I try to check the major news sites every morning, just in case I missed something major. Well, this is what MSNBC’s front page looks like.

The stories go, from top left counterclockwise down: “Muh Russia,” “muh jan 6,” “muh jan 6,” “muh jan 6,” “muh jan 6,” “muh jan 6,” “muh jan 6,” “Marjorie Taylor Greene,” “muh Trump,” “let’s pretend to still be against billionaires,” and finally,  “republicans bad.”

And then I tried to scroll down and see the rest of the site, but they were having none of it. How dare I not look at this propaganda, without first giving them ad revenue? Needless to say, the grayed out portion of their website did not appear to have any interesting news either.

This is what’s being fed to the childless cat lady crowd.

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