I’ve been following SWC for a long time now. They do some great work. Here’s founder George Huchinson talking about the case against the CBC that he filed.

Here’s a video from almost two years ago to the day. The video got over 500k views. I remember TRS talking about it back in the day, and it seemed incredibly promising.

Above is a video from about 8 months, and it’s incredibly enraging. Again, the purpose of the lawsuit was to force the CBC to start capitalizing the W in White People, just like they capitalize the B in Black people, the A in Asian, etcetera. It’s an incredibly petty and explicitly anti-White policy of theirs. 

So of course what they do is start bureaucrat ganging him. The Human Rights Tribunal started bloviating about how they didn’t have jurisdiction and sent them to the CBC Ombudsman. Then he said he couldn’t do anything about it. Then he basically said that they were big meanies so fuck them, but they need to go to the Human Rights Tribunal. Then the HRT said “nah, we don’t have jurisdiction.

As you can probably surmise, this process was even longer, and each step took many months. I’ve encountered very similar behaviour when dealing with the RCMP and BC Provincial Government on other issues, but this is pretty standard. 

What’s not standard is how explicitly anti-White the CBC was about the entire thing. Those of you who listened to my call in with the Winnipeg Police, which you can find here, noticed that the officer there was affable and even helpful. Typically what they do is simply strictly interpret laws some of the time, and not other times, so as to get the outcomes they want. I’m going to do a full breakdown of their complaint later, but I want to use this to talk about something else.

George Hutcheson

I have the utmost respect for George Hutcheson, and the Students for Western Civilization. However, the absolutely indefensible way he was treated here, and by extension all the rest of us, illustrates one problem I have with this strategy. I reminds me of this excellent quote by Warren Balogh of the NJP.

Make them choose between power and legitimacy. – Warren Balogh, NJP

Warren can be seen here in the light green jacket.

Ultimately these people would prefer for you to do nothing. To stay inside, to hold your head down, to let them anti-democratically enforce Globo Homo Schlomo to their benefit and at your expense. They don’t want you doing activism like SWC did here, where he used these “Human Rights Tribunals,” which are set up by the Canadian Jewish Congress and others for their benefit, and attempted to use it for the goyims benefit.

Ultimately, they don’t want you doing that, but if they know that they can pull some absurd bullshit and just flat out refuse to give you the victory that, on paper, is an open and shut win for White People, they’ll do it. Especially if they know that it ends there. And for Students for Western Civilization, it’s an activist group. If they get 100% fucked over, with some bullshit legalese reason, it doesn’t matter how unpopular that is, it dies right then and there. And of course, the privileged class cunts will slap themselves on the back for how they courageously and bravely oppressed the bigoted nazis.

The reason why there is so little pro-White or anti-Pervert activism is because ultimately, even the boomers who bloviate the hardest about “muh DEMONrats,” know that, at the end of the day, the Kosher-Right party does not have your back. Not even for milquetoast but semi-valid conservative stuff. If the Conservative Party of Canada was serious about winning elections, they’d be pointing to this work by George Hutcheson and talking about the anti-White CBC. But of course they’re very much not.

Political activism without a political party is close to entirely wasted effort. If you make these people choose power over legitimacy, if you don’t have a followup, they’ll choose power. Having a political party guarantees a followup. You can literally just say “look at this outrage, you all need to vote for me and I’ll fix this.”

This is what I mean when I keep saying that the Finklethink Convoy could theoretically be fantastic. The absurd and malicious, and also kind of incompetent, response by the personification of privilege Justin Trudeau could easily be exploited by a real political party who would highlight the kid gloves this government treats antifa/BLM, and these truckers who dared set foot in the nations capitol. 

Instead, when antifa Dave Zegarac intentionally ran over four Freedom Convoy Protesters in Winnipeg, I was the one who called the Winnipeg Police. The Conservative Party outright denounced them, and even the grifter faggot QAnon tier types have completely ignored the lack of hate crime charges, and terrorism charges. 

I have nothing against people who just want to produce content, but I’m not one of them. I’ve wanted to get a political party up and running for a very long time. This site exists to get a large audience that we can leverage to start a political party, and do real activism in support of said party.

I got a ton of views from calling into the Winnipeg Police. But to me, that means very little. And it doesn’t justify the many hours of activism work that I would need to do if I was to take action against the Winnipeg Police. Ultimately, no matter how much indefensible, it is a near certain fact that the Winnipeg Police will absolutely refuse to add on hate crime/terrorism charges, despite this costing them absolutely nothing in terms of overall harming their case.

Trying and failing, with a political party at my back to use the outrage from failing as justification for electoral support, is worth my time. Trying and failing without a political party is a pure waste of time. And I don’t think anyone reading this needs to understand that the police service that has the above twitter header is not going to be going after an antifa, if there is even the slightest possible wiggle room. Frankly, even if there is not.

From the Winnipeg Police Services website.

I can’t give you the exact timeline, but before municipal elections, which happen in November of this year. That applies to BC, Manitoba (so Winnipeg, yes!), and Ontario. I will outline the strategy in another post. 

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