I covered the hit and run in Winnipeg, Manitoba before, here and here. Well it looks like we’ve got a copycat.

You won’t be able to find news of this from any of the usual suspects. Even the Windsor police have just this one single tweet.

Which can be seen in contrast to all their other tweets.

Where they are making sure that the goyim understand that they’re going hard on the… protesters. They haven’t released the name of the attacker, who I will remind you drove off after hitting a young girl with his car.

Instead they’re making sure that everyone knows they are 100% on the side of ZOG as they shut down this protest.

It’s been two days, and the Windsor police have still not released any more details. We don’t know the name of whomever did the hit and run, let alone the motive. That’s where this story ends, for now, but it did lead me through a winding path to this twitter account.

Empathy for others. That sounds promising. Let’s see what Bianca the Brave is putting out there on behalf of kittens, kindness, and democracy.

I mean I could have gone on, but it’s all the same shit. 

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