It’s been far too long since I finished this series. Last installment was here. We left off at the end of the interview.

The next few days

Day 4 starts off with the boys shooting the breeze. They reiterate that Sam Hyde is their sensei, and he teaches homeless crackheads how to fight.

After that they head to the gun range. Yes, Hyde takes idubbbz to the underbridge boxing lot on his first day, and the gun range on his fourth.

One thing that Hyde stresses is that he was actually happy for idubbbz that he came out, and made sure to express his gratitude.

And I was really happy. In my mind I was still thankful for idubbbz. He’s got 2 million subs and he’s putting my schtick out there. So when he came out I was happy to do it.

Because they couldn’t just shoot guns, Sam starts pretending that he’s super into ghosts. They then start talking about how spooked they are that ghosts are following them around.

Hyde: It doesn’t make sense. Like, why would a ghost be messing me with while I’m shooting, because ghosts hate loud noises.

Jet Neptune: Gotta be some kind of female.

Hyde: So this is either a phantom, or a spectre type.

Other guy: The way you’re moving. I’ve seen you dance, I’ve seen you box. You’ve never moved like that before.

Hyde: Yeah, and the barrell swaying up and down like that, I wasn’t doing that guys. It’s crazy.

Idubbbz is just behind Hyde in this shot.

The rest of the video is mostly just them having fun. They talk about going to a Covid-19 vaccination line and asking everyone about hollow earth theory. Hyde explains that he has allergies to 5G and they cause him to throw up. But also 6G is the ghost bandwave. He tries to go through some bullshit story about how he felt some celestial presence as he parked his car. And a remnant followed him to the shooting range.

If I recounted every single joke this article would last forever. They shoot guns with terrible form. One of the guns has a mag that keeps falling out. They talk about random shit. One of the guys pretends to be suicidal while he loads a magazine and then walks into the woods. And they get this awesome pic with Hyde and idubbbz.

And with that we come to the end of day 4.

Day 5 is pretty short. They don’t really do much except present idubbbz with the commemorative poster.

Well first Hyde sends him this text. After that they make the spirit fire, Hyde starts talking about how he’s half-vampire blood, and they give him the poster.

Sam explains he has body dysphoria, which is why he’s killing the girl in the picture. I honestly have no idea who anyone in the picture is, except for Hyde and idubbbz in the red. 

The video ends with Jet Neptune, Sam Hyde, and Nick Rochefort adding some commentary that didn’t age particularly well.

JN: Even though idubbbz does not want to release that footage, that week that we spent together was so fun man. It was very memorable.

Hyde: I had so much fun, and I feel like if he released it he’d get like 20 million views. I think it would honestly be so funny.

I honestly wasn’t sure I was going to ever wrap up this series. After it stopped being current events, it was never high priority to finish writing about it.

And then idubbbz goes and releases this a month after Hyde’s documentary comes out. 

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