It’s been a while since our last installment. I’ve known roughly what I wanted to say for a while, but it’s taken me a great deal longer to write it out. In part this is because this chapter is twenty eight pages, as opposed to the previous chapters two, and in part this is due to the subject matter. In this piece I’ll be going over CJ Miller’s introduction to the chapter.

Most comprehensive collections of Adolf Hitler’s speeches begin in 1922, when his speeches began to be systematically transcribed. Hitler began public speaking in a political capacity in 1919, and by 1920 was making enough of a stir in the tumultuous local political scene for several Munich newspapers10 to take notice, but his speeches from this era were, for the most part, neither recorded nor transcribed. Throughout his entire speaking career, his speeches were generally loosely centered on a few key themes, and then almost entirely improvised, so there are no scripts or even detailed notes to draw from. If we want to gain an idea of the content of these early speeches, we must largely rely on police and intelligence records, as well as the Munich press of the time.

Improvisation is key, and is the main reason why Hitler believed speech to be such a powerful medium. Anyone who has a solid grasp of the issues they’re talking about can talk for at least some length of time on them. But with speeches, you can do back and forth with the crowd with some pre-planned interludes, as well as veering your speech in a direction to please the crowd. 

However, it is impressive just how improvised Hitlers speeches were. Having a few point form notes and then doing a two hour speech is something most people have no ability to do. It’s possible that this strategy simply would not work without such a talented orator.

When he read the antisemitic pamphlets, he was put off once again because “they all began by assuming the reader had at least some degree of knowledge about the Jewish question,” and moreover because “they were partly superficial and their ‘proofs’ were incredibly unscientific.” 

Unscientific accusations leveled at jews? Where have we heard that before? Oh right, all the time. Because remember goyim, when you can point out the malicious hypocrisy of the ADL, it’s important to not do that, and instead make up retarded accusations that can be easily deboonked by the average redditor and make the goyim look retarded.

Here’s an actual exchange I had with some retard on KiwiFarms.

RETARD: to sperg out some more, “baby formula is good because women don’t produce enough breast milk” baby formula didn’t exist until the 1930s. If women always couldn’t produce enough breast milk, humanity would be extinct. Maybe we should be trying to figure out what’s making women not produce enough breast milk so white people don’t go extinct. Nah, just listen to podcasts.

Someone in the white nationalist sphere with a medical background should be looking into what the Israeli government health care system says about these issues. If the narrative is, Jews are genociding whites while trying to increase their own fertility, simply copying what Jews do in Israel should be a pretty safe bet. But of course, that would require doing real research and TRS is too lazy for that.

My response, printed verbatim.

You are actually retarded. Some percent of women have always struggled to produce enough breast milk. That’s what wet nurses were for historically.

I think this guy might be extremely clever, and trying to make criticism of Schlomo retarded. Focus on foreign wars for Israel? Nah. Anti-White shit coming from jews? Nah. Much better to make up some retarded shit about White Women, who are actually the group that uses the least formula, are something something seed oils Israeli Khazar Titties the milk must flow White Babies dying of thirst from no breast milk.

People on the internet, I swear to god.

And I forgot all these zionist jews lying us into Iraq and Afghanistan, and trying their hardest to lie us into Syria. But focus on them using lies to achieve mass murder for the geopolitical interest of Israel? Absolutely not, that would be popular! Focus on them literally running the “refugee,” camps in Greece, and being responsible for shipping out tens of thousands of third worlders to us here in Canada while also building a gigantic wall around their racial state of Israel and doing violent racial cleansings of the goyim over there? Absolutely not, that would be popular!

Conspiratards needs to be ruthlessly exterminated from any real political movement. They might have a small, or even large online following. That’s purely because the internet can bring 0.1% of the schizo-adjacent population. Do that for the US, with a population of 350 million, and you’ve got 350 thousand people, all of whom are despised and ridiculed by the average person, and for good reason.

If I’m going to be fighting against “human rights tribunals,” created by B’Nai Brith, slander and censorship straight from the ADL, or yet another war that (((David Frum and friends))) are trying to lie us into, I don’t want to be associated with some dipshits who think that a temporary shortage of baby formula is a secret jew plot to murder the HuWhyte Race. I get that there are some people online who are entertained by this stuff. I get that there is a smaller audience that actually believes it. I get that the tabloids in Hitlers day also capitalized on this garbage, but it’s retarded and discrediting and I’m not going to have any of that junk tangentially related to me.

Although Hitler still served in the military at this time, even being elected as his unit’s representative for the soldiers’ councils, and thus by extension technically served under these revolutionary governments, according to close comrades who knew him at the time, he had nothing but hatred for the chaos of the revolution and the Reds who carried it out, to such an extent that once Munich was retaken by the Reichswehr and the rebellion crushed, the officers put him in charge of rooting out former revolutionaries among the Army’s ranks.

My dream job would be rounding up antifa types. Words cannot express my jealousy of Hitler here.

Shortly thereafter, Hitler was selected to become a military intelligence agent in an anti-communist educational program. Here he further developed both his political ideas and his extraordinary talent for public speaking, of which he himself was apparently quite conscious. The Army intelligence at the time considered surveillance of the political scene for the purpose of preventing another revolution one of its primary objectives. To that end, and in one of the many historically fateful turns of events that seem to have constantly befallen him, Hitler was assigned to monitor the tiny Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (German Workers’ Party, DAP for short).

This is one of the funniest parts of Adolf Hitler’s story. For all the bloviating people do about “muh feds,” to the point of cowardice induced paralysis, where these fags tell you not to do anything in real life, Adolf Hitler was literally a fed who people liked so much that they put him in charge of their political party. It worked out pretty well for them.

When you put a fed in charge of your political party…

I’m not sure if there are any real lessons to be gleaned from that, I just think it’s funny.

An early challenge to Hitler’s growing power came from within the Party, when several founding members, including Party Chairman Anton Drexler, wanted to merge it with the rival Deutschsozialistische Partei (German Socialist Party, DSP for short, a nationalist party with a very similar platform to the NSDAP). Hitler balked at the idea of the Party being absorbed into someone else’s movement, and, in a bold political maneuver, threatened to leave the Party. The other leaders all knew that without Hitler to bring in audiences and revenues from ticket sales and donations from his speeches, their party would not survive. He thus forced them into the position of pleading for him to stay. Hitler remained in the NSDAP only on the condition that it remain independent, and that he replace Drexler as chairman. His gambit was fully vindicated: as the DSP declined and eventually folded, the NSDAP absorbed most of its membership, notably including Julius Streicher, the future publisher of the NSDAP tabloid newspaper Der Stürmer.

This is not the only time that Hitler and the NSDAP viciously attacked similar parties, and with good cause. For some strange reason, I have to remind people that crushing your enemies is important. There is nothing as subversive as the fake friend who can be relied upon to fold, or stab us in the back when it matters most.

Meanwhile Hitler, now in undisputed control of his organization, led the NSDAP to new heights. The following speech drew an audience of two thousand and, if the NSDAP’s own transcription is to be believed, was frequently punctuated by applause, raucous cheering, laughter at Hitler’s occasional jokes, and shouts of agreement. As the veracity of these audience interjections cannot be ascertained, seeing as the objective impartiality of the transcriber is questionable at best, most of these interjections are not included in this translation, except for a few near the beginning, just to give a flavor of the atmosphere in the hall.

I’m actually ending this section right here. As I’ve said before, it is very difficult for me to not simply quote the entire book, I find it that interesting. But I feel that we’ve learned enough from this piece, and I can’t have them going on forever. Tomorrow we’ll get to the speech itself.

As an addendum, I’ll be publishing a new piece in this series every day, since I find every second day took me out of the flow too much.

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