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We recently wrote about Wisconsin Republican Senator Ron Johnson telling White People to not politicize the anti-White BLM terrorist attack. Our editor has managed to find a way for you to make your voice heard to Republican Senator Ron Johnson.

The way you can do that is by heading over to the website that allows you send this anti-White cuckservative an email. Open this in a new tab, and you’ll be brought to this screen.

I’d recommend filling out the info with fake information. I put down that I was from Madison Wisconsin, but really anywhere in Wisconsin is fine. Some other options you could go for:






Don’t bother finding a real address from those areas. I certainly didn’t, and my email went through. Also just put 53139 in for the Zip code. It doesn’t matter either.

The bottom part of the page is this. Whatever you do, don’t hit that “Yes, Please sign me up,” part. Don’t bother filling in the phone section, which is optional, and give a fake email. I gave a real, secondary email, just for fun, but I wouldn’t recommend that.

For topic you should pick “Social Issues,” although picking something else might actually be better if they start mass deleting our reports. The subject of your message should be one of the following two:

I am angry that you are downplaying the anti-White terrorist attack in Waukesha, WIsconsin.


Why are you telling White People to not politicize this BLM terrorist attack?

Then we get to the message you are going to write. You could write your own, but that’s too much work. Instead, just write one of the following two messages.

“Don’t politicize this.” What is this garbage? I don’t support Republicans for this kind of anti-White garbage. When a BLM terrorist who openly posted about doing violence to White People murders 6 White People I expect you to be out there saying that over and over again.

I expect legislation. I expect hate crime charges. Go and actually do something for someone other than your donors.

Oh and BTW, images of you saying “The attack in Israel reminds us of the real and present danger of terrorism to peaceful countries.” And yet you don’t even say “terrorism,” in this anti-White terrorist attack.

Explain why any White Person should support you.


I was deeply disturbed by the BLM Christmas Massacre in Waukesha last week. But I was also horrified by your response. We saw BLM rioting all throughout last summer because a career criminal overdosed on his own supply of drugs. We saw a 17 year old White Man, Kyle Rittenhouse, being hauled into court on absurd charges because he dared to defend himself against an antifa pedophile.

And now you’re telling us not to politicize political terrorism? Who’s side are you on here Ron, Normal White People, or BLM terrorists? Why should we tolerate this backstabbing from our elected official?

Copy paste that into the message box, and hit send.

And you’ll get here.

Worst case scenario, you inconvenience some interns.

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