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British medical volunteers have claimed the Ukrainian army duped them into crossing the border before trying to conscript them as “cannon fodder” for the battle of Kyiv.

Carl Walsh and Ollie Funnell left the UK with the hope of putting their expertise to use treating casualties in the warzone, but were instead told they would be deployed to defend Ukraine’s besieged capital.

These guys are definitely a cut above the Reddit Dilation Brigade. After all, these guys are medics who went there to help people not die of wounds, combat or otherwise. It’s only a single notch ahead, because I mean what exactly did you expect, but this isn’t quite some seething psychopathic tranny who wanted to murder Russians and had a nervous breakdown after getting missile struck.

You love to see it. Even on that sub there are tons of trolls who are just straight up laughing at them. Moderation is getting hot and heavy.

Emma loves it as much as we do.

Mr Walsh, 50, is a former combat medical technician from the Rhondda Valley in Wales and had met Mr Funnell, a paramedic turned teacher from Eastbourne, East Sussex, heading in the same direction at Krakow airport on March 11.

Speaking on Wednesday on the Polish side of the border with Ukraine, the new friends told The Telegraph they could hardly believe their ordeal had only lasted five days.

Both men contacted the Ukrainian embassy in the UK to offer their help after seeing the appeal by Volodymyr Zelensky, the president of Ukraine, for volunteers to join his country’s resistance against the Russian invaders, dubbed the international legion.

Throughout all their subsequent discussions with Ukrainian officials, the men claimed, assurances were given that there would be no expectation for them to fight, only to act as medics.

This all changed when they crossed the border on Saturday and found themselves being shuttled to the International Centre for Peacekeeping & Security – a military base used by Western volunteers – near the city of Lviv.

Mr Walsh, who served on military tours in Bosnia, Kosovo and Iraq during a 17-year career, said: “To join the international legion, the Ukrainians wanted to take our passports off us, sign a year contract, give us training for two days – 48 hours – and then within another 48 hours we would be fighting in Kyiv.”

By this point, Mr Walsh and Mr Funnell were travelling with a bigger group of volunteers, including several ex-military officers and a significant number of men with no combat experience.

‘It’s a death wish’

Carl Walsh and Ollie Funnel

It’s been interesting seeing the propaganda switch over the past few weeks. They’ve gone from hardcore “Ukraine will win,” to “here’s how Ukraine can still win,” to “okay it’s more like a stalemate but Vladimir is Badimir,” to “alright let’s be honest, Ukraine is a corrupt country with an evil government.” 

I for one have been enjoying every second of it.

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  1. I am enjoying this too, this sudden FORCED introduction to reality. But I still hate all these faggots.

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