I just finished writing my most recent e-drama piece, which covered both the Alt-Republicans homosexual grooming and the Azov e-Fangirls meltdown over gay porn spammers. I felt that was good enough for the next six months, but when I went on Randbot’s show just yesterday I was informed that there were further revelations. A former Groyper e-celeb came forward with some accusations against Ali Alexander.

I vaguely remember this Smiley character getting struggle sessioned out of the movement at some point. I think it was after I had basically wrapped up the series, or maybe I just never cared enough to write about it. Having said that, these new accusations are incredibly serious, and well founded. I’ve transcribed them below.

I would rather be doxxed a thousand times and have a thousand hit pieces written about me than be talking about this, but I’m sure everyone has seen Milo’s telegram. When I was 15 I was naive and desperate. I thought I had no choice but to cooperate with inappropriate and humiliating requests if I wanted to make it in politics. I figured that was just the nature of the game.

Despite being disgusted I played along and eventually I was afraid what would happen if I stopped playing along. Nobody was taking other’s stories seriously so I decided I had a responsibility to go public to warn other potential victims. I allowed Milo to share my story because he was the only one who would talk about it.

I hope my experience raises awareness about the evil of homosexuality and the vulnerability of children to homosexuals. Just know I have matured and repented in the years since. I appreciate everyone’s support. Losing the support of my frens is what I was most worried about with this.

For those who didn’t read the previous piece, catty homo Milo has turned on catty homo Nick Fuentes. I wish I could tell you what exactly was the inciting incident between Fuentes and Milo, but with these D list e-celebs who cares? The point is that they hate each other now, so Milo, the pretend former-homo, is getting back at Fuentes, the pretend never-homo, by attacking Ali Alexander.

This isn’t a bad strategy. It’s always been ridiculous how Ali Alexander, an openly homo convicted felon, was allowed in the Serious Guys TradCath E-Moobment in the first place. Then again, if they were willing to accept a convicted mystery meat felon with a grindr profile, is grooming underage boys really something the AmNats will be worried about? It’s not really clear where the line in the sand is, because it should have been crossed a dozen times over before these allegations dropped.

Milo, or someone in Milo’s camp, created a telegram group called “The Ali Files,” on April 8th, promising to drop the dirt in the next few days. They then proceeded to do exactly that. I’m not even going to bother screencapping each individual image. You can clearly see the pattern of a grooming using his e-clout as leverage. Essentially he gets fifteen year old boys to try to prove themselves to him, and go along with his various requests.

“Even Christians lust”. I’m surprised that wasn’t written on his Grindr profile.

The sheer number of stories they’ve got, some of which contain video testimony, is staggering. Say one thing about Milo, but he knows how to do a hitpiece.

It turns out that Smiley is actually “Nicholas,” who was fifteen years old when Ali Akbar/Alexander offered to procure alcohol for him, in addition to asking him how to send him gifts without his parents knowing, giving him money on CashApp, and demanding “jack-off material.” Keep in mind this all happened in 2017, six years ago. 

I can’t sum up the video any better than the Ali Files synopsis of it.

‘Nicholas’ was 15 years old when Ali Alexander Akbar asked him for sexually explicit photographs. An impressionable and inexperienced minor, Nicholas reasoned that this was “just how people get into politics.” Although he was, and is, heterosexual, he sent Akbar several images, a number of which constitute child pornography. “It seemed, you know, like Harvey Weinstein,” he now says. “Sort of transactional.”
All this time the Mutant Cult was defending Harvey Weinstein, I simply assumed it was because Anglin was a biological failure who hated women and figured that using power over women to rape them was something he wanted and needed to do in order to reproduce. I stand by that analysis, but now I think the others were going along with that because they were living the Weinstein Experience. The only difference is that Harvey Weinstein is heterosexual, and his victims were over the age of 18.
Although Akbar insisted on using the encrypted Signal app for the majority of their interactions, Snapchat messages have survived which show Ali, informed that Nicholas was 15, nonetheless offering to buy the boy alcohol, enquiring[sic] how best to send him gifts without his parents’ knowledge, and demanding “jack-off material.” 
Conversation records show Akbar calling Nicholas his “puppy.” He asks repeatedly when they might meet in person for sex. He also dangled career opportunities and introductions, none of which ever materialized.
Nicholas, who is now 21 years old and a high-profile America First supporter, confirmed their veracity and the facts of our story, including his age at the time the offenses were committed.
For six years, Nicholas has remained silent, fearing retribution from Ali Alexander Akbar, threatened by Ali’s demands for obedience and attention, and in particular by references Ali made to actions he could take that would “make your family go wtf.”
There is no statute of limitations on offenses of this nature in Texas, where Akbar was living at the time, nor in Colorado, where Nicholas resided. Emboldened by THE ALI FILES, Nicholas has resolved to file a police report.

Good for Nicholas. Although there is one quote from the video that they don’t mention in that synopsis that is relevant. At just after the 2 minute mark, Nicholas says the following. 

“I’m not sure specifically what [Akbar] brings to the table. I know he has a lot of connections.”

Answered your own question there, my dude. Rand was saying that the Anal First e-moobment is like a criminal enterprise. Only, instead of demanding buy in through cash, they demand buy in through giving Peter Thiel fresh meat. He said it as a joke, and people were making the same joke on KiwiFarms when I was writing about the Alt-Republicans about a year ago.

But at this point, while I wouldn’t bet on there being anything explicit from Thiel, I wouldn’t rule out them intentionally grooming young boys specifically to get in his good graces. Because, after all, jokes about Hitler are bad optics. But convicted felon groomers? That’s gonna be a big hit at the local church BBQ.

The screencapped snapchat messages are just absurd. 

“Arm candy > baby sitting” – Great Optics Trad Cath.

“You don’t even send me videos anymore. No good jack off material. Don’t even want to be my side piece. But I understand.”

Just your typical banter between men. Stop criticizing us you Woman Enjoyer. You’re just a feminist neo-nazi if you don’t have pedos in your political e-movement.

It’s been something of a victory lap for the critics of the Alt-Republicans. I know TRS has long since moved on and doesn’t do any e-drama, but the John Doyle crowd is enjoying the dunking. 

Although really, this is so serious that using terms like “dunking” doesn’t seem entirely appropriate. This was a homosexual cult, where fifteen year old boys were groomed for their subsequent statutory rape by someone named “Ali Akbar.” 

Speaking of Kino Casino, who could forget their Jaden McNeil drop? There was so much to cover at the time, but one of the weirdest things was when Jaden McNeil apologized for kissing a girl. And not just some random girl, his girlfriend.

It went somewhat under the radar, considering how much else was going on, but that was so bizarre that it stuck in my mind. Anal First is a fake political movement where you need to apologize for kissing girls, because they’re so tradcath that they can’t have that degeneracy around. However, Milo Yiannopoulos, who once said “how many miles of Black cock do I need to suck before you stop calling me a racist,” is well-ensconced in there, despite also bragging about secretly recording private conversations with “right wing” activists and selling this to (((Roberta Kaplan))) and the feds. And Ali Akbar, a literal pederast faggot, get promoted by Fuentes for years as one of his top guys. You though, you need to apologize for kissing a girl and then go watch Euphoria with me, the Mixed Race Mexican Child Saviour of the Whyte Race.

But remember folx, Fuentes has never had a girlfriend because he’s a tradcath. It’s definitely not because he’s a faggot. And that definitely wasn’t tranny porn on his phone. He’s the most pious twink in America.

Speaking of leftists dunking on the Alt-Republicans, Right Wing Watch gets in on the action. I can’t even blame them, or criticize them here. What they’re saying is just straight up true. Although I will point out that Fuentes and the Alt-Republicans never really went hard against the tranny/groomer stuff, something that was apparent for a long time. 

I don’t identify as right-wing, but rather as populist. However, if you actually cared about right-wing politics, and Republican electoral victory (lol), then you would despise Fuentes as much as actual populists do. The guy is a viscerally repulsive faggot, who is now confirmed to have been running a homosexual groomer club for years. 

However, Fuentes strikes back. 

You see, he himself was hit on by Ali Alexander a half decade ago.

I don’t even know what to say in response to that, because any normal man would have immediately kicked the creep out of their movement. But Fuentes is so far gone that he thinks he’s painting himself as the victim by admitting that he put up with this for years. Anyway, Fuentes pivots to attacking Milo.

Milo Yiannopoulos is a pet murderer. A pet murdering faggot, through and through.

There are a lot of things I’ll believe about Milo. Him being a secret pet murderer is pretty far fetched, and the source is “Trust me, Bro.” Also, even if true, he’s been welcome for years into the AmNat cult. So here we have a Tradcath Homo No Pussy Allowed Great Optics Mixed Race Aryan Supreemacist group that has a gay Jew pet murderer in it right next to a convicted negro felon homosexual boy groomer pederast.

If these people didn’t keep telling us that they were serious guys we might have forgotten.

As an aside, just above his response to Milo we see Fuentes doing the Christian LARP bit again. To reiterate, he’s a good Christian boy who’s friends with a homosexual boy groomer, who even he admits hit on him when he was 19. He was previously friends with a gay Jew pet murderer. However, they are now no longer friends. It’s not because he realized that pet murder is incompatible with Catholicism, it’s because Milo exposed his friend as a groomer.

I actually predicted that this wouldn’t have much of an impact on the absolute dregs of society known as Groypers. If they’ve stuck with Fuentes through this, they’ll stick with him through just about anything.

Although it’s possible that some of them are having a change of heart.

The same cannot be said for whatever an Ethan Ralph is. In fact he is outright praising Ali Alexander. After all, this is the guy who got his twatter back.

Again, Musk is a faggot, and boy grooming faggot Alexander has some pull with the important string pullers, and can get these cretins their social media back. That is all that matters to them, and if he has to go rape some boys on the side, they’ll gleefully supply him with them. 

By the way, Rand was saying on his show that Fuentes claimed that Milo tried to drug and then rape him. Unfortunately, Fuentes didn’t say that on his telegram, and I’d rather kill myself than watch hours of his stream to find the relevant clips. However, if confirmed, then Fuentes knew that Milo was a gay Jew drugger and rapist, who attempted to victimize him personally, but Fuentes was cool with that for years. That’s because this is a Great Optics Serious Christian Movement, where you Bad Optics heterosexual degenerates aren’t welcome. 

What a sick joke this all turned into.

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  1. I’m at the point that where I would not be surprised if somebody were to present irrefutable proof that AF was a ZOG glowop from day one whose sole purpose is to discredit White Nationalism.

    1. Well, for some strange reason Juan Fuentes got censored years after the original alt-right did. I’ve said from the beginning, they were at the very least seen as no serious threat.

  2. These people have destroyed the legacy of “America First.” Something that was once known for their anti-interventionism, populist nationalism and respectability will now be associated with gay faggots touching young boys and shitting on women online. Sadly, this was probably the intention.

  3. Cume hunter….

    1. Cume hunter associates with a scammer queerot kebab nig-nog? That turns out to also be a pedophile?? 😱

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