I was recently forwarded this video by a fellow jew tranny friend of mine while we dilated together in a brothel full of Eastern European boywhores in Tel Aviv. I took me a full thirty minutes to watch this three minute video, because I had to keep wiping the tears of joy out of my eyes.

I was crying because I saw the White Man in what looks to be his mid thirties reduced to being a poorly paid cab driver knock off. I had to go outside for a minute, such was the pleasurable stupor I was in. When I got back inside, I was treated to something even more delightful.

Woman: You’re like a White Guy.

Thirty Five Year Old Lyft Driver James Bode: What’s that?

Woman: You’re like a White Guy. You’re like a normal guy, like you speak English.

Bode Cuck: Nah, you can get out of the car.

It’s so satisfying to me and my hebrew trans-vagina when I see pathetic White Men who have been reduced to driving for Lyft at age 35 who take out their pathetic frustration at their miserable lives on White owned small businesses. This is fantastic for me, and gives me more than a small measure of inner peace.

Bode: That’s inappropriate, completely inappropriate. 

Woman: What?

Bode: That’s inappropriate.

Woman: What?

Bode: If someone was not White sitting in this seat, what would be the difference.

Well the difference is that you, my obedient little cucklet, wouldn’t have said jack squat. And if you saw a video where some Black People said “hey brother, nice to see a Black driver,” you would have upvoted it and left a nice cucky comment underneath. And oh by the way, everyone watching this knows that.

Woman: Are you serious?

Yes, goyette, he is. He knows full well that I and my fellow Unathletic-Americans have created an anti-White system where he will be rewarded with, at the very least, e-cred for his anti-White actions. It’s possible that he’ll even get financial rewards for this, one way or another.

At this point, what appears to be her boyfriend shows up, and the soyim starts talking to her.

Bode: She said ‘wow, you’re a White guy.’

Guy: … okay.

Bode: That’s okay I’m not gonna take the right, you guys can get out.

Guy: Really?

Bode: Yeah, completely inappropriate.

Guy: Ah you’re a fuckin’ asshole.

Bode: It’s all on camera man.

Guy: Nah you’re a piece of shit.

Bode: It’s all on camera.

Guy: I should punch you in the fucking face.

Bode: You’re gonna threaten to assault me?

Guy: Yeah fuck you.

Bode: Cause you guys are racist fucks.

Then this obedient soyim takes off his seat belt and stays in his car. This leads to further escalation.

Guy: Get the fuck out of here.

Bode: Nah, I’m calling the cops on you. It’s all on camera. It’s all on camera. Do you guys own the place? Do you guys own the place?

*Guy is heard basically telling him to go fuck himself in the background*

Bode: That’s great everyone’s going to know. Fossils Last Stand (name of bar) for Black People.

God, his comedy is as pathetic as his life. What a golden treasure he is. 

He made a nice little Facebook post on it.

In that screencap we see this hateful comment by Michael Townsend.

To think this loser driving a Lyft gets to destroy a small business because there is a chance that the two inappropriate drunks getting into his car are the owners –

No, see goy, that is exactly the wrong kind of thinking here. I don’t want anyone focusing on him being a 35 year old loser with no future who is a malicious and slimy creature that nobody likes in real life. We’re trying to get more of this behaviour, and we don’t want people catching on that White Saviour Complex sufferers are the absolute lowest form of life on earth.

This is a soy to be celebrated.

The Morning Call:

The video has spread across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit and elsewhere, and the fallout has been immediate for Harford. She shut down the bar’s website and Facebook page and deleted her personal page. The bar appeared to be closed Saturday and the phone rang unanswered Sunday. Harford could not otherwise be reached for comment.

In the original post, Bode said he filed a report with Catasauqua police. No one from the department responded to a request for comment.

From a New York Post article we get the following.

New York Post:

Catasauqua Police Chief Douglas Kish told The Post that the police report was filed about 10:30 p.m. Friday and that the matter is under investigation.

And back to the original article.

Following a barrage of negative comments and one-star ratings, Yelp eventually disabled the public’s ability to post on Fossil’s page. As of Tuesday afternoon, the bar had more than 2,700 reviews.

“This business recently received increased public attention resulting in an influx of people posting their views to this page, so we have temporarily disabled the ability to post here as we work to investigate the content,” a message on the Yelp page reads.

Fossil’s Last Stand appears to be a true small business. It’s not part of a chain, and it’s owners probably suffered heavily through Covid-19. So of course this antifa scumbag chooses to attack the White owners over nothing, and escalate this online.

And of course the Uncensored are using this to teach the soyim NPC’s about how you can be more actively anti-White.

All I can say is that if you are in Pennsylvania, specifically Catasauqua, feel free to hit up Fossil’s Last Stand. In fact, I’m downright ordering you to.


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  1. I hope that bitch gets murdered by a nigger. The cuck pos, that is.

  2. I just read this, and looked up their website. Their site is down. There is no answer with the listed phone number. Yelp has allegedly wiped off the lying comments – but you can still l see the TRASH from lying kikes and niggers and other orcs, from everywhere BUT PA, making horrid comments. This country is filled with monsters.

    1. Some guy on telegram said that he was going to the bar himself because he lived an hour away. We’ll see how that goes. I think they’ll get through it.

      1. I am going to try to get a hold of these folks. It’s a husband and wife. I’m certain their business is ruined.

        Catasauqua is a small town next to Allentown. Allentown is majority Hispanic. I checked City Data. There are 13,000+ Blacks. Whites are now only 22% of the population. Catasauqua is majority White, for now. The whole area received tons of orcs fleeing NYC after the Cohen 19 virus scamdemic. I’m certain every business owner in the entire area has had to deal with the joys of Vibrancy. I am going to try to find these people. I just called my sister. I will try to find a way to reach out. I must get to bed, but I will post a comment on the TRS site tomorrow. If you are in contact with any of the TRS guys please tell them to reach out. I’m not vetted; I’m a female. I know TRS has held those meetings in PA. Perhaps they can get some pool party guys to help them. I know this will blow over. The feral hordes will move on. But I’m certain their business is wrecked. I hope no one tries to attack them. Commentary on City Data is fascinating. The site is moderated – but there are allusions to rising crime rates. The Lehigh Valley is becoming West NYC.

        1. Just saw this now. I’ll look for your post on BANG and see in what ways I can help.

  3. […] dailyrake.ca/2022/05/17/lyft-driver-heroically-snitches-on-friendly-white-woman-who-was-glad-that-he… levels of cuck that shouldnt even be possible are already real in canada […]

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