This post was originally deleted when it was on Hyphen Report. Since this is my site, I’ve decided to bring it back.

In Part 7, we showed you what NWG gives out for free. You can read that here.

Needless to say our series thus far has attracted a bit of attention from the Westerkind who have Gone Pee, as is known in the biz.

Lucid and damning details emerge of Koike Enoch and his Heeb ex-wife colluding with furry pedophiles to give the ol’ SHUT IT DOWN, to the unpaid private detectives on a fact-finding road trip from the White Positive Sphere.

Pictured: TRS moderation team.

Even more lurid details emerge. Citations absolutely unnecessary.


[Koike Enoch’s heeb waifu] was a tranny drag time advocate and a member of birnai barith.

Goyim, I have no idea what “birnai barith,” is. That sounds kind of like B’Nai B’rith, only heebier. Or maybe it’s like the “special” jew advocacy org. Like how we have the real olympics, and then the “special” olympics.

Pictured: “Special” jew supremacist

Perhaps the above is a member of “birnai barith.” Maybe, in a shocking plot twist, even the poster of the hate mail we’re discussing today.

Are we allowed to talk about jews here? Or flags?

Oh jeez, flag autism. We let one of you autists talk about flags and the next 10,000 messages in the chat are all “Sonnenrad this,” and “blood drop that,” while me, Striker, and a few others are trying vainly to talk about murdered White children in Waukesha or something important. And then I’ll just HAVE to get involved because your flag opinions are going to be so indefensibly wrong. Bike Fag is going to be intentionally stirring shit up. Next thing you know there’s an entire flame war happening, and the movement is destroyed.

No, we will not be allowing any flag nonsense on this website. And I do have to say, it’s a little bit odd to ask if we are allowed to talk about jews… on an article penned by “The Notorious Dr. Shekelstein.”

UPDATE: When that joke was penned I was indeed using the monikor of “The Notorious Dr. Shekelstein.”

There are some who might say that FreeTibbet is a prime example of the actual types of people in the NWG audience. I will say myself that it’s sort of rare to meet the kind of individual to type “birnai barith,” and just say “fuck it it’s probably something like that,” before powering through to a citation free expose of the furry sympathizers at TRS/NJP.

I mean some might say that it’d be important to not have such sloppy spelling and punctuation in what is meant to be a serious critique.

Some might say, but not me. Personally, I feel like Koike Enoch and the NJP have been thoroughly exposed. That’s it, I’m murdering Hyphen-Pajeet and taking over this website. We need to get the truth out before these furry worshipping Neo-Nazis destroy all of westerkind with their Nazi Fetish Cult.

MAGA hat back on.

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  1. Bernie Barith is the lawyer representing Sobiya Pittman in an upcoming case.

    Speaking of NWG I actually get e-mails from his…. website? Organization?

    I think I’ve watched an episode where Mark Collett was on but other than that I know absolutely nothing about him. I’ve never visited his website, never given him my e-mail but like some Ezra Levant ‘petition’ scheme somehow he got it and sends me regular e-mails spouting gibberish.

    That’s weird.

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