We left off in a pretty dismal place with Rob Hoogland. The cunt judge Michael Tammen had sentenced him to a prison sentence that was multiple times longer than even what the Crown was asking for. But things took a positive turn soon after that.

Mass Resistance:

Two weeks after British Columbia father Rob Hoogland was sentenced to a prison term, he has been freed and is back home! He was imprisoned for violating a “gag order” that barred him from discussing his teenage daughter’s gruesome government-supported “sex-change” procedures.

As we recently reported, British Columbia Supreme Court Justice Michael Tammen angrily overrode a preliminary plea bargain and sentenced Rob to six months in prison (which would likely have ended up being about 4½ months) and a $30,000 fine. (We have since learned that Rob’s lawyer had rejected the final version of the plea deal, which made it easier for the judge to intervene.)

His lawyer would have been Carey Linde. I have no idea why he did or did not accept a plea deal, considering that he pled guilty anyway. Maybe he plead guilty, and then they fought the length of the sentencing? It’s not really clear to me. It was probably bullshit anyway.

Tammen was furious that Rob had told MassResistance and others what the government is doing to his daughter – and that MassResistance had subsequently posted incriminating documents exposing the terrible behavior of the “gender clinic.” Tammen said that unless Rob were imprisoned for several months, it would “bring the administration of justice into disrepute.” This sentence is widely considered overly harsh given that it concerns a relatively minor crime and Rob is a first-time offender.

I said what I needed to say about Michael Tammen. The rest is redacted.

Tammen’s emotional obsession with this case and with punishing Rob is exhibited in a detailed 18-page “Reasons for Judgment” paper he wrote after the sentencing. Like the punishment he gave out, it seems rather excessive given the relatively mundane nature of the “crime.” (Note that Tammen refers to MassResistance in the document only as “MR” so that no one will look us up and see our posts!)

Thirty five minutes. He ranted for thirty five minutes handing out sentencing to a man who had already plead guilty. And he did it all with this pissed off holier than thou look on his cunt face.

After he was jailed, Rob’s friends and family contacted one of the top young criminal-appeal lawyers in British Columbia, Attorney Vincent Larochelle, who has taken the case. Larochelle is a graduate of Oxford Law School, a Rhodes Scholar, and is considered a “rising star” in this field. His fees are coming from the money Rob raised on his GoGetFunding page.

Lawyer for Rob Hoogland Vincent Larochelle

Vincent Larochelle is the handsome goy who represented Hoogland here. He is expensive, but he has a very good reputation.

Larochelle successfully filed an appeal for Rob, arguing that his rights were clearly violated under Canada’s Charter of Rights. On April 30, the British Columbia Court of Appeal granted the application for Rob to be released on $1,000 bail until his appeal hearing, which has been scheduled for Nov. 1, 2021.

Feel free to blitz through this next part. Basically the reinstated the gag order on him until the November court date.

However, the Court of Appeal’s Release Order has outlined several strict stipulations which Rob is required to obey during this time. These include:

  1. A full and thorough reinstatement of the “gag order”: Rob may not in any way, directly or indirectly, identify himself, his daughter, or anyone else involved with his daughter’s situation by name, nor may he discuss or provide documentation about her medical status, mental health, or treatments. He also may not, through any means, identify himself as the father.
  2. He must keep the peace and be of good behavior, and diligently pursue his appeal.
  3. He must maintain his current employment.
  4. He must remain within the province of British Columbia, and surrender his travel documents to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Rob spoke with us a few days after he got home. It was basically to let us know that he was free, because he knew we were very concerned.

He said that he intends to fully abide by all the terms of the Release Order. During the conversation, he did not identify himself by name, nor make any reference to his daughter’s situation or to any of the other people involved.

He talked about his experience in the prison since being incarcerated after his initial hearing in March. Rob was a first-time offender who had violated a gag order – a fairly minor, non-violent crime. But Justice Tammen purposefully placed Rob in the North Fraser Pretrial Centre, which is a high-security facility for violent offenders. It has a history of being a brutal place.

It was horrible, Rob said. He was in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day. But during the one hour he was out of his cell, it was even worse. “It’s a very violent place. You had to be very careful because confrontations happened frequently. And the guards would only step in after a person gets beaten up,” he told us.

This is what I mean when I say I have to redact my thoughts on this judge. He sends this postal worker who has never committed a crime before to this prison full of human filth, just to make an example out of this uppity peasant who dared try saving his daughter. And if you think for one second that he’s this “hard on crime,” type, think again.

Vancouver Sun:

The Newfoundland man was convicted in 2001 of the second-degree murder of his common-law wife, Wanda Martin, 20, who was shot to death in a friend’s home in Richmond in 1994. He lost his appeal, but has maintained his innocence and believes he was wrongfully convicted.

On Wednesday, B.C. Supreme Court Justice Michael Tammen released Skiffington on $100,000 bail after the federal justice minister decided last year that there may have been a miscarriage of justice in his case and that there was a need for further investigation.

It is the first time in B.C. that a convicted murderer has been released on bail pending such a ministerial review.

That man may well be innocent, but rest assured you would not be getting the benefit of the doubt by this cunt. He is just a disgusting creature, and even more repulsive in motion.

BTW, on that plea deal, Mass Resistance explains in more detail.

Mass Resistance:

However, several days before the trial Rob’s lawyer, Carey Linde, announced that he and the Crown (Attorney General) had reached a plea bargain. On April 13, Rob Hoogland would admit to willfully breaching certain orders of the Supreme Court. He would accept 18 months probation and one month for time spent in custody. Thus, Rob would be released from custody on that day!

When the Court convened on the morning of April 13, everyone figured it would all go pretty quickly. Rob’s friends showed up, and were planning to drive him home soon afterwards and celebrate his freedom.

British Columbia Supreme Court Justice Michael Tammen got right to business. He put Rob on the stand, had the clerk read the charges, and asked, “How do you plead?” Rob answered, “Guilty.” The judge asked Rob if he understood that he is giving up his right to a trial. Rob answered, “Yes.”

Then, in a shocking (and frankly dishonest) move, Justice Tammen harshly announced that he was rejecting the plea bargain! He felt that Rob’s actions required much greater punishment – certainly more imprisonment – than the plea bargain called for. Otherwise, he said, “It would bring the administration of justice into dispute.” Rob’s friends in the courtroom were aghast.


Now back to the original article.

While he was in prison, Rob received a letter from a Member of Parliament, Derek Sloan of Ontario, who is an outspoken conservative. MP Sloan was very supportive. He told Rob:

Stay Strong. The biggest changes come from government overreach like this. This is a tough time, but know that you are in the hearts and minds of many. This is a low point, but it’s things like this that will cause your plight to spread and the government to eventually break. You’re in all of our prayers.

Derek Sloan is certainly not our goy. Having said that, he’s too legitimate for the CPC, who gay-op’d him out of the CPC last year.

As for what happened in the November 21st, 2021 trial, I honestly don’t know. I can’t find anything on Mass Resistance. However, I did see Rob Hoogland on the Law Society of BC hearing for Carey Linde. He actually came on before this point, and I edited that part out. I’d love to talk to him, and he seems to be doing as well as he can, under the circumstances.


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