Yesterday I reported on Destiny getting gassed by Jeff Bezos. Well apparently it’s official.


Destiny has faced multiple bans from the platform in the past, and lost his partnership in 2020 for what Twitch said was “encouraging violence.”

His content is often politically focused, hosting debates and conversations with people from across the political spectrum, which can at times lead to tensions coming to the fore.

On March 23, his account was made unavailable and he was suspended once again. As he is not partnered on Twitch though, he was able to continue broadcasting on another platform, moving to YouTube.

It looks like his platform of 650,000 followers will be shifting to the Google-owned site permanently, with the star confirming his suspension is permanent.

Everybody press F to pay respects. The weird little soy creature who could is no more.

Well except for YouTube of course, which means he’s not really getting much censorship at all. But like I said earlier, the guy is sort of like a reasonable bugcreature. He’s a duplicitous defender of Neo-Liberalism, literally debating on behalf of Neo-Liberalism against Glorious Ranch-Enjoyer Mike Peinovich.

On his YouTube stream, Destiny confirmed the cause of the ban came under Twitch’s rules for hateful conduct, but that he wasn’t told specifically what he did or said to prompt the punishment.

This is standard for Twitch bans, where streamers will be told what rule they broke, but not how exactly they broke it.

Absolutely par for the course for these tech corporations. They can’t tell you exactly what you did that broke their terms of service, because then they would need to have an objective standard, and explain their actions. Instead they leave it ambiguous, so they can have a capricious censorship system.

The only way Destiny can get his Twitch account back is if he successful in an appeal — however his first one failed. If he tries again and misses the mark, his 11-year career on the platform is done for good.

I chronicled how this censorship works a few times. Suffice to say it is a totally arbitrary system. I appealed on YouTube and twitter. On YouTube I got a response back so fast that I thought it was automated. On Twatter, they took ten days. In both cases, my appeal was denied. The reason was… that it was denied.

Destiny, despite literally defending Neo-Liberalism, is slightly uncontrolled opposition. As a result, they’re slowly squeezing those types of people out of the public space.

But then again, maybe it’s just a crazy tranny that knows someone on the inside. In any case, just understand that people who type messages like:

we finally got ur husband and i want to give u a heads up that ur our next target

since uve probably been groomed by destiny outside of ur control we will give u a week to leave him until we begin reporting all ur platforms

De-radicalization camps cannot come soon enough.

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  1. He once skipped a debate on the GuntRetort after taking drugs and shitting himself.

    1. Right. I forgot about that. Pretty hilarious.

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