Note: I couldn’t find any evidence that she shot him because he called her a cracker. So the people writing that online should be ashamed of themselves. I have no idea why people in our thing feel it’s okay to pollute populist channels with arguably untrue shit, whether it’s about vaccines affecting pregnancies or this. However, I think the story is still useful, and kind of funny.

Law and Crime:

A trial is scheduled to begin Monday for a 14-year-old Mississippi girl charged with murdering a 19-year-old man she barely knew by shooting him in the forehead.

According to local news reportsBridgett Leann Forehand of Vancleave is charged with second-degree murder for allegedly shooting and killing Mickell Gordon in Ocean Springs, Miss., just east of Biloxi. The early morning shooting occurred around 2:00 a.m. on March 10, 2021; the defendant was reportedly in custody within thirty minutes. Forehand is accused of second-degree murder — a charge that was reportedly upgraded from manslaughter — and possessing a stolen weapon. Forehand is being charged and tried as an adult.

Bridgett Forehand

Because she is White, and what she killed was black, she is being charged as an adult. Because she is White, and killed a black, her charges have been upgraded to second degree murder.

It’s also downright freaky how similar she looks to this one girl I knew at around that age. That girl had an enormous crush on me, but sadly she moved away to England. Oh well.

Forehand was further described by witness as having been behaving “erratically” before the shooting. She allegedly fired the gun without any “argument or other confrontation” with the victim.

Honestly I can’t disprove this. The girl did have known psychiatric issues. I just don’t believe it.

Early in the proceedings, a public defender assigned to represent Forehand said that office was attempting to secure a psychiatrist and, if necessary, medication for the defendant.  According to Biloxi ABC and CBS affiliate WLOX, a judge set a $100,000 bail for the defendant at that time but suggested he might lower it if proper treatments were ordered and obtained.

Keep in mind that Darrell Brooks, the BLM Waukesha terrorist, was out on bail set at $1,000. Somehow I doubt that the Bail Project is going to be taking up this 14 year old girls case.

The witness asserted that he was “just trying to get them [presumably, the defendant and the older girl] to go away nicely” and that the defendant “was just going crazy.”

“I don’t know why,” he continued. “She started waving (the gun) around. I turned around and started walking away, and I saw the gunshot out of the corner of my eye.”

So for absolutely no reason this girl, who was behaving very normally previously, got extremely agitated and shot this black male? 

Mickell Gordon

I can’t prove anything either way, and the girl was clearly not doing very well in life. But this story sound like bullshit to me. Something tells me he had sexually assaulted her, or at least gotten extremely handsy with her in a way she did not appreciate. People don’t just go from normal to extremely agitated for absolutely no reason.

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  1. What is a 14 year old White girl doing alone with a 19 year old black male plus a witness?

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