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NY Post:

MADISON, Wis. — A man accused of driving an SUV through a Wisconsin Christmas parade crashed into people head-on, ran them over as they lay on the ground and at one point leaned out his window to steer because someone had landed on his windshield and was blocking his view, prosecutors alleged Wednesday in a criminal complaint that levies dozens of new charges against him.

Darrell Brooks Jr. steered the Ford Escape for five blocks through the parade route in the Milwaukee suburb of Waukesha on Nov. 21, killing six people and injuring dozens more, according to the complaint. It cites police estimates that the SUV reached speeds of up to 25 mph and says some people landed on the hood, with Brooks carrying them along.

“All of the victims who were killed and most of the people that were injured were walking right down the middle of the road in plain view,” the complaint said. “(The street) was clearly closed to traffic, there were barricades in place and police present to direct motorists for the entire length of the parade route.

Prosecutors charged Brooks with six counts of homicide two days after the parade. They added 71 new charges against him Wednesday, including multiple counts of reckless endangerment, hit-and-run involving death, battery and bail jumping. He’s set to appear in court Friday for a preliminary hearing, the step in the criminal justice process where a judge decides whether there’s enough evidence to proceed to trial.

71 additional charges is nice, but there’s still something missing.

No hate crime charges, and no terrorism charges, despite him openly talking about doing violence specifically to White People in his social media posts. Along with plenty other anti-White hate speech of course.

Perhaps it’s time for another, even more specific protest to be done by NJP demanding hate crime charges and terrorism charges be applied to Darrell Brooks. Perhaps it’s also time for that goddamn documentary to come out.

Me, patiently waiting.

I feel like I’ve been waiting for years at this point.

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  1. Remember this when the sniveling white-hating jews parade around their “hate crime statistics.” If this animal didn’t get charged, by jewish prosecutors and a jewish DA, for attacking whites, how can you trust the jewish “statistics” about the number of attacks made against our people?

    If you remember back in the day, where four North American Pavement Apes kidnapped and tortured a white man on Facebook Live for days… none of them got bias charges either. No hate crime. Because the jews hate you. There was a bit of outrage about that and the prosejewtor eventually did press “hate crime” charges to appease the goyim, but like every jew they used trickery and lies to deceive you. These beasts were not charged with anti-white crimes… but crimes against the handicapped.

    The jews hate you, white man. It’s time to start hating the jews. Get them out of your media, out of your banks, off your television, out of your courtrooms, out of your businesses, and out of your countries. For the last time. The only solution is a final solution.

    1. “For the last time. The only solution is a final solution.“

      It sounds wild, but it’s true, there’s no reasoning with them, the article about the “infiltration” of the right wing moms illustrates your point. It really hit home for me, to follow that yenta’s thought process in the article killed all hope for reasoning with them. Her reasoning was as infuriating as her face.

  2. These kikes gotta get those “hate” crime statistics where they want them. Soon I expect some legal precedent that states that “hate” is an inherently white trait, thus “hate” crime charges can’t be pressed against non-whites. It’ll serve two functions,
    (1) make a scary graph that they can use to justify increased action against whites.
    (2) a sentence enhancer exclusive to whites.

    Thank God Mike is doing something jam up their operation, because they would (probably will tbh) get away with it despite being so ham-fisted only because they control public consciousness through the media.

    Boomer kikes and their offspring have become so accustomed to absolute power that they are sloppy and lazy, question is “is it sloppy and outrageous enough to reach the attention and indignation of an apathetic public?”

    We will see with the criminalization of white self defense. Mike’s the only one (in IRL no less) pushing back on this dangerous precedent that’s being set in court cases all over the nation. If it is set it’s pretty much “open season” on whites.

  3. […] article on Darrell Brooks getting 71 new charges. Him whining about being mistreated. The lack of any […]

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