I’ve reached the same point I did with my Felting of Fuentes series, which you can read here. I’ve said pretty much all there is to be said on Jason “Go Pee” Kohne. I’ll do one quick run through of his YouTube channel weirdness, and some other odds and ends. After that I’ll do a greatest hits article, and then be done with him. But there are a few bits I just have to touch on before I get to that.

I was tipped off as to some extremely weird behaviour by Kohne towards women. Sadly, I could not find the video they were talking about, probably due to YouTube censorship.

However, in my search I uncovered a post by Racial Consciousness on Gab on October 31st.


Please read the whole post. Help me protect our community from a legitimate sexual predator and his inner circle who go out of their way to protect his dangerous behavior.

The purpose of this post is to do two things: 1) Expose a dangerous sexual predator in our community, and 2) To expose how his inner circle knows about it and protects him.

Letting that anticipation build as you desperately wonder who he’s talking about.

The predator is a well known figure. You might know him as either Jason Kohne or No White Guilt (@NoWhiteGuilt here, and @NoWhiteGuiltNWG on Twitter), on YouTube, Twitter, Gab, and I’m sure on other social media platforms as well.

I know, I’m as shocked as you that this guy is a creepy sexual predator. He looks so trustworthy and acts so normal.

The screenshots are of a conversation I had with another well known figure in our community, Philosophicat (@PhilosophiCat here, and @Philosophi_Cat on Twitter). She admits she knew all about Jason sexually preying on women in the pro-White community, but when I asked her to help me expose him and thus protect our women, her response was “Our women need to wise up” and said that she’d rather Jason keep raping our women, rather than “fall into nihilism and despair”.

These aren’t exaggerations. You can read them word-for-word in the screenshots below.

And to this very day, Cat has continued to work very closely with Jason, appearing on each other’s shows. You can check both of their channels to see that Cat just did a show with Jason on the 26th of October. And what pisses me off most about Cat herself, is that I’ve seen her make scathing posts, bashing pro-White men for not doing enough to protect our women. And yet when I ask her to help me protect our women, her response is to defend the predator, and put the responsibility on his victims.

The name philosphiCat only barely rings a bell. In any case, we’ll get to the damning screenshots later, but either she’s just a grifter herself, or she legitimately thinks that Kohne is a positive for the movement, and she’s desperate to not let all the good work he’s doing go to waste.

I highly doubt it. Also, Jason is a retard, and nobody could possibly think that he’s crucial to any political movement, so it was a trick question from the start.

Cat’s by no means the only guilty party here. Another person I talked to who openly admitted she too knew what Jason was doing is Phoenix Fire. I would include screenshots of her as well, but she refused to discuss Jason in text, so all of our conversations about his conduct were verbal.

I’ve been trying to get people to help me expose Jason for at least a year, but no one seems to want to help me. And I’ve been extremely hesitant doing it by myself because I know I’ll be accused of just starting drama and infighting, even though the screenshots are damning and should be enough to prove what I’m saying. And I didn’t want the whole situation to be dismissed as mere infighting, because then Jason would be free to keep right on harming our women.

I apologize for the storm that this is undoubtedly going to cause, but sexual predators and their bodyguards have no place in our community. Our women deserve to be protected from people like this.


If you’re wondering what the specific claims of wrongdoing against Kohne are:

The sheer audacity of the grift astounds me. Here’s a wahmen who routinely does the “wahmen need to step up routine,” which is fine in and of itself, but then downplays serious accusations of getting vulnerable White Women drunk and coercing them into sex. And even physically forcing himself on them. Because you see, that would personally cause her some financial loss, so that wouldn’t be very conservative of her now would it?

Further reading led me to Jew World Order’s article on Kohne, which you can read here. In said article I found these two additional images.

You see Jason Kohne isn’t perfect. But I mean, who is? So it’s not really that big of a deal that he’s sexually assaulting and sexually preying on White Women. If he goes down, who will lead us in the White While Peeing Ritual?

JWO also mentioned Kohne’s response, but had the incorrect link. I searched for it, and luckily Kohne has not deleted it. Transcript below.


1 of 2
Trick or Treat: Racial Consciousness (RC) has spun an October 31st Halloween yarn that he should be deeply ashamed of (is this guy even white with this sort of jealous, lying behavior?).

RC’s envy/rage of me and the White Wellbeing community began around November of 2018 just after Jared George @thegreatorder and I tried to help him out by interviewing him on TAP. RC invited himself to be in the “leadership of a Going Free organization.” I told him that we were not an “organization” and I asked him to Go Free of the Antiwhite Narrative because I rejected his worship of Adolf Hitler. This infuriated RC.

“He’s probs not even White, even though that wouldn’t exclude him from my org. So that argument isn’t really valid from my Go Pee Perspective but I’m throwing it out there as a tactic and hoping it sticks. Anyway, this goy has yet to Go Pee and still like Adolf Hitler. Wignats seething.”

I know it’s really small, but it’s starting to really irritate me that Kohne never capitalizes the W in White Person. For a guy who talks constantly about Peeing While White you’d think capitalizing White People would be the sort of thing he’d be all over. There’s all this trivial language shit that’s super important to him, but not that.

In September of 2019, RC messaged me demanding that I help him in a secret campaign to destroy the life, career, and reputation of Hiraeth of @WhiteArtCollective @HiraethMusic. He wanted her “to suffer,” to be “ostracized” from “the movement,” to be seen as “treacherous” and an “informant” because she had broken up with him. He wanted me to spread the rumor that while dating him she had been “whoring” around with multiple men for money, gifts, prestige etc. I refused to help him, which again infuriated him.

Months after RC attempted to recruit me for this underhanded campaign, I shared his efforts with Jeff Winston, the creator of @WhiteArtCollective , while Jeff and I had dinner outside of Washington DC. And, I just recently discovered that RC had also sought the help of a prominent woman in the white sympathetic sphere to help him in this secret lying campaign to destroy Hiraeth. This woman wishes to be unnamed for now because she fears that RC will slander her as well.

So Kohne doesn’t have any proof, but claims that RC has been desperate for White While Peeing to help him slander his ex-girlfriend. Apparently RC didn’t turn to anyone else, just Kohne, the creepy guy with no audience. Luckily for Mrs. Consciousness, Kohne is an upstanding man, and wasn’t having none of it. He has no saved messages or any other evidence, but trust me, it happened.

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RC is known to have mental health problems and has regularly shared dramatic delusions on his social media that he stirs into internet drama.

Okay we’re gonna have to stop it there. The guy who writes novels entitled “Child American Patriot Victory,” and that ghey King of Promethius Rises or whatever Fantasy novel is not really in a great place to accuse someone else of dramatic delusions.

 I am aware of his unhinged allegations against me and I am taking steps to alleviate any concerns. To begin, I will share an explanation and a quote that @PhilosophiCat wrote on the thread under RC’s fanciful allegations about me:

As is the case with many who suffer with mental health issues, RC is prone to volatility. Knowing this and concerned for his well-being, Cat did her best to delicately hand-carry him away from these destructive delusions about me by humoring him, giving insincere agreement that she then attempted to turn to a healthier direction. This, however, does not mean that RC has not or is not manufacturing screenshots to “build a case” against me. As RC was abused as a child and has been homeless numerous times, pity drove Cat to handle him in what she thought would be the most productive way. However, after he launched this baseless attack on me and the White Wellbeing community, she was forced to speak frankly to his insanity:
“Hi, RC. You brought this to my attention over a year ago, making serious allegations about Jason and refused to show any proof. I asked Jason directly if the rumors were true and he denied it.”

RC has aggressively attacked me since I refused to help him destroy Hiraeth in September of 2019. Like other antique nationalists (AntNats), he has claimed that I am a fed, a Jewish person, a con artist, an informant, a homosexual, and now a womanizer. He is driven against me by jealously of the ugliest sort as well as the ongoing disagreement that I and the White Wellbeing community have with AntNats. His well-known and self-professed mental health issues exacerbate his jealousy and wild claims. I hope he gets the help he needs from the proper medical authorities.

“Get a load of this craycray probs not even Westerkind Adolf Hitler Enjoyer.” 

And no, he never addresses the concerns, simply stating that RC is mentally unwell and an “AntNat,” his term for Adolf Enjoyers. He finishes his post with this photoshopped image he’s made of Racial Consciousness.

Jason, what the fuck am I even looking at? What’s the thing between his sunglasses? Why add a moustache? Whats is the purpose of this image at all? If you were going to add a moustache, why not the Hitler stache?

It’s really weird to end a rant where you call someone crazy at least 10 times with an utterly bizarre photoshop image that serves as a damning window into your own id. Kohne’s attempts at humour, as we’ll see in the next piece, always give me this weird “WTF am I looking at,” response, and his “funny,” photoshopped image above is no exception.

In any case, I can believe that Kohne sexually abuses the vulnerable women who are so broken that they join his little cult. In fact, I’d bet on it. But there’s only so long I can talk about unverified accusations that aren’t leading to a court appearance. And beyond any proven abuse, I really don’t need to see Kohne being weird to women specifically. The guy is weird to everybody all the time.

Some people told me to include a bit involving JF Gariepy and his girlfriend. If you know what I’m talking about then you know why I have to talk about this in this article. Personally, I’m not all that interested, since it seems like clear mistaken identity, and the woman has issues. Although I will say that it’s hilarious the idea that someone would take one look at NWG’s face and be like “oh yeah, that guy 100% raped someone.”

Next time we go through some of the YouTube videos of his that stand out to me.

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  1. what the fuck

  2. When I first saw those screen caps my initial reaction was “well, to be fair, there’s no proof, so I won’t use this as an attack vector against My Pillow Guilt”, but really how the fuck is it possible that Philosophicat is not explicitly admitting that Jason is a predator?

  3. uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


    I’m less concerned about him sexually abusing the women who buy his white while peeing throw pillows. I’m far more concerned that some of them may not be barren.

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