Oh god it’s so beautiful. Cuckservatives correctly identify that Globo Homo is totally Hitlerian. Adolf Hitler may have been a highly decorated WWI infantryman who hated aristocrats like Justin Trudeau, but Trudeau’s the REAL FASCIST.

Thank goodness for brave heroic freedom fighter Ezra Levant. Without Ezra, our freeeeedoms would be impinged by these nazi loving Liburals!

Thank god we have brave freedom fighters like Ezra!

And who could forget Champion of Freedom Mike Cernovich. You may remember him from being that retard online who was going on about Gorilla Dick Energy or whatever, but where our freedoms are concerned nothing stops Cernobitch.

Glorious cuckservative Maxime Bernier HITS THE FUCKING BULLSEYE on this one. And this isn’t the first time he’s heroically challenged liberals as fascistos. 

Stunning and brave jew supremacist with heebwatch correctly identifies Globo Homo Schlomo as secretly fascism.

Yes! Liberals are the real nazis. How did it take us this long to mindlessly repeat it?

God the site of that ebil natzee being trampled by a horse would bring a tear to my eye. How utterly beautiful. Goddamn natzee scum!

My goodness. Cuckservatives are just on fire right now. Absolutely nailing these takes right out of the park.

Oh by the way, just a few days ago the Conservative MP Kevin Waugh put out legislation to make it illegal for you goyim to fact check the lampshadocaust. Didn’t hear a peep from these cuckservatives. And I even searched their twatters for mention of Kevin Waugh, or this bill. Didn’t find shit.

But, you know, Conservatives hate authoritarianism. Except for, you know, when they don’t.

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