Manhandling the Manlets: Tiny e-Terrorist Weev Defends anti-White Propagandist Sarah Jeong

You may remember how weev just recently called for terrorism against… Democrats.

This is far from the first time he’s called for other people to do terrorism.

I unequivocally support the killing of children. – Weev

We will not relent until far after their daughters are raped in front of them. We will not relent until far after the eyes of their sons are gouged out before them. We will not relent until the cries of their infants are silenced by our boots stomping out their brains onto the pavement. – Weev

We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children. We must secure this by any means necessary. our enemies have made it clear: us or them. Let it be us. White genocide cannot continue. – Weev

You see Andrew Auernheimer is a super hardcore defender of the HuWhyte Race. He’s so interested in defending the Whyte Race that he’s explicitly calling for the murders of random Black and Mexican children. It’s a super hardcore level of White Race Defending that we’re dealing with here. So hardcore it’s almost like it’s super anti-social garbage put out there by a mentally ill weirdo. But at least if someone is this hardcore of an Aryan Warrior they can be counted on to attack anti-White propagandists when everyone else is.

Daily Wire:

On Thursday, brand new New York Times editorial board hire Sarah Jeong came under fire for three-year-old racist tweets. Here are just a few of them:

The above piece was written by Benny Shapiro in 2018 when the Sarah Jeong scandal was going down. For those of you who don’t know what the scandal was, well just take a look at some of her anti-White tweets.

So some pink haired anti-White. Sounds like a great target for a good old fashioned troll storm.

Trust me, none of this is taken out of context. Sarah Jeong does have a White boyfriend, indicating a weird fetishization for White Men, but there’s no ignoring the extreme anti-White animus of her tweets.

At the time her tweets were unearthed she was being attacked by everyone, and I do mean everyone. From boomercons, to the alt-right, from MAGA plantrusters to grifters like Mike Cernovich, everyone wanted this bitch fired from her New York Times job.

Daily Caller:

The Times fired tech journalist Quinn Norton in February after old tweets surfaced of her making racist and homophobic remarks, despite being a self identified “queer activist.”

And just to be clear, the New York Times had a recent history of firing White Goyim who step out of line. There was no reason to not call for her firing. Although some disagreed…

Can’t remember what site I got this from. Winter something or other.

You may notice that last tweet is from Benny Shapiro. He’s congratulating the (((NYT))) for not firing this anti-White, because of course he is. You see, little Benny Shapiro hates nothing more than cancel culture, except for when he doesn’t.

Getting back to his propaganda piece in the Daily Wire.

Should she have been fired? Nope. We’re living in an age of social media mobbing, and it’s got to stop if we’re ever going to have any semblance of a social fabric left – or if we’re ever going to engage in conversation like normal people without fear of firing every minute. Private corporations obviously have a right to fire employees; there are indeed cases where the toxicity of a person’s current statements or the revelation of past statements about which an employer was ignorant endangers the status of the employer. But this is not one of those cases: The New York Times knew what it was getting when it hired Jeong, and firing her would only encourage the kind of behavior we saw with regard to Kevin Williamson and James Gunn, among others.

So that’s the jew supremacist take. Bloviate about “muh cancel culture,” which he actually supports when it serves his racial interests as a jew, and then pretend to be really principled against it when it hurts Whitey to do that. But I expected no less from Benny. Surely, our Aryan Warrior Weevil will have the correct take. After all, if you support the murder of random and innocent Black Children “for da HuWhyte Race”, surely you must support the firing of an anti-White propagandist that even the cuckiest of boomercons are onboard for, right?

Interestingly, weev and Sarah Jeong had a history together. They were quite cordial with each other on twatter, with jeong mentioning him in at least 11 tweets.

Daily Caller:

In total, TheDCNF found at least 11 conversations on Twitter where Jeong had tagged Weev.

Weev was friendly with a rabidly anti-White propagandist. This girl.

It’s almost like weev just mysteriously became a cringe-inducing nazi LARPer after being mysteriously released from prison. It’s almost like his turn to way over the top anti-social NEON NATZEE is a mysterious and inexplicable phenomenon that’s completely out of character.

Well, no matter. I’m sure this hardcore Aryan Warrior will at least call for Sarah Jeong to be fired like even normie boomers. Here’s the archived link to his statement on Sarah Jeong.

Weev Archived Link:

The Daily Caller has come out with a hit piece against Sarah Jeong because she and I shared some warm conversations on Twitter once.

Ah okay, I see what our brave little Aryan Keyboard Warrior is going for. He’s mad that the Daily Caller is associating himself with this anti-White freak. I’m sure he’s about to explain how he’d rip out her tongue to hear her scream or something like that.

Firstly, I am indeed a Hufflepuff at heart, and I fondly remember the conversations Sarah and I had with one another. I will always value the friendship we shared.

Uh, okay. Guess this is just weevil doing another one of his shitty trolls that aren’t actually funny. Just buttering up the audience for the inevitable over the top terrorism advocacy. Maybe he’ll talk about putting her in a cage and raping her. After all, he and fellow e-gremlin Andrew Anglin talk about doing that to random White Women unprovoked. I’m sure this’ll be no different.

I, of course, find Sarah’s statements that have come under scrutiny in which she is lionizing the psychological torture of the elderly quite disappointing. That being said, I don’t think there’s a person under 35 alive now which has not made an ill advised comment on the Internet. There is nobody alive which will meet the pristine standards of a mob of reactionary fools on the Internet.

Boy, this whole buttering them up stage is lasting a lot longer than I thought it would. I’m kind of pissed off at Sarah here weevil, and this is kind of the one time I’d like to see that incel freak rage. Like, it might actually be appropriate her when directed at Sarah Jeong and the New York Times.

Unfortunately, we live in an increasingly fragile and polarized society, thanks entirely to the political left. 

Is this some sort of jewphemism, weev? This is kind of the time when you’re supposed to be doing over the top Hitler Posting, bro. There’s never been a more appropriate time to rage about the jews than right now, buddy. Let’s get to it.

I think it is high time for us to come up with a new standard. Nobody on any point of the political spectrum should be fired because of their friends, their political opinions, their attendance at political demonstrations, or their perceived beliefs. The power move here for the NYT Editorial Board should be to re-hire Quinn Norton. Similarly, other people who have lost their jobs and other things of value due to Internet mobs and the international deep state should have society scrambling to compensate them and find them new careers with equivalent workloads and income.

No really, his entire piece is this. He explicitly demands that the New York Times not fire Sarah Jeong. 

Most importantly, the left needs to stop screaming “Nazi” at everyone. After 1945 it was not a viable slur. There are no Nazis. There are a handful of street goons numbering less than 100 that dress up in Nazi outfits and use Nazi symbolism but I’m entirely sure they are all federal informants or fools tricked into working for them.

You’d be right weev in thinking that those guys are fed informants. Also, you promoted them. So good job I guess.

There is no legitimate political actor that is standing with these people or cooperating with them. I literally do not include a single person in my peer group that cooperates with the National Socialist Movement, America’s preeminent neo-Nazi organization. They have around a couple dozen people that show up to events and made trouble since the seventies. Nobody at all wants them around, but unfortunately it is a free country and we cannot stop federal COINTEL assets from showing up to tarnish legitimate political demonstrations and discussions. When I have told reporters I am a “neo-Nazi white supremacist” I am making fun of them in the same manner as when I told them I was the “President of the Gay Nigger Association of America,” because it’s obviously an entirely ridiculous statement.

Andrew Auernheimer, the guy who unironically called for terrorism to be done against random Mexican children, not to mention the children of federal agents, has the exact same opinion on Sarah Jeong as jew supremacist Ben Shapiro. Pretty much down to the letter. Down to the “muh left, muh leftists, when muh left calls us natzeeees that’s ridonculous,” bit.

Remember when he printed those flyers.

Those who have legitimately been wronged should make their case in the free and open marketplace of ideas. The world must stop functioning by career and social destruction of anyone that dares to question social dogmas or use crude language in relation to race on Twitter. This assertion is an act of charity towards the political left, as we are coming remarkably close to bloodshed thanks to their polarization and my team has all the guns and combat training. The abrupt end of the path that they have set the world on approaches soon, and they’re going to lament what awaits them there.

I said it’s Benny Shapiro’s opinion, but weevil makes sure to throw in some terrorism LARPing as well. Remember children, never act politically. Never exert political will. Always side with (((conservatives))) while publicly advocating for terrorism.

I apologize to Sarah Jeong that she is becoming collateral damage to my troublemaking. I similarly apologized to Quinn Norton, in private. I pray for their families, and I pray that society is changed to accommodate all of our participation in the common marketplace of ideas. However, I doubt that the left is mature enough to allow freedom to ring and this will shortly be settled with high velocity post-transition metals and large exothermic reactions. C’est la vie; c’est la guerre.

God this guy was such a fag. 

I say was because it’s not like this fag actually does anything political these days.

Other than call for terrorism to his 47 followers on Poast before getting holocausted off of that site.

But I want to share a personal story about this faggot. I don’t have any screencaps of this, but when I was on the Daily Stormer’s old forum, The Goyim Know, we were talking about Identity Evropa. They were doing something and I brought up that one time that IE had gotten some anti-White academic fired.


So much for a quiet holiday week at Drexel University.

The Philadelphia college was rocked on Christmas Eve by a tweet from one of its professors, in which he was dreaming not of a white Christmas, but of a white massacre.

Ciccariello-Maher’s tweets are private, but they’ve been reported by the Philadelphia Inquirer as saying “All I Want for Christmas is White Genocide.”

He reportedly followed this up with another tweet on Christmas Day, saying “To clarify: when the whites were massacred during the Haitian Revolution, that was a good thing indeed.

This was so explicitly anti-White that even CNN wrote the above piece, and they don’t even try to spin this. They pretty much just straight up tell you what happened.

Washington Post:

The threats began last December, when Drexel University professor George Ciccariello-Maher tweeted that all he wanted for Christmas was white genocide.

This week, he resigned, after a year of enduring unrelenting harassment and death threats for his controversial tweets, he said.

“After a year of harassment by right-wing, white supremacist media outlets and Internet mobs, after death threats and threats of violence directed against me and my family, my situation has become unsustainable,” he wrote in a statement on Facebook.

How is this related to Identity Evropa? Well they went out and protested at this university. They didn’t do some retarded weev shit where they sent impotent terrorism threats through the printer machines. Nor did they do cuckservative “muh left,” bullshit. Instead, they just printed up various statements he had made that were anti-White, and there were far more than just the aforementioned tweets, and attached the statement “anti-White,” to them. Nothing else, just that.

None of these propaganda outlets covered that, because they don’t want Whitey getting the right ideas of how to actually effectively protest. It was such effective propaganda that it’s essentially buried now, although I’m sure some people have some evidence of this floating around somewhere. 

I brought this up to the forum as a kind of activism we should do. And keep in mind, this was 2016-18. This was the height of weev himself promoting neo-nazi LARPer fed honeypot atomwaffen. He wanted young White Men to go put up these kinds of posters.

So surely you’d think he’d be a big fan of something less anti-social and cringe, right? Well, you’d be wrong. Almost instantly he replied with,

“Do you want my guys to get a tort?”

For those of you who don’t know.


tort is a civil wrong[1] (other than breach of contract) that causes a claimant to suffer loss or harm, resulting in legal liability for the person who commits the tortious act. In some, but not all, civil and mixed law jurisdictions, the term delict is used to refer to this category of civil wrong, though it can also refer to criminal offences in some jurisdictions and tort is the general term used in comparative law.[a] The word tort stems from Old French via the Norman Conquest and Latin via the Roman Empire.[3] The word ‘tort’ was first used in a legal context in the 1580s,[b] although different words were used for similar concepts prior to this time.

What weev was pretending was that if you ever try to get someone fired from their job by putting up the things they have said, then you are 100% going to be getting successfully sued, and he was just such a Serious Guy that he couldn’t even consider the possibility of doing something like that. 

Oh I mean it was fine that he was promoting a fed honeypot that resulted in numerous young White Men getting thrown in jail. No, that’s fine. He bears no responsibility for that. But doing popular activism that average everyday people could get behind, where you put up posters of some anti-White academic saying indefensible things? Absolutely beyond the pale. Suddenly the little e-midget with no legal training is a learned legal scholar, and he knows you’re just a bad actor trying to get his boys thrown in jail with a tort.

In another conversation I had with the guy, he was going on and on about how much average everyday Americans loved the Republican Party. So I said that actually no, I’m way more normal than the weirdos in the GOP, and the things that we believe are popular with normal people. I mentioned, as one of many examples, actually opposing censorship by trillion dollar multinationals, and punishing the people who lie us into wars. He literally deleted my comment, and said something like.

What is this guy talking about, normies absolutely hate us. We have to work through the Republican Party.

Contradictory Beliefs of the Manlet Cult:

  1. Send hyper anti-social pamphlets advocating for terrorism against innocent children supposedly on behalf of the Whyte Race to colleges around the US. This probably breaks some computer laws, but it doesn’t matter. Break laws for da HuWhyte Race, and be so hardcore that you’re at the child murder stage.
  2. Parrot (((Benny Shapiro’s))) talking points with regards to anti-White propagandist Sarah Jeong and the (((New York Times))) malicious double standard in not firing her. Remember, when it’s popular to attack jews and defend Whites, that’s when you most definitely do not do that. Instead make appeals to “muh principles,” and “muh cancel culture.” 

As always, these beliefs are retarded and contradictory. This hyper-loser faggot sending insanely anti-social terrorism pamphlets is obviously harmful to any serious pro-White activist. It is designed to make White Advocacy look evil, stupid, and impotent. 

Not joining in with even basic bitch boomercons who are calling for the firing of an anti-White propagandist from the New York Times is also indefensible. You have a textbook example of an anti-White outrage that you can use to actually get tangible results for White People, at the very least by further discrediting the New York Times. There is literally no reason to not do this.

But of course, you combine the two and you get the guy calling for terrorism against random Mexican kids making apologies for extreme anti-White rhetoric and the (((New York Times). 

Contradictory Beliefs of the Manlet Cult:

  1. Join Atomwaffen, the great optics fed honeypot that probably breaks ten different laws everytime they put up some cringe inducing poster that makes every normal person want nothing to do with them. Breaking the law is fine, and you should encourage people to join organizations that break the law constantly, especially if they’re run by feds. Also, it’s okay to target certain professors classrooms for this, as long as you don’t include anything anti-White that they say, for maximum cringe and minimum effect. Also, flat out do terrorism, goy. Breaking laws is fine. Tort, what’s that?
  2. Do not under any circumstance put up posters targeting anti-White professors by showing the World the things they actually say. That would be popular. Uh, I mean, that would result in you getting sued for a tort, and the most miniscule amount of legal risk is simply too high of a price to pay. It doesn’t matter how effective the action is, if there’s the slightest chance that you might have to defeat a frivolous lawsuit in court, you just can’t do it.

And my personal favourite.

  1. Don’t ever do any real life actions. That’s just a fed honeypot waiting to happen. You will get instantly thrown in jail magically, and anyone telling you to break non-existent laws is themselves a fed.
  2. Do terrorism for Republicans. What? Breaking the law? Who cares about that?

Remember goyim, never form your own political party, because (((Sheldon Adelson’s))) GOP and the Democrat Party are super popular with normal people. Never do real life events, you’ll just get thrown in jail instantly and anyone saying otherwise is a fed. Instead, as internet censorship ramps up, make sure to stay purely on the internet, so as to make sure that you will never achieve anything politically.

Although it’s okay if your real life activities are Atomwaffen’s fed honeypot, or Juan Fuentes’s Grift the Steal retard rally. As long as you aren’t doing anything politically effective, then it’s okay.

In reality, always do the opposite of what the spiteful little mutant says. Form political parties. Do real life events. Don’t send pro-terrorism pamphlets to college campuses. Do attack anti-White academics and try to get them fired. Do try to get anti-White propagandists fired. Do run for office. Don’t vote cuckservative ever again.

There is no question that these tiny mutants did serious harm to any real pro-White movement, but my hope is that they merely delayed the inevitable. But the little mutants op is over, and the Catboi Cult, a sister op, has imploded. He has been reduced to being some mentally ill schizo posting, while almost 40 I might add, on a forum called Gamer Uprising. Surrounded by a dwindling audience of 40 year old pretend zoomers who are thankfully such pussies that they’ll never go out and do the terrorism he wants them to do.

This has been a cathartic series for me, but I’m already mostly done with this. I can’t wait to cross that finish line and never talk about these fags ever again.

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  1. weev may be a jew but his case for violence isnt answerable by anonymous Rake or any of the NJP clowns who are conservatives who dont realize it. when you’re up on hate crimes for calling someone a fag, this might dawn on you.

    1. “weev may be a jew but”
      Let me stop you right there. No need to continue further.

      1. Buddy over here can’t even capitalize his sentences. It’s not that hard to write coherently, so maybe he should try doing it. Especially when he’s snarkily whining about us not being able to answer Weev’s pathetic “case for violence,” against those DEMONrats so that Mitch McConnell can win more elections.

  2. Here’s a much simpler explanation – weev is simping for Jeong because he has a bad case of yellow fever just like his decrepit genetic dead-end of a boss.

    1. Or he’s a kike.

    2. Here’s an even simpler explanation: Jeong and weev are both SomethingAwful goons and what weev did there was defending a fellow goonette against the outgroup. If this behaviour reminds you of a certain ethnoreligious minority then don’t be suprised, they’re known as the “Jews of the Internet” for a reason.

      1. Certainly that’s possible, but it’s still entirely discrediting to that little e-midget’s “serious guy pro-White activism,” or whatever garbage he used to pretend.

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