It’s that time of year again, 
Celebrate Christmas with a fren.

Please enjoy that Christmas cheer,
Be around your friends you queer.

Now enjoy the slick light show
With the foliage in snow

Wake up soon it’s Christmas time,
Celebrate the most sublime.

Give our social media likes
Not on platforms run by kikes.

Gather ’round the Christmas Tree,
Warm and snug and real cozy.

Sip your coffee merrily,
And support the NJP.

Celebrate this time most gaily,
Check the Hyphen-Report daily.

Merry Christmas to all, with love,

Hyphen-Report staff.

P.S. Try to find the wildlife photography.

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  1. It’s Christmas everyday when I check Hyphen-Report and see all the great content. Thanks for everything you do!

  2. When is Anglin hitpiece coming? Or did you do it already and I missed it? TY as always, this is my new favorite website to read articles from btw o/ Hail NJP o/

  3. When do we get to see Martinez get roasted???

    1. Unless he does some specific thing that we’ll talk about, not until well after the Anglin series is finished. That series will be starting tomorrow morning.

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