The jury is still out on whether or not Orban is a real or fake populist. However, a solid alternative exists anyway.

Hungary Today:

Dóra Dúró, deputy leader of Mi Hazánk, said the deletion of the party’s Facebook page “provides yet more evidence” that the social media giant was “deliberately interfering in the Hungarian parliamentary elections”.

I mean that almost goes without saying. It’s pretty much the definition of “electoral interference,” and pointing out that these people are full of shit is always good rhetoric.

Mi Hazánk will also report the matter to the National Election Committee, arguing that Mi Hazank considered it “unprecedented” that Facebook would delete the page of a party with a national list in the home stretch of the campaign.

Dúró said the page that had been “censored” allowed Mi Hazánk to reach half a million people in the recent period, adding that its deletion “will obviously impact the outcome of the election”.

Dora Duro

This Dora Duro wahman is not simply smart, but I have to say, she’s quite the looker. This is politics we’re dealing with. Show business for ugly people. And yet Dora breaks the mold.

And she’s not just a pretty face. Here’s some Hungarian fag whining about her.

Hungarian Spectrum:

Jobbik’s nominee for the post is Dóra Duró, wife of the notorious Előd Novák, who is most likely a member of the group responsible for Here are a few choice (quasi-literate) sentences uttered by Dóra Dúró on matters of education. “Jobbik’s educational policy does not consider equality and integration as real values, but rather the fulfillment of people’s mission.” According to her, “from here on, the truth of educators must be unquestioned.”

Back to Hungary Today.

She said Facebook had also deleted the profiles of the page’s administrators, meaning they cannot access Facebook’s Messenger app either.

Dúró said Facebook’s reasoning for deleting the page was that its Community Standards had been violated, adding, however, that the company had not specified the offending content or post.

Everybody who has ever been censored by these conglomerates says the same thing, including myself. They will never tell you what you actually did that “justified,” them censoring you, because then they would have to apply said standard objectively.

It is not the first time Facebook removes the far-right party’s Facebook page. In 2020, they already did so, arguing that Mi Hazánk breached their community standards.

More interesting than that is Mi Hazank itself. They got over 5% of the vote, which qualifies them for some proportional representation votes. It’s a complicated system, but undoubtedly better than our garbage first past the post system, which is designed purely to encourage tactical “lesser of two evils,” voting.

You may remember this fag running on giving Canadians a Prop Rep system. Then he just… didn’t, because he’s a lying piece of trash.

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