It has recently come to my attention that the Peter Thiel Gay but for Conservative Twinks party, The Right Stuff, has been weighing in on international affairs. Specifically, NJP Chairperson Mike Enoch (they/them), penned a lengthy piece on the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

National Justice Party:

On Feb 23, 2022 Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a “special military operation” in Ukraine. There have been reports of missile strikes at military sites inside of Ukraine and fighting between Russian and Ukrainian troops has been reported outside a major Kiev airport.

This is boring me. Let’s skip ahead to the Dughinist smoking gun.

The National Justice Party hopes that the situation can be resolved with as little bloodshed as possible on all sides and considers the spilling of any Russian or Ukrainian blood a tragedy. We reject the false and childish narratives about the conflict that are being promoted in Western media and place the lion’s share of blame for the escalation on the shoulders of the US and NATO, who have instigated this crisis from the beginning and cynically lied to their own citizens.

The disgusting stench of Dooginism lingers unpleasantly in the air, suffocating the reader in a heady bloom of hedonistic NazBol wignattery. As Thuletide has already explained, we have a world government run by the UN. As a result, this conflict is nothing more than a simulation happening on the back of a turtle, which is itself supported by four smaller turtles, one beneath each paw, or whatever it is that a turtle has. Beneath those turtles are four more turtles. And under each of them, four more. If you’re wondering where this ends, it doesn’t. It’s turtles all the way down. It continues forever, like the NJP’s love for Alexander Dugin, an obscure Russian philosophizer that none of them have read.

Getting back to the United Nations, you need to know it’s run by Dugin. What’s currently going on is a psyop to make the goyim believe a lie so monumental, so colossal, and yet predicated on such little evidence. No, we’re not talking about the lampshadocaust, you goddamn hetero. We’re talking about the classic Divide and Conquer strategy being run on Heroic America. The truth that NJP wants to conceal from you.

That there is no such thing as Ukraine.

Take a minute to collect yourself. Understanding that the imaginary country of Ukraine is a product of a Dooginist psy-op run by the UN, is essential to understanding this statement from the National Dooginist Party.

President Biden has vowed to make Russia pay a steep price, but the only people he is capable of making pay anything are Americans and European citizens. Oil and natural gas prices are expected to spike even further as a result of the conflict, placing the burden for US/NATO geopolitical games on ordinary Americans and Europeans who have no interest in a hostile relationship with Russia. On February 22nd the German government, under orders from NATO, revoked the certification for the Nordstream 2 gas pipeline from Russia to Germany, thus putting the project that would alleviate the energy bills of millions of Germans in further jeopardy.

Bangkok Biden is accelerating the decline of the Glorious United States of America on behalf of his United Nations master. You can see a picture of these Globalist Duginists in the image below. What you’ll see is a false flag attack. NJP is trying to portray the innocent country of Heebland as a part of the UN/Duginist conspiracy. But I know you’re too smart to fall for that anyway.

The humanitarian rhetoric and pledges to take in massive numbers of refugees that usually accompany such conflicts are completely absent in this case due to the White racial identity of Ukrainians. The UN has only received 9% of the already tiny $190 million budget they have asked for to help with any refugee crisis. In sharp contrast to their position on non-White refugees, Sweden has said it will refuse to take large numbers of Ukrainian refugees, and any refugees that enter Sweden will be deported as soon as possible. According to Atlantic Council analyst Michael Bociurkiw, European governments and Ukrainian President Zelensky are both urging Ukrainians not to flee into Europe because Europe is already saturated with refugees.

This is patently absurd. I covered the denial of White Refugees earlier, but you need to know that Mike Enoch once stated that if Palestinians were raping White Girls then he would be more likely to support them coming to England. I mean he didn’t really say that specifically, or even imply that. But that’s the only impression you could get if you are basically retarded.

But you might be saying “but I’m not retarded, so why would I believe that?” Well, I’m so glad you asked. You see, stupid people and very intelligent people often believe the same things. And yet average people often desire to be seen as intelligent, so they adopt the opposite position of what stupid people believe in order to feel smart. The TRS/NJP/DuginEnjoyer crew themselves have coined this term “midwitism,” and it’s a real plague.

In order to stop being a midwit, you need to start believing what really stupid people believe. And that means that you need to believe that Mike Enoch wants White Women to be raped by Brown People. You have no other choice, the logic is impeccable. To do otherwise would be acknowledging yourself as a status seeking midwit, and I know you’re far too smart for that. 

The current situation can be traced back to 2013 when Victor Yanukovich, the pro-Russian President of Ukraine refused to sign a political association and free trade agreement with the European Union. In response US-backed protesters staged months long violent demonstrations that killed at least 130 people and culminated with rioters taking control of Ukraine’s capital building and staging a coup against Yanukovich. The US government, who condemns the January 6th protesters as violent terrorists, openly praised these “masked militants” and declared their action a victory for freedom and democracy.

A little known fact about the NJP’s “Waukesha protest,” was that it actually took place in Ukraine. The entire thing was staged by a Hollywood crew that involved Steven Speilberg. I was there for the catering and I can tell you myself that when the cameras turn away for one second Mike Enoch can be reliably found pounding away the snacks.

He even ate so much that one homeless Waukeshan girl who was run over by Darrell Brooks and didn’t have her legs work properly anymore asked for a tiny crumb of a moldy bread crust. But there was nothing left by the time Fat Enoch had completed his second rotation through a catering service that had provided enough food to sustain an entire pod of Humpback Whales during their Arctic Migration.

She starved. And her name was Albert Einstein.

If you’re wondering how all of this happened in Ukraine when I just finished saying earlier that Ukraine doesn’t exist, I’ll remind you that you wouldn’t have realized that if you were retarded. Therefore, by the logic of midwitism, really intelligent people also believe what I just wrote. So if you could just stop being a midwit for one second that would be great.

Look, I was as horrified as everybody else when I found out that Enoch was a Dooginist shill who employed a Chief of Security who was a heroin enjoying tranny fucking gonzo journalist U of Chicago Grad by way of Harvard. But I managed to get over it, and start supporting the Manlet Cult instead. Since doing so I haven’t had sex with a woman and I’ve shrunk seven inches. I couldn’t be happier.

Stop supporting these guys.

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  1. But I love doogin and ranch, I’m also not a manlet or homosexual, so what am I to do?!?!??

  2. azov batallion, aka gayZOG fagtallion, is literally owned by a jewish oligrach who lives in israel:

    >Among those going into battle from the Ukrainian side are some 500 trained fighters in the self-declared Azov battalion, backed by Jewish energy magnate and Dnipropetrovsk region governor, Igor Kolomoisky, according to Israel’s Ma’ariv daily.

    >Kolomoisky had lavishly funded the right-wing Right Sector battalion and at one point flirted with the ultra-nationalist Svoboda party, and was even rumored to be involved with the neo-Nazi Azov battalion—making an Israeli citizen perhaps the primary purveyor of the ultra right wing in Ukraine. He sparked a national debate about the ‘feudalization’ rather than federalization of the country with his aligning of volunteer military battalions, widely considered to be out of control. Many of these have since been or are in the process of being folded under the authority of the interior ministry. This week the critics who long warned that Kolomoisky’s private army and allied militias would be invoked in a classic warlord power play in the middle of Kiev were proven correct.

  3. I knew it! The jig is up Moikie!

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