It’s hard to figure out what the propagandists angle with these kinds of stories are. On one hand, they could be massively overblowing this to explain economic hardship that ZOG has brought upon them. On the other hand, they could be signalling to Joffrey Trudeau that maybe he needs to stop being a complete clown and do something about these uppity peasants. It’s hard to say.


Federal ministers warned Wednesday that anti-vaccine mandate protests at two key Canada-U.S. border crossings have the potential to seriously disrupt the flow of goods in the days to come.

Speaking to reporters at a press conference in Ottawa, Emergency Preparedness Minister Bill Blair said the blockade at Windsor’s Ambassador Bridge is particularly alarming because a quarter of all Canada-U.S. trade moves through that one crossing, which connects Canada with Detroit and points beyond.

I think Trudeau and his handlers made a serious mistake by intentionally fucking with truckers. This is a guy who refused to shut down the Canada-US border in March of 2020 because of “xenophobic White Supremacy,” and personally attended BLM chimpout superspreader events. He then proceeded to do completely arbitrary Covid-19 bullshit, such as demanding that people who do not have business reasons to fly to the US do “hotel quarantines,” which they pay for out of pocket. People who had a business reason to be in the US could come back to Canada with no quarantine.

He and his handlers decisions and policies for Covid-19 have been completely and utterly arbitrary at best. More realistically, they have been political. He sees truckers who don’t want to get Pfizer’s most profitable product ever as a political threat, especially if someone can break them away from Cuckservatism. For racial but mostly class reasons he wants to fuck with these people, so by making it essentially impossible for them to make a living he did exactly that.

The problem is that a trucker protest is an incredibly effective form of activism. Not this one, because it’s run by a gay jew supremacist, but in general. Trucks have air driven parking brakes, meaning that they need constant air running to them or they engage with tens of thousands of pounds of force. It’s incredibly difficult for them to be moved if someone pulls that yellow button and walks away. Specialty towing companies have the ability to run air into them, but that’s an incredibly slow and tedious process. If the truckers were really pissed, they could even cut their own lines, and those parking brakes are on for good, and their trucks and trailers would need to be lifted by crane onto a flatbed, or repaired. It’s a logistical nightmare. 

Beyond that, CBC was whining about how the towing companies are sympathetic to the truckers, so they keep offering up excuses for why they won’t tow them. Again, while they’re currently entrapped by cuckservatism, ultimately these people understand in their gut feeling that Trudeau is a piece of shit, that the propagandists are their enemies, and that these people all need to go fuck themselves.

The Canada Border Service Agency (CBSA) has closed the bridge to commercial traffic temporarily, diverting trucks to the Blue Water Bridge in Sarnia, Ont. instead. CBSA is reporting wait times in excess of four hours to make the short trip across to Port Huron, Mich.

“I believe it is very serious and potentially grave. It is already having a huge impact on Canadian industry and Canadian workers,” Blair said of the disruptions.

“We’ve seen the criminal acts, acts of thuggery and the obnoxiousness that they’ve inflicted on the people of Ottawa. Now they’re blocking the highways leading into our ports of entry. They’re putting their foot on the throats of all Canadians.”

Transportation Minister Bill Blair

Really faggot, criminal acts? Acts of thuggery? Are we talking about a BLM chimpout here, or the truckers protest?

Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens said the protesters appear to be determined to stay. “They feel such a passion for this particular cause that they’re willing to die for it,” he said.

People don’t feel such a passion for anti-mandate stuff that they’re willing to die for it. They feel a passion for telling Justin Trudeau, and the rest of our privileged class, to go fuck themselves. It’s like the yellow vest protests in France. It’s not really about the stupid and asinine yellow vests law, it’s about everything else. 

It’s a real shame that they aren’t going to be getting policy here. This kind of action is an excellent idea to be backed up with a real political party. 

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