If you don’t know who Ethan Ralph is, good for you. If you want to find out, well go read these articles. Here’s what he looks like.

Anyway he’s headed back to Portugal for some reason. While he’s there some confrontation with another streamer happens.

I think the other random streamer guy was chirping him, so the World’s Sexiest Man Alive comes over to him and starts swinging. It goes about as well as you might expect.

Ethan Ralph doesn’t look like a prizefighter, and it turns out he isn’t one.

There’s some standing around and yelling at each other. Lots of curses. Then we’re introduced to whatever this is.

I’m sorry, let me take a closer look at that.

I think that’s called a Gunt, but I’m not really sure. It’s basically a butt where his stomach should be. I have no idea how a human body even does this, but it’s not unheard of.

Anyway, the video abruptly cuts out with lots of honking as the two e-weirdos square off again. 

What happens next is unknown to me. But who cares, it’s Ethan Ralph. He’s so boring that even when someone is dunking on him it’s still boring.

UPDATE: Telegram and Poast users sent me the following. The idea of ever writing about Ethan Ralph again is depressing, but these images are hilarious, so I’m compromising by dumping them here.

The comment was “you never know if Ralph is coming or going.” Lol.

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  1. So I saw this on poast a while back but did you catch pippa clowning on him?
    I’m not much into these kind of cartoon streamers or whatever but there’s something special about getting destroyed by some girl with a super high pitched voice who (theoretically) isn’t allowed to be mean to people


  2. Ethan the Gunt is never going to stop getting L’s, IMAO!

    1. Guys whole life is an L. Good thing the serious guy great optics Anal First brigade hitched their wagon to that.

  3. Wait this is a separate incident? He got his ass beat in Portugal AGAIN?

    1. Yeah this just happened.

  4. He is a pathetic fat body and an Anglin groupie, perhaps even a closeted homosexual.

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