Remember Simon Dickerman? 

He was one of the two whistleblowers who blew the lid off the America Fist cult of no personality. You can see him in the top right here.

He also ended by cupping Andrew Anglin’s tiny balls in his hand and working the shaft. Because, you see, Simon’s kind of a fucking idiot.

Back in May of 2020 the above image was found on the Gayper’s official merch website. This is the image they used to sell their merch. Even the Gamer Uprising dorks were not pleased with this, especially when it was revealed to be not an accident, but a deliberate choice. And who was it who made that stylistic decision?

I picked the interracial couple for the mockup image because I thought it was hilarious and it is – Simon Dickerman

Their own audience was not amused, and it’s fun watching them all take a shit on the Catboi Fuhrer.

Starting it off is Broscience, the OP.

Wait a second, what does he say at the end there?

Hilarious? She’s not dead or seriously injured, so I don’t get how this is funny.

I’ll actually be charitable here and assume he meant that as a joke. As someone who used the old DS forums, but never Gamer Uprising, I can tell you that there were people there who would have said that as an actual joke. There were also people who would have said that perfectly seriously. So we’ll just skip over that for now.

These are the next two responses. Trust me, they’re all like this. You can find the thread here to check for yourself. I’m just going to print out the responses without having to take a billion screencaps.


For some reason ,some people thought this is funny too.


Choking on plastic horse cock is how we will save our people.


“You just don’t get Zoomer humor”

Yeah, guilty as charged.



Hello based department?


I think the picture was pretty funny, probably just a generational difference in humor though. A lot of people were getting mad at the shirt’s design too, and think it’s totally unironic. The shirt is meant as a joke, it doesn’t actually mean anything and it’s supposed to be stupid. 

Thanks racistincel. When we need someone to explain social dynamics to us, we’ll make sure to go through racistincel in the future.

But seriously, it takes until the ninth comment for someone to actually defend Fuentes. And he does the classic “you don’t get it because you’re too old to be gay,” bit.


Yeah saw the absolute state of his store some time ago, the hapa creatura he uses as well for most of the photos didn’t help at all nudge my overall opinion in the right direction.


I did some research and the OP pic is actually made with Printful mockup generator, it’s a Latvian business based in the US. Their HQ is in LA and they mostly hire Mexicans and browns.

Also pornhub uses their services…

I’m just going to pack a bunch of these guys’ comments together, because people shitting on Fuentes is enjoyable to me. Comments are separated with ellipses. 

“Yeah homie, I totally get whatchu mean, make america white again nigga”





the only thing more gay than that stream Nick made with the catboy streamer is the people that keep posting pictures of him months later

But you known what they say :

“He who forgets the past is doomed to repeat it.”

And we saw a fagot yesterday (as a “joke” of course) , we see a nigger today (again as a “joke”) and if nothings change we will probably see a kike tomorrow (naturally as a “joke”).

I direct your attention to Jew Groyper

And this is from January so the future I predicted become the past🤣. The world we are living in it is moving too fast.

Nick is claiming this was a troll to trigger wignats. Why gross out your followers to troll wignats?

Imagine thinking that Fuentes sucks cock to Own Da WIgNAtZ, instead of just because he likes it. But finally we get to another supporter. 


You people need to learn to have some chill. An ironic picture promoting an ironic shirt and everyone has to jump down Nick’s throat? Lets call him a faggot again for doing a livestream with an autistic Aussie while we are at it. Nick has red pilled countless zoomers, has criticized interracial relationships for years, publicly denied the holocaust and made Ben Shapiro repeat the claim. You people are such faggots attacking him for stupid shit. His life is probably in danger from Mossad and other nefarious actors for being an optical young man that espouses our believes to thousands of people every night. Just learn to chill and have some fun not everything has to be a dick measuring contest on who is the most pure.

Buddy, your username is literally “PraiseJesus.” How many catboi dates does Fuentes need to go on before you join the non-Christian or barely religious and just call him a faggot?

Although, hold on a second. Let me go read out another part of that comment again.

His life is probably in danger from Mossad and other nefarious actors for being an optical young man that espouses our believes to thousands of people every night.

Uh yeah, about that…

I don’t know what’s more absurd, the idea that the Mossad is going after someone for “being an optical young man,” or the idea that Nicky Fuentes is an “optical young man.” Or maybe it’s the phrase “optical young man,” which sounds weirdly like what an older guy who is trying to fit in with a younger crowd online says. 

Maybe this is purely a product my itunes playing more sad music, but it’s kind of melancholy looking at this. I wonder how many of these people are still in our sphere, as opposed to just eventually, one by one, realizing that Anal First is a grift at best, and moving on with their lives. At this point it’s just sad if they’re still on that site, posting alongside the admitted incel who has “never been to an event with a woman,” but is giving out dating advice.

Boy, if I was a zionist jew I honest to god could not have engineered a better way to discredit pro-White or pro-Goy politics than these losers. They never do any actual pro-White activism, like Waukesha, but they make sure to talk about the “Year of the White Man,” while letting everyone know that they’re sexless losers.

Wow, what great optics.

Oh but they couple it with WWBM advertising, just to piss off those UnSEriOuS WIgnAtS. And also their own followers.

It’s a weird place, this Manlet Cult.

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