It’s been a few days since I last wrote about Frances Widdowson. She’s basically the female Juden Peterstein, but she’s somewhat more legitimate, being not a complete fraud. 

Fox News:

A tenured Canadian professor who was fired after criticizing Black Lives Matter (BLM) has a proposed arbitration date set during which she intends to lay out her grievances against her former university.

“All of my grievances are going forward together at this time,” Frances Widdowson said during a recent interview with The College Fix. She confirmed to Fox News Digital that the proposed dates are Jan. 16-27, 2023, but they have not been confirmed.

I don’t have that much more to say about Frances herself that I haven’t already said before. Nor do I have that much to say about the almost satire-like anti-White filth who demanded her head. 

I’m cataloging this because I don’t ever want to tolerate arguments that Academia is some sort of meritocracy where only the intelligent and chosen few make it to the top. In reality it is a totally controlled, totally astroturfed, and totally ridiculous group of degenerate losers with third rate minds.

The Queer of Colour Theorizers, which I have written about extensively, but still need to port to this site, are to be mocked, but also taken seriously politically. These are disgusting and evil people in sinecures, and you don’t ever need to take the things they say seriously as if they are the winners of some sort of free market of ideas. Just look at how even these tepid, milquetoast Jordan Peterson-esque but not completely spineless intellectual get treated.

The pseudo-intellectuals in Academia should be treated like a cult. That’s how they behave, and that’s pretty much the quality of intellectualism that they produce. That of a cult.

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