Originally published December 12th, 2023.

Compared to everything else, the National Justice Party Limited Liability Corporation’s nasty habit of massively overselling the accomplishments of their protests and flyering campaigns – both of which do nothing – seems almost quaint. It should still be said that the NJP taking credit for, say, Arthur Kollie going to jail, or career politician Mike DeWine resigning, is laughable. Sometimes they take credit for “putting pressure” on “the system,” or some other vague entity to get who fucking knows what. Such claims should not be dignified with a response.

This was something that I excused for a while. I thought they were trying to improve internal morale, and were inflating their importance in order to support eventual electoral campaigns. Eventually, I realized that they were never going to actually run candidates, because they are a fake political party. At that point, their bloviations about how they held up signs and then *thing that was going to happen anyway* happened became irritating. I could just as easily claim total credit for Arthur Kollie getting convicted because I wrote a bunch of articles about him, which “raised awareness” and forced ZOG to lock him up.

Continuing with this same “logic” of attributing the entire course of the universe to their my own personal actions, I would like to announce that Tony Hovater getting the axe by the National Justice Corporation is, officially, entirely due to me. Before me personally doing this series – pointing out the obvious with this fake political party – Tony Hovater was one of the 9000 IQ genius workaholics who was leading the very serious National Justice LLC to the promised land of Total Aryan Victory.

In fact, this was true even through the fourth entry, but my persistent efforts dogging the Podcast Fuhrer have paid off. I have put pressure on the system, and it has resulted in Tony Hovater spending yesterday morning waiting outside of a bank, desperate to steal a severance for himself. It’s all me. I did this.

Blame Canada.

The only problem with this anecdote is that I am a longtime NJP supporter who has seen his work be read by NJP “leadership” many times on their show. It is reasonable to assume that me finally turning on them and serving as a voice to the disaffected actually did pressure them into firing Hovater. It is not reasonable to assume that whatever the hell is going on in the image below put pressure on the Waukesha court system to slap Darrell Brooks with hate crime charges, especially since that never actually happened.

Of the five founders in this picture, just three are alive today.

On the subject of Tony Hovater, I wasn’t exaggerating when I said that literally no one that I talked to had anything good to say about the guy. They couldn’t even begrudgingly acknowledge any positive attributes of his. There was nothing but pure, unadulterated hatred and contempt for poor Tony.

You can now add the NJC Leadership to that club. This includes the guy who went on a show with Tony about a week ago, where they utterly botched the non-explanation for Striker’s “resignation,” before talking about Dune like good ol’ pals.

According to Mike, Tony Hovater is a legend. Tony Hovater is smart. Tony Hovater is a hard worker. Tony Hovater is good, and great, and wonderful. He makes the calls. He spends the time. He makes the right decisions. He is crucial to the smooth operation of this political juggernaut.

Ackshually, we were never friends and always hated him.

Mike Peinovich, Forwarding from the National Justice Party Telegram:

Tony Hovator has been relieved of his position as Chief of Staff of the NJP. This is a decision I took in consultation with our National Staff and Supporter Group Directors and I have their complete support. The NJP could no longer function under a committee structure so I am now in control of the party. The Committee structure was prone to instability and this resulted in several notable departures, namely due to irreconcilable attitude and outlook differences between the members. We need to change that. For the time being I ask that everyone wait patiently and there will be some more announcements about the direction of the NJP forthcoming.

Rest assured that Operation White Christmas is still on and being worked by our fantastic National Staff. More lists will be posted shortly and all families will receive their gifts.


– Mike

I didn’t copy the above statement straight from the official National Justice Party telegram channel. That’s because said statement has been modified in a very peculiar way. Don’t worry, I’ll be transcribing it below in case you missed it.

Tony Hovator has been relieved of his position as Chief of Staff of the NJP. This is a decision I took in consultation with our National Staff and Supporter Group Directors and I have their complete support. The NJP could no longer function under a committee structure so I am now the party uwu. The Committee structure was prone to instability and this resulted in several notable departures, namely due to irreconcilable attitude and outlook differences between the members. We need to change that. For the time being I ask that everyone wait patiently and there will be some more announcements about the direction of the NJP forthcoming.
Rest assured that Operation White Christmas is still on and being worked by our fantastic National Staff. More lists will be posted shortly and all families will receive their gifts.
– Mike

Tony Hovater runs the National Justice Party’s official telegram channel.

I try to make my criticism of the NJC as serious as possible. If it seems like I’m just dunking on them, that’s because me objectively pointing out their cavalcade of incredible failure is indistinguishable from someone who has set out to cruelly mock them. I’m not even making any jokes of my own. To describe the NJP is to create beautiful comedy.

The National Justice Party Tony also posted this, where Sven talks about how the National Justice Party is returning to the old Pool Party days. Mike, the guy who wanted wants you to believe that you should send him money in order to help overthrow ZOG, and do collectively thousands of hours of volunteer work – where you pay for the privilege – will now be running Pool Parties. You should be excited for this. After three years of this clown raking in the donations, we’re going back to Friendship Nationalism.

Andrew Anglin is one of the worst people I’ve ever encountered, but when he’s attacking Nick Fuentes, I can’t pretend to disagree. I’ve got nothing good to say about Tony, but I’m sure every shot he takes at the National Justice Pool Party will be nothing but net. Go ahead and follow the NJP him on telegram.

Someone sent me a screencap of the Sven post that Tony can be seen mocking on the official NJP telegram channel that he still manages. They also sent me this post, where Jesse “Sven” Dunstan totally vindicates the dozens of people who contacted me, many with receipts, venting their pure, unadulterated hatred of Tony Hovater.

Tony has been shit canned and is currently trying to shake Mike down for money. A tale as old as WN.

Every bad thing you’ve ever read about Tony online is true. All he does is alienate people, and if he had his way, everyone would be kicked from the NJP for questioning him.

Everything bad you’ve ever read about the guy who Mike Peinovich installed as the organizer of the party, defended for years, and worked with even after the Striker firing, is true. This includes him getting NJP supporter doxxes and holding it over their heads. This includes him driving tons of people out of the NJP by being a sociopathic asshole. This includes him being too lazy to bother vetting.

It’s not clear if this includes three other NJP founders claiming that Tony prevented them from seeing basic information about the internals of the party. We also might claim Tony was justified or unjustified in pushing out Michael McKevitt, depending on what serves our interest at any particular moment in time. That one we’ll play by ear.

The issue is not Tony Hovater, the issue is the NJP. The blame for everything he did falls on Mike, because that’s how accountability works in the real world. It’s not like the guy was a model employee who just had one inexplicable outburst. He was hated for well over a year.

Tony is currently sitting in a bank in Chicago waiting for it to open so he can steal a severance for himself. The problem is Chicago is an hour behind Pennsylvania, and our local banks already opened a half hour ago.

Hovater had a talent for pissing people off in a variety of ways. In some cases he caused entire NJP chapters/states to quit. Some people provided receipts. Some of those took the form of extremely long conversations where his behaviour was clearly not taken out of context. To put it bluntly, I couldn’t believe what I was reading.

Unfortunately, I was also asked by some of these people not to print out their interactions with Tony, because Tony has their dox, and he is nothing if not petty, spiteful, and vindictive. This unfortunately includes the best examples of this guy displaying sociopathy, narcissism, impoliteness, incompetence, idiocy, and above all else, constantly pulling rank like Baby Stalin.

Luckily, some people gave me the go ahead to share what they had on Tony. Among them is the leader of the Chicago pool party, established long before the National Justice LLC. They’re no longer a pool party, or affiliated with the NJP in any way. They do their own things now, and it’s not hard to see why.

One day Tony Hovater contacts them, demanding that everyone in the pool party suddenly start paying NJP membership dues. They respond immediately, and politely, saying that this new policy is very unpopular. Tony contacts them and asks what the issue is. So far, so good.

Light blue is the chapter leader.

The chapter leader patiently explains that, of the ~50 guys, only 15 of them are official NJP paypiggies. He has tried encouraging the rest to join the NJP, but they don’t want to, and see this sudden change as a bait and switch. The chapter leader explains that he can’t pretend their concerns aren’t valid, and addresses a few other things in his lengthy response.

Hovater ignores this for over a month . He then goes on the attack.

The fact that this is being pitched as a bait and switch is quite frankly insulting. – Hovater

To be clear, years before the founding of the NJP, they told these people to form pro-White groups. Then, a few years into the NJP, Hovater demanded everyone who didn’t pay membership dues be kicked out, which would destroy a lot of their social life and connections. That’s pretty much a textbook bait and switch.

TRS and Pool Parties existed as something different than what they are today. The goal has changed from a podcasting network and drinking parties to the growth of a political party.

Tony reframes this obvious bait and switch as “you’re just not serious, Goy.” 

Lip service ‘support’ isn’t going to get us anywhere. If $1 a day is seen as a huge burden and some sort of an affront then these people don’t have their priorities straight. I’m willing to be these people are willing to spend far more getting beers every weekend.

If you aren’t willing to save the HuWhyte Race for the low cost of just a cup of coffee per day then you aren’t really pro-White.

It is inappropriate for people to accept the vetting requests we send them because of the risks we take by being public, national network within a structure we’ve made and kept together, and then decide they want to do something else.

For the record, the chapter leader had already said that it would be more appropriate to spin off a separate Chicago NJP. He wasn’t taking NJP recruits, and then turning them away from the NJP. Tony’s accusations are basically lies, it’s just not worth anyone’s time for me to print the entire conversation and prove this.

As far as Beau, Dakota, and Wisconsin [entire chapters quitting] it’s up to you as a leader to reassure people of what’s happening and not to allow low info people to sow low morale.

The entire conversation continues in this manner, with lengthy walltexts on both sides. From Hovater, we get seething accusations and unreasonable requests. From the Chicago leader, a display of tact and restraint that would make a hostage negotiator proud. Even the screencap below doesn’t do this justice. All of these images expand vertically.

Again, Hovater was asking the impossible. Most of this guy’s crew joined long before the NJP existed. They had successfully created exactly the kind of pro-White local community that they were asked to back in the day. They were even morally supportive of the NJP, and 30% were already NJP members. There was no way that Hovater could just suddenly demand that everyone start sending shekels or get booted. There were also very legitimate concerns about the way Hovater handled other support groups, driving off long term supporters for petty, stupid reasons. Finally, Hovater has this weird, aggressive, and hostile tone for no justifiable reason.

Eventually the guy got sick of this and pulled the plug on TRS/NJP affiliation.

Not even gonna lie your unresponsiveness and inability to properly handle issues is the main reason I personally wanted out. Sent this 2 days ago and you didn’t read it. You confronted me about the discontent in my region and I responded and you didn’t read it for a month. You are simply just bad at your job.

I don’t want to spoil the piece on the complete, unmitigated disaster of incompetence and laziness that is the NJP vetting system. We’ll stay focused and skip to Tony’s response.

Nah you’re just a nerd who has fallen for lies from a fed who’s done this before and it’s not worth my time. I had a replacement lined up for you after your wife was bitching in that super secret chat. You will feel very stupid soon and I’m fine with that.

“Don’t you know who I am? I’m TONY HOVATER, BITCH. I run this place. I’m me, somebody. You’re you, NOBODY. You’re nothing. I’ve already replaced you, LOSER. You will be feeling very stupid shortly, and I’m FINE with that, NERD.” 

That Chicago leader told me a few other things.

[Mike Peinovich] picked the absolute worst guy for the position and gave him total control of organizing and finances. Mike has no say in the day to day stuff and when others wanted an audit of member numbers and finances and wanted feedback from the group leaders they were shown the door and Tony would find anything he could and twist it into something to justify removing someone he viewed as a threat.

Remember the tactical moralfagging around Michael McKevitt and Eric Striker? They had to go, and you were just a degenerate if you thought otherwise. Other married fathers trying to get their dicks wet with random groupies were fine though. Morally superior Tony shows us the way.

Crazy how everyone keeps telling me that Tony blocked everyone from doing even the most basic audit of the NJP. It’s weird, because later on Mike will say that everyone was telling him how awesome the NJP was internally, and how much they loved it.

Anyone who didn’t jump when he said jump he’d just blacklist and slander, and he had zero regard for the 8 years of community building prior to NJP that made the party possible in the first place.

This entire thing could have been avoided if he was never made chief of staff [by Mike Peinovich]. Every infight, every piece of slander and every game of telephone he personally started. If I didn’t know better I’d say it’s malice. The guy did more damage to the movement in 10 months than any jew or leftist could have.

I’d heard from many other people that a bunch of NJP supporter groups got fed up with the NJP and just quit. I was curious how bad it was.

I can’t say for sure because I was one of the first groups to leave, but I know for a fact Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, 2 or 3 chapters in PA, northern NY, Boston, Georgia, South Dakota, one of the Florida groups, Colorado, and a few others left entirely.

In Chicago we had 50 men. All of us left and then we had 4 guys stay. Same story with Missouri as well. Wisconsin is down to just 1 guy [from 30].

I’m so happy I spent so much of my time working on the Waukesha/Darrell Brooks story, so that the NJP could hold one rally where fifteen guys put up signs, followed by pissing off everyone in that state to the point where they now have one single guy.

Others have told me that Pittsburgh, once a stronghold, is down to just 5 guys, and they haven’t vetted anyone for over a year. I’m sure the list of decrepit or dissolved NJP chapters is much longer.

Also, the states that stayed, it doesn’t necessarily mean the groups all stayed. A lot of them did what I did and created a supporter group while the broader community left and remained autonomous. Actual membership numbers are very low. Most of the paying members to the org aren’t even vetted people. They’re TRS fans who signed up for a trs sub through NJP and paid 30 a month to support the project. They never fully restructured after I left either.

He was also amongst the numerous people who told me that Tony got kicked long before it was announced publicly. This would have made dealing with the plantrusters even more laughable than it already was, but I had already decided to ruthlessly ban them, occasionally screencapping the spergery.

As one of many examples, below we have some anon seething that I, a guy who has shown his face and name many times, is “too much of a pussy” to head on over to the NJPC containment zone they’ve got going on at TRS called “BANG.” I have a few people who skim their spergery and send me whatever they feel is relevant. To those I say, thank you, even if it can be a bit overwhelming.

As an aside, apparently they keep freaking out over my articles, making a new thread for each piece. One of the spergouts lasted over 31 pages, and is probably longer now.

Anyway, I’ve been saving up a bunch on this Borzoi fag. I’m not sure that it’s worth writing about, but him reeeeeeeiinnngggg about how much he hates White Nationalists and the like is pretty funny. More relevant to this piece is that he confirms what everyone else has already told me privately. In addition to being a sociopathic dictator, Tony was terminally lazy.

This is how it’s been for months. Someone from staff or support group would try to message him, they’d be left on read, he’d later claim he was busy, those people would talk to other people who were in other chats with Tony and they’d tell them that Tony was in there memeing with them, so those people would get mad. Then when the inevitable blow up happens, they would be accused of being extremely online because they refused to be patient and wait for Tony’s response. Rinse, repeat, watch it play put[sic] again while people quiet quit.

According to everything I have heard and seen, this is how it’s been for years, not months, and Borzoi is trying to save face for the NJP. Anyway, the point is that Tony Hovater the guy Mike Peinovich installed to run the organization is vicious, petty, venal and venomous. He is utterly lacking in tact, and enjoys abusing his power. He’s absurdly lazy, and has undoubtedly harmed the NJP. He was put in charge of things, because Mike Peinovich is a visionary and hardworking leader of men who you should send lots of donations to.

NJP is smaller and has worse public perception than before Mike delegated organizational authority to [Tony]. End of story.

– Jesse “Sven” Dunstan

I remember for years the excuse for why the NJP didn’t bother running candidates even for local elections – which, no, is not hard or expensive – was that they were growing, and couldn’t be bothered with all that. That never even made sense on the surface, since running candidates is a great way to grow and get attention.

Today we get confirmation that they have been dwindling for over a year. All this time Mike Peinovich has supported the guy that everyone points to as the main reason that they quit, along with the obvious fact that the fake political party is spinning its wheels. He could have been fired at any time by courageous leader Mike Peinovich.

This was mike’s side project. He’s back in the band full time now.

I know you all worked really hard, spent collectively thousands of hours of your own time, donated money, paid membership dues, and may have risked your own personal safety and employment future by showing up at one of our totally impotent and feckless protests or flyering campaigns. I get that you wanted results, but this was just Mike’s side gig. His personal vanity project has run it’s course, and he’s not really vibin’ it right now.

Two weeks ago the NJP was a very serious political organization that was taking on the American Empire. As of today, it’s always been Mike Peinovich’s side gig, and you’re just gonna have to accept that.

Thanks for the money, bro.

User “BronzeAgeSavage,” says the obvious.

Oh the NJP didn’t promise!!! Then fuck your small business sven and the NJP!!! How about you start making promises then instead of being like ” oh no bro you don’t understand” “we need more support”. Also if you are not involved then get involved.

I only saw this comment as it was buried in a response from a Sven screencap.

Tony was the Chief of Staff that he inspired to quiet-quit on him. Then he took various vacations to Germany, and to the Twin Peaks diner from TV while no one sorted thru vetting requests or anything else related to staff business.

– Jesse Dunstan

Tony Hovater used your donations to take multiple vacations to Germany, and a few other places. Or at least he paid himself a salary from your donations, and then used that money to go on those trips, which is essentially the same thing.

While he was doing this, no one was doing vetting, or anything else related to staff business. This presumably happened every time he went on vacation, which, again, was many different occasions. Mike Peinovich never stepped in to stop this, because Mike Peinovich is the platonic ideal of a leader.

I don’t think I can say anything other than what Kent said in response.

Why was he not sat down and questioned about the delays? Why were the lack of recruits not a reason to change course? Why were people allowed to be shunned to the point where a bunch of spurned people started speaking to alogs with gossip? Why was Tony trusted for so long? Why didn’t Mike put his foot down? Why were the adults not in the room?

TDS 1123 dropped today. Let’s see if Peinovich can explain to us what he was doing while his very serious totally going places real political LLC party burned down while collecting tens of thousands in membership dues per month and who knows how much more in donations.

Mike starts out by admitting that the he’s a retard who has no idea how to set up an organization that doesn’t delegate the same jobs to multiple people. That’s confidence inspiring.

He continues by briefly touching on Tony Hovater being hated by all the existing supporter groups/pool parties. Mike claims that he never knew about this, despite entire supporter groups quitting. How could this be?

I was aloof because I was doing the podcast, I was going to events and protesting, doing speeches.

Mike Peinovich is the leader of a party that solicits donations with the premise that they’re taking on the American Empire. He was too busy spending 9 hours a week doing podcasts, and had no spare time to make sure that his party wasn’t being run by clowns paying themselves to vacation. All his spare time was spent writing his once-every-six-months speeches, and going to the occasional event with 10 guys holding up signs. He was so hard at work that he literally did not notice entire states abandoning the NJP.

Even I noticed this, and I’m a Canadian who barely writes about the NJP anymore. You cannot be even somewhat adjacent to the NJP and fail to recognize that there has been a dumpster fire going on over there for quite some time. Angry people pop up every now and then and outright tell you without prompting.

You’d think that Peinovich would be obsessed with the health of his own political party. After all, this is his baby. This is his life’s work.

Apparently, Canadian bloggers know more than him.

For me it was all like “okay I’m the top dog in this thing,” and everybody was sort of like “no everything is great Mike, don’t worry about it.” And then I decided after the Striker thing I’m going to do like an “inventory.”

First of all, he himself claimed that Striker was bitterly complaining about everything for more than a year, threatening to resign multiple times. Earlier in the show he pointed out that Conte got mad at having no power within the institution. I myself saw people complaining to me, a Canadian blogger, about institutional failures within the NJP for over a year. Yet he wants us to believe that everyone was always telling him that everything was fine and great?

What in the fuck is this guy talking about?

How did he not notice that his own political party wasn’t growing? How did he not notice that his events had the same few hundred people showing up all the time? How did he not notice the extreme failures in vetting, when I noticed them just from randos bitching to me on this Canadian blog, to say nothing of the numerous BANG forum posts that people have been leaving for years?

Note the date.

And I started talking to all my local leaders and the staff and things were not actually very good. And at the center of it was the Chief of Staff role, which had been – there’s a lot of problems we don’t need to go into all of them.

So I decided, okay the central committee thing is done, we can’t do this. I got rid of Tony, I fired him. I decided that the central committee is over. I’m in control of the party, and we need a central reorganization and rethinking of how it works. One central feature of that is local autonomy for our local leaders. Less of an iron hand with them, and letting them. Use it more like a network for those people to use us, rather than us to feel like we’re using them.

After being so asleep at the wheel that he literally knew nothing about his own political party, he has decided that the solution is for him to become more powerful. He’s going to use that power to do even less for the supporter groups, letting them take the initiative.

Why did he not talk to his own supporter groups for over a year? What the fuck was Mike Peinovich doing all day? How is it supposed to be cre-

You know what? This is just a joke at this point. I feel stupid for ever taking the NJP seriously, and I feel terrible for all the people who poured their energy, time, and money into this.

Pretty sad if local regional leaders are giving it their all and doing a great job while central leadership is falling apart and failing them. These “leaders” don’t deserve their followers. – Lance Biggums, (go check out Triangle BTW)

I’ve wanted to start a political party in Canada for a very long time. I was planning on detailing that later on in this series, when we talk about the comical idiocy of the NJP’s political “strategy.” It’s become relevant, so we’ll talk about it now.

I abandoned the project, at least in the short term, for a few different reasons. Partly, it was because I didn’t feel that I had enough supporters, locally and nationally, to get over the initial hurdle. Partly, I’ve never felt that I was the perfect candidate for leadership.

Partly it was because I felt I could build more material first, writing articles on various subjects, such as the “left” wholeheartedly supporting the genocidal war in Israel while calling Aboriginal domestic disputes “genocide”, covering conservative party leaders stabbing their footsoldiers in the back, child trannies abuse, etcetera. Biding my time and building up a base of journalism and talking points was something I needed to do first.

But mostly it was because I realized that (actually) fighting ZOG is like stepping into the ring with the heavyweight champion of the world. Either do all the work, or don’t bother. You’re going to face debanking, lawfare, assassination attempts, police brutality, the whole nine yards. Ultimately, if you start being successful, the political party you founded will probably get banned, at which point [redacted].

The odds that you will succeed, while non-zero, are much lower than the odds of you failing, and getting your most loyal soldiers killed, thrown in jail, or at the very least debanked and fired. You will suffer. Your supporters will suffer. As a result, you need to spend the entire rest of your life, every waking hour, fighting on your behalf, and more importantly, on their behalf. Meanwhile, the only thing that you can really offer them is to go down swinging.

I knew that to start a political party was to commit my life in pursuit of that goal, and I wasn’t ready to do that. Let’s hear Mike Peinovich’s thoughts on the matter.

Mike Peinovich, Chairman of the National Justice LLC:

But I miss the days when we just used to go to the beach and hangout and have beach fires, and you know just hang out with each other like we were cool. Now, there’s never gonna quite be that again, but some of this “Mr. Chairman” crap started to get a little *laughs uproariously* started to get a little annoying.

McNabb: Thank you.

Peinovich: So yeah, it’s not like I’m never gonna have any clout or authority within our structure, but the chairman thing is gonna go. 

After three years, hundreds of thousands of donations, and zero electoral campaigns, Mike Peinovich, the Chairman of the National Justice Party, wants you to know that you’re irritating him by reminding him of his job title. He just wants to grill hang out at the beach, bro. Can’t you understand. The guy’s done six speeches in three years, and five protests. This workaholic needs a break.

You, on the other hand, need to continue sending him your money.


So basically my red membership monies went, where???

Funny story about this “Helen.” She shit up my telegram chat shilling for the NJP just a few days ago, immediately going on the offensive.

Even got quite snippy with me.

Fucking OUCH!

Which reminded me of another thing that Chicago chapter leader said.

When they kicked out Wolfie who is coach finstocks wife from evergreen a lot of the other women wanted to leave because they didn’t want to be absorbed by NJP and thus made explicitly political and have the added risk. Those women made a chat to stay in touch and my wife joined it because she was friends with some of them. Tony sent this old lady Helen in to spy on the chat and send screen shots. My wife’s screen shot is what he sent me to attempt to brow beat me.

Helen was very irritating. She was also very passionate and naive. She believed in the NJP strongly, and she was going to make sure that we knew it. She caused quite the kerfuffle, but I never banned her, because I could tell that her heart was in the right place. 

Helen deserved better than people who are so lazy that they can’t remove Tony Hovater from the front page of their website, alongside Michael McKevitt.

December 11th, 2023

Who are too lazy to update the About Us page to not include Joseph Jordan and Tony Hovater.

December 11th, 2023

And who still, as of time of writing, feature Michael McKevitt, Eric Striker, and Tony Hovater prominently in their Marketing Materials. Shout out to [name redacted] for pointing this out to me on December 3rd. Shout out to the NJP for being such a lazy, incompetent trainwreck that they still haven’t updated them eight days later, and months after McKevitt got axed. 

Mike’s been too “aloof” to look at his “party’s” website. It’s hard work podcasting ten hours a week. Doesn’t leave time for much else, does it?

I think a mature political thing would:

*Lists things that a real political party would do*

Oh, my sweet, sweet summer child.

Trusting the plan didn’t work out. Better trust the plan harder?

I think I’ll step away from the plan.

People deserved so, so much better than this. 

At the end of every piece I try to find some sort of hopeful silver lining, and at the end of every piece I find myself even more disappointed and contemptuous than I began. In every other institution, shit rolls downhill, but blame floats. In the National Justice LLC, the solution to Mike’s catastrophic failure of leadership is him getting more power, which he will use to do even less.

Unfortunately for him, “getting more power,” does not include gaining control over the National Justice Party’s telegram channel. That belongs in the hands of the guy he put in charge everything else at their “party”, because that was a very smart thing to do.

Tony, I can’t pretend to like you, but the best thing you can do is to start allowing comments. At least this pathetic hole of money, time, energy, and enthusiasm can give us a few laughs on the way out. 

UPDATE: Tony has control over the official Odysee channel of the NJP, and has deleted all the videos.

What a joke.

UPDATE: I don’t know exactly when this happened, but as of at least January 4th, they have “updated” the site by letting it expire, as seen in the below screenshot. 

You can find the original article, along with the 82 comments, archived here. Many were great, but I wanted to reproduce this one from “Luther.”

I am an autistic retard, but I get it now. Even if he is willing, they don’t want Striker back in any capacity, because they know he would not be content with just cashing in on the back of frenship nationalism.

That was his major personality issue. That was what makes him difficult to work with. That was what makes him unwilling to follow orders. That was what makes him someone who was looking to assert leadership.

Striker did nothing wrong.

I don’t know if Striker’s only personality flaw was excessive passion, but I doubt he was happy with the impotence of the NJP, and I distinctly remember him talking about wanting the NJP to field candidates. As luck would have it, today, January 4th, he announced his new project.

Striker Telegram:

I will be writing regularly for a new publication, Littoria, which will include a combination of different writing styles with a podcast that will have various guests, monologues and so on. You can follow me here https://littoria.substack.com/
The second announcement is that next week Warren Balogh and I will be launching a weekly live show.  

I’ll probably write about this more in the piece on the future of TRS.

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  1. Sounds like Striker and Warren are getting the People’s Square band back together, missed that show

    1. Good. The way they were treated was outrageous and shameful. I had to take 2 of my kittens to the vet this AM. I was just thinking about the whole TRS disaster. Mr Rake is absolutely correct that Peinovich HAD to be aware of what Eyebrows was up to. Had Peinovich simply been honest and admitted to every one that starting a political party in these days was beyond him, and just went back to being a pundit, all would have been well.

      Dunstan is another matter. I guess we should thank him for his not-THAT-drunken expulsion of loathing and malice. He ripped everything to shreds. TRS and well as the NJP. I despise him though. He’s DISGUSTING. It’s not “The Jews” in the tragic farce of the NJP. It’s the grifters of the Idiot Panel. I don’t hate McNabb, chiefly because I haven’t read anything that he’s written that will cheese me off. Mike P is a weak, weak man, Dunstan is a rotten, selfish, narcissistic, backstabbing, SHALLOW man-child brat and a stark, repulsive example of the type of dysgenic White man that has allowed the Heebs to take over and destroy EVERYTHING for centuries. He’s no better than anyone he criticizes, and infinitely WORSE. He typifies everything that Cicero warned about re: “internal traitors”. He is absolutely LOATHESOME.

      PS Borzoi is a KIKE

  2. I am truly glad you are recovering your content. Well done!

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