by it, and by men who have taken advantage of them and by contracts that they didn’t even understand the jargon of.

It makes me feel like okay maybe it was good that I started talking and that I posted this interview and that I’m speaking out now because other people feel the same way, and even if they don’t relate on as deep a level as doing porn, they can relate on the level of being insecure and being pressured into doing something they didn’t want to do.

BBC: You were wearing the Islamic headscarf, often known as the hijab. And then of course it developed into a sex scene. You must have known how provocative that was?

Khalifa: I verbatim told them “you guys are gonna get me killed.”

BBC: And they said…

Khalifa: They just laughed.

This is once again where the racial angle comes in. Mia Khalifa is an Arab girl, the porn industry is run by Jews. It wasn’t just because it was provocative that they played up her Arabic heritage – even though her family are actually Lebanese Christians – and demanded that she wear the hijab while filming some scenes, it was a deliberate act of humiliation towards Arabs. If they wanted controversy they’d get a Jew actress to pretend to be a holocaust inmate in a double penetration BDSM scene with two White actors.

It’s not about clicks. It’s not about profit. Capitalism is fake, you’re a peasant, and the pornography industry is run by Schlomo, for Schlomo.

BBC: Why didn’t you then say “I’m not doing it.”

Khalifa: Intimidation. I was scared. I knew that if I said no it would, it would – you know – they’re not gonna force you to do it. At that point that’s rape. No one’s going to force you to have sex, but I was still scared. I mean it was – have you ever felt scared to, not scared, to but – nervous to speak up and say something at a restaurant when your food’s not right and the waiter comes by and says “how is everything?” I was intimidated. I was nervous.

She’s not articulating it well, but what she’s trying to convey is the precarity of the porn whore. She knew, deep down inside, that she couldn’t start refusing to do things, or her position at the top of the porn whore food chain would immediately disappear. This is because pornography is a very empowering career for women.

BBC: We interview a lot of people, and many of them are middle aged or older. It’s great to have someone in the studio that’s only 26 years old. There is a school of thought that says our culture, not just the UK or the United States but many countries, is being pornified. And that young people in particular are so exposed to pornography so young in their lives that it’s materially changing the way males and females relate to each other – the way they think about relationships – in a potentially very corrosive, damaging way. What’s your take on that?

Khalifa: Of course it affects relationships. I mean, porn addiction is very prevalent in America and I’m sure here too. The things that men see in videos, they expect from the women in their lives, and that’s just not reality. No one is going to be that perfect, no one is going to do those acts on a Wednesday night with the person they love.

Porn whores literally don’t eat for days to make young men think that their girlfriend can and should just take it up the ass on a random Tuesday, even though they shouldn’t want to put it in there in the first place and that desire came from porn.

We’re not even close to reaching the bottom of the regret pit from the mouths of the porn whores themselves. We’re getting this through Arako TV, one of the interchangeable brown smegma males we’ve covered previously. I’ll be avoiding his asides, and transcribing the relevant parts.

The setup is that all the girls are porn whores, some through OnlyFans, some through the traditional porn industry. They’re asked how easy it is for them to form and keep relationships.

Adrianna Chechik: Uhm, I find it incredibly hard to date, to the point where I actually like, can’t get dates. So there’s two perspectives on that. So if I were to ever go meet somebody it’s kind of hard because I don’t want random people to know my name. So obviously I’m meeting them as Adrianna Chechik. So that’s extremely hard.

Honey, you can just use a different fake name.

This doesn’t have anything to do with the gist of the article, but this girl is particularly dumb. She is already using a fake name, Adrianna Chechik. However, she feels that she must continue using the same fake name whenever she meets anyone, because to use a different fake name would be crazy. Presumably she has no Government ID issued to her under her fake name of Adrianna Chechik, so I have absolutely no idea why she thinks this.

Her monologue is still useful though because of how sad she is.

I’ve had guys literally walk out on me when I met them because they’re so intimidated by me.

Honey, they’re not intimidated, you’re just a whore.

Although how exactly is this happening? I’m trying to come up with a plausible scenario where the guy didn’t know that he was meeting a porn whore, but then he sees her face and recognizes her… even though she just said that she always uses her stage name. Either she meant that she gets stood up when guys research who she is after she meets them, or, again, I don’t know what’s going on in that brain of hers.

And then also I’ve done some of the most extreme sex acts on camera that guys can’t swallow or get past.

The only one who could swallow emotional baggage of that magnitude is Adrianna Chechik, because she can swallow anything.

I’m here all week.

I currently do live, like, a little bit of a lonely life.

As repulsed by this porn whore as I am, I can’t help but feel bad for her when she admits to being lonely.

In a better world she could have been the crazy MILF that was married with four children and tried to blow you when you had a sleepover with her son when you were thirteen in a story that you pretended to yourself was cool but which actually traumatized you. Not ideal, but better than what Weimerica turned her into.

There’s another aspect where guys only want to date me to show me off to other people or their friends. They immediately treat me like The Adrianna Chechik Experience. So if I was going to meet a guy they would never hold my hand or anything. The first thing they would try to do would have sex with me.

I decided to search “Adriana Chechik” with the safe filters off on DuckDuckGo. The very first page showed me:

  1. Multiple images of her covered in cum.
  2. Her blowing two cocks at once, with them both being deep in her mouth.
  3. Multiple images of different gangbangs.
  4. Multiple images of her taking it up the ass on different occasions.
  5. One image of her literally taking two dicks up the ass. JFC.
  6. Even more disturbing, an image of her blowing a tranny.
  7. Racial fetish porn.

I searched “Adriana Chechik.” I didn’t search “Adriana Chechik most hardcore and depraved shit.” Her name was enough for DuckDuckGo to summon new depravities that I’d never seen before and didn’t think were possible, like double anal. She’s actually kind of impressive in an “I can’t believe my eyes,” kind of way.

For the life of me I can’t figure out why normal guys don’t want to hold her hand on the first date. I’ll bet these unchivalrous scamps don’t even want to introduce her to their parents. Typical toxic masculinity. 

When I turned the safe search filters on again I saw this story, where she got banned from twitch for deepthroating and drooling over a Popsicle. I have literally never met a girl who is this much of a whore, and it borders on mental illness for her.

So it’s really like, disheartening to be honest. And I’ve kind of just given up. I feel like, sadly, I might not ever find like a boyfriend like that, I might just end up being alone forever.

It’s a definite possibility. 

I knew that Adriana Chechik was a whore even before writing this article. I had no idea what a MEGA whore she truly was, to the point of absurdity. She’s such a whore that she’s actually interfering with the point I was trying to make, which is that her porn career has prevented her from familial fulfillment. 

The problem is that in her case she’s such a crazy next level whore that I’m not sure there was any realistic scenario in which she ends with three kids, a dog, a house, and a husband. This particular girl might be the rare case of the True Born Whore. Then again, it could be that she was pressured into doing all these crazy things by the (((porn industry))) and it became a part of her identity. She was certainly paid to degrade herself on camera, so who knows?

At least without her porn whore career, she could have been the girl who blew a hundred guys in college, then moved cities and suckered some guy who didn’t know any better into thinking that he lucked out and found a cute, nice girl who was mysteriously astonishingly good at giving head. Instead, she got into her porn whore career, and is just now realizing that it cost her any chance at having a real boyfriend or any man in her life who cares about her in the slightest.

NY Daily News:

It’s an old tale with a new twist: Lynsey G. was a nice girl from Montana who came to the big city and stumbled into a career in pornography.

Except she kept all her clothes on.

I could catalogue the porn whore regret for days, but this article is already too long, so we have to eventually stop. This 2017 NY Daily News piece is a review of a porn “journalists,” memoirs. She noticed a few things about the porn industry that are obvious, but nice to have confirmed.

G.’s first porn biz revelation was hard to miss: “The new-girl syndrome.” The industry goes wild for the fresh new faces, casting aside the tried and true.

Newbies are soon awash in money, courted by producers and photographers, treated as celebrities at industry parties.

“Both novelty and youth are hugely popular in terms of human arousal worldwide, and new girls have both these attributes,” G. writes.

But a fast rise is most often followed by a hard fall, sometimes in a matter of months.

A new girl typically works her way through a trajectory of sex acts. Her pay rate escalates with each step into more hardcore action.

The newbie starts with boy/girl. Next is girl/girl, though G. points out scenes between women who are strictly “gay for pay” are inevitably disappointing.

Interracial might follow, but racism in porn makes that negotiable turf. The acts thereafter are too various, never mind inventive, to list. But one is a given: There’s a gangbang in her future.

Once she’s exhausted the repertoire of on-camera firsts, the new girl is past her expiration date.

The goal of the (((porn industry))) is to churn through as many different girls as possible, then kick them to the curb once they’ve exhausted all their novelty value, while lying to them and pretending otherwise.

At the end of it, the pornographers have a few more scenes to profit off of, with no royalties being paid to the whore. In exchange, the girl gets the eternal shame and well deserved stigma of being a whore on camera for almost no money. Then the butthole-left lectures you about how you should be more accepting of the whores, while encouraging more women to go into porn whoredom and get churned through and spit out all the same. 

“That whole first year, everything’s amazing,” says Kelly Shibari, a plus-size porn model. “Then the second year happens when you don’t get as much work.

“By the third year, a lot of girls have either decided they’re going to stick it out or they’re just done.”

Some women intend to cash in early and get out quick. Porn helps pay off a student loan or earn a quick buck for another reason. Others reach the sad, clichéd end, drug addicted and at the mercy of sleazy producers.

Don’t forget sleazy agents!

Part of the psychological phenomenon that the (((pornographers))) exploit is the over optimism of most people. Optimism, even delusional optimism, is often a pre-requisite for success. If you ask a bunch of boxers or MMA fighters if they’ll win their next fight, the answer you will always get is “of course.” The odds they would give themselves would not come close to the odds that Las Vegas gives them.

If you could somehow get them to bet on their own fights with the odds they would give you for their success, you could make a ton of easy money betting against every single fighter by exploiting this optimism. Say fighter A and fighter B have a match, and they each give themselves 10:1 odds of victory. Just spend $1,000 betting against each of them, and you’re guaranteed an $8,000 payday at the end of the fight!

Everyone who has ever competed in any athletic endeavour knows how important self-confidence and optimism is, far beyond simple realism. As they say, you have to believe in yourself, without being willing to bet on yourself. It’s essentially a version of the Stockdale Paradox. 

Big Think:

Stockdale explained this idea as the following: “You must never confuse faith that you will prevail in the end — which you can never afford to lose — with the discipline to confront the most brutal facts of your current reality, whatever they might be.”

Understanding the Stockdale Paradox can help you better confront the reality of tough situations while also maintaining faith that you’ll ultimately succeed. This contradictory way of thinking was the strength that led James through those trying years. Such paradoxical thinking, whether you consciously know it or not, has been one of the defining philosophies for great leaders making it through hardship and reaching their goals.

Success in many endeavours may require faith. Not reason, not realism, not rationality, but faith. In the case of the porn whore, it’s the faith-like belief that they will be unique and different. That they will be the 0.1% whore who actually makes money off of selling her dignity and future online, and that maybe they can even, somehow, find a nice man at the end of it. It doesn’t hurt that the (((agents))) are filling their heads with lies about how successful they’ll be.

Most women, even young women, are intelligent enough, and have enough options and other people in their lives to never get into porn. Probably less than 1% would even seriously consider pornography. That’s irrelevant, as is the visceral repulsion of the porn whores themselves when condemning their abusers. 

Most people do not fall for the “you are a Nigerian prince,” scam, but some do. We can focus on the people who fall for scams, as the servatives do, or we can focus on the scammers. As Rachel Oberlin/Bree Olson said:

These faceless people behind the industry still make millions and face no repercussions, and I am left to try and come up with ideas of how to have my own business because there’s not much else I can do.

There are lots of reasons to want (((pornography))) banned, and pornographers punished. The exploitation of young women is merely one of many justifications. As the BBC interview with Mia Khalifa mentioned, the “pornification,” of society and the resultant harm to regular relationships, while difficult to quantify, is undoubtedly real. Even more crucial, pornography steals the sexual urges of the consoomers, which doesn’t just diminish the intimacy of romantic relationships, but prevents their formation in the first place. It also turns you into a weirdo. 

There are a lot of these videos that you can find on YouTube, that expand upon this premise. As is to be expected, many of them feature Juden Peterstein, because no fake semi-political grift would be complete without him. 

Since Juden Peterstein is apparently against pornography, I searched for “pornography exploitation of women Jordan Peterson.” I expected to find a ton of videos, and I was right.

Curiously, in none of these videos does Dr. Lobster Heirarchies talk about the exploitation of the porn whores themselves. Instead, it’s all self-help garbage for men, mixed in with some whining about wahmens ruining relationships. 

You’d think that a brave cultural warrior like Juden Peterstein would be interested in destroying feminism. What better way to do that than to point out that (((feminists))) are silent as the grave on the inherently exploitative and predatory pornographic industry? It’s not like there aren’t videos on JewTube that do this, albeit without mentioning Jews. Hell, there are videos from the porn whores themselves, Lana Rhoades, Jessie Rogers, Bree Olson, Mia Khalifa, and many others, who outright say that pornographers exploited them, and it wasn’t close to worth it even though they were the top 0.1% successful whores.

If you are fighting against an enemy army, you really ought to use every tool available to you. Does it make sense to refuse to use artillery? What about infantry? Should we ground our aircraft? None of that makes sense, and there is similarly no justification for denying yourself rhetorical or political weapons in the political realm.

Servatives rarely mention pornography, and to the extent that they do it’s about vaguely whining about it while not even proposing tangible policy like censorship, despite us living in the most censored society in all of human history. If you actually wanted to ban pornography, you would be constantly harping on the exploitation of the whores themselves. You would be quoting them, you would be interviewing them. You would get them to sit down and cry on camera as they explain how they were bullied, pressured, and abused into doing disgusting sex acts that they regretted immediately and got paid extremely little for.

You would interview as many of the former porn whores as possible for the juiciest and most damning sound bites possible. How difficult would it be to get some thirty year old ex porn whore to say, on camera, “there is nothing more disempowering than having your body be used on camera,” and then having this faggot bloviate about how no, the wahmens are actually empowered because of some feminist gibberish. 

I would really like Justin Trudeau to explain why it is so important not to use the phrase “mankind,” instead of “peoplekind,” yet so unimportant to stop a multi-billion dollar industry that exists to prey upon the optimism, insecurities, and desperation of young women. Why is it that these women, many of whom come from broken homes, are allowed to be promised the world by (((agents))) who ruthlessly exploit them, churn through them, and then replace them with the next crop of victims. 

Justin Trudeau and other feminists like Harvey Weinstein, yes, Harvey Weinstein was a feminist, will never be made to answer these questions. It’s not because such questions would be politically ineffective, but because they would be far too effective and servatives exist for no purpose other than to take up space.

It’s the exact same reason why, during the middle of Covid-19, they never once demanded that the borders be shut down, or BLM chimpouts be stopped in order to prevent the spread of Covid. Nor did they ever bother pointing out the gross contradiction with the media promoting the Fiery, But Mostly Peaceful Protests, and telling us that we couldn’t celebrate Christmas with our extended families or we were evil meanie people who didn’t care about Granny dying.


Pointing out the contradictions, bullshit, and fake principles of the enemy is the most important rhetoric. Arguably, it’s the only rhetoric needed, since it immediately shows malice. That’s why idiots and subversives focus on the abstract concept of hate crimes, while serious people focus on their one-sided application against White People, and occasionally Christians, heterosexuals, and other oppressed groups. 

There is almost no contradiction of the butthole-left that is greater than their promotion of vague bullshit like female empowerment and “believe wahmen,” while simultaneously promoting an industry that is inherently exploitative to women and ignoring the women who speak out. I think it’s a close second to them pretending to care about muh foreigners.

No borders, no nations, fuck deporations, but also borders and nations are great and murdering hundreds of thousands of innocent Middle Easterners is totally fine and you shouldn’t get worked up about that. In fact, you should have your tax dollars given to the mass murder propagandists who lie us into these wars to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars per year.

Pornography is sick, distasteful, bad for society, bad for relationships, contributes to atomization, and ruthlessly exploits the utterly replaceable workers in the industry. It will continue to exist in perpetuity until a serious political party takes power, despite its predations on society, because the (((Democracy Class))) wants it and they have decided. In the meantime, servatives will occasionally do a pretend fight against it, focusing purely on one small part of the issue, which is the negative affect on the consoomer, while studiously avoiding any of the more powerful arguments pornography.

When given the rhetorical goldmine of porn whores crying about how badly they regret doing porn and how ruthlessly they were exploited, they’ll turn into extreme caricatures of LOLbertarians. They will maintain this LOLbert caricature when you argue for pornography to be banned. Then they will discard these fake principles and turn into Stalinist caricatures when it comes time to throw you in jail for fact-checking the lampshadocaust. Ultimately, they don’t have principles, they do what they’re told, and they’re told to throw the fight on everything that we care about. That’s their one and only job.

Gradually, I began to hate them.

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  1. My thoughts exactly great article!

  2. https://www.thedailybeast.com/los-angeles-real-estate-tycoon-mark-handel-exposed-as-boogeyman-of-porn-khan-tusion

    here’s an article on a particularly notorious kike (whose brother is a trashy radio host) in porn who has also been busted several times for real estate fraud.

    1. Besides the severe physical abuse, this piece of shit jew also had a particular obsession with um, bodily fluids and mentally breaking these “actresses”, like taunting them about their past sexual abuse (which most of them were) or showing it to their family members.

  3. The word “porn” comes from ancient Greek “pornē”, which means ‘prostitute,’ originally “bought, purchased (with an original notion, probably of “female slave sold for prostitution”).”

    So calling someone a “porn star” is like referring to them a most excellent slave, or complimenting them on their enslavement.

    Funny how the (((feminists))) missed this. Very perplexing.

  4. It doesn’t surprise me that the smegma grindset crowd are pro-porn – people who are permanently online inevitably tend to be coomers. One just has to look at Fuentes and his cult of biological failures to have that confirmed.

    Also, when I scrolled down to that first photo of Mark Spiegler, I honestly thought I was looking at Harvey Weinstein. It turns out evil has a phenotype.

    1. I also highly recommend checking out the “All Gas No Brakes” youtube channel – they did a 10 minute video of them walking around the AVN expo a few years ago. It’ll erase any doubt anybody may have about how awful the porn industry is.

  5. Vox Day is a beta cuck

  6. If we were in charge of our countries it would be a problem that disappeared overnight regardless of law.

  7. I haven’t read this whole article yet as it pisses me off to much to hear what the porn jews do.

    I think when that one porn Jew got shot in the gut and was wheelchair bound with a colostomy bag for starting the nigger porn, that that was based.

    I think anyone who is terminally ill, or has little to lose should go out and gun down a porn director.

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  9. Epic post Tim. Epic. And sad.

    Remember when Murdoch Murdoch did that episode about that porn actress with the “support lizard”? All the more sad because she was real and so was the lizard. Which was killed on set by a jew or nigger or something just because.

    “Smart” girls become “cam whores”. Abusive yourself in the comfort of your own bedroom for a few shekels.

    But the one saving grace, at least none of these girls are speaking German, amirite?

  10. This is probably the best take down of porn I’ve ever seen. Should be a series.

  11. I first heard about Adriana Chechik when she injured her back diving into a foam pit at TwitchCon.

    In one of the articles I read, she claimed she already had spinal injuries AND BRAIN DAMAGE from filming ultra rough hardcore scenes in which she was violently thrown around and slammed into things.

    Make of that what you will.

  12. If I had more money and less moral scruples, I would make a porn company that specializes in degrading Jewesses. Since the Jew is so big on “muh representation” these days, it’s only fair they also get some “representation” in this most “empowering” of fields.

    Let’s see how… “empowering” porn is when a bunch of Israeli Jewesses are getting gangbanged by Palestinian Arabs, all by the train load.

  13. This is why I only look at armature self made porn and creep shots

    1. Best to just quit all together

    2. Not any better retard especially not creepshots least filthy spic

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