Last chapter we saw Hitler sperging out on the topic of work and the Heebs. I’m far from a defender of the (((ADL))), Israel, or zionism more broadly, so don’t take that the wrong way. My criticism was simply that there was a lot of legitimate autism about work and other topics, and it almost seemed like Hitler was trying to impress an audience of spergs, rather than speaking normally. 

This book, In His Own Words, is so excellent that it deserves to be quoted in full, but I can’t do that. Instead I have to focus on some things, and ignore others. So when I first reviewed this chapter I left out a section that is not simply brilliant on its own, but has almost unbelievable relevance to the recent actions of Patriot Front, and the koshervative duplicitous backstabbing and whining about them.

Familiarize yourself with those articles I just linked, and then read this speech Adolf Hitler gave on August 15th, 1920. Words spoken just over a century ago.

And when we see, for example, in these Jewish journals, how they dictate that every Jew is obliged to enter the struggle against every antisemite, whoever and wherever he may be, then it follows that every German, whoever and wherever he may be, must become an antisemite. For if the Jew has a racial determination, so do we, and we are obliged to carry it out. For it seems to us inseparable from the social idea, and we do not believe that a state can ever exist on earth with lasting internal health if it is not built on internal social justice.

You might be taken aback at the term “social justice.” This simply meant “social justice,” in their time, and not “I’m a pansexual negro tranny with a boner for Israel and also your children.” In one of the greatest examples of “the left can’t meme,” ever, these people simply appropriated that term from a bunch of ex-WWI Infantry veterans running an actual working class movement fighting against International Finance Capital.

But that’s not the important part, this is.

And so we have joined forces in this knowledge, and when we finally came together, there was only one big question: how should we actually christen ourselves? As a party? A bad name! Notorious, discredited in the mouths of everyone, and hundreds asked us, “Why did you call yourselves a party? When I hear that word I go mad,” and others explained to us. “It’s completely unnecessary for us to organize ourselves officially; it is enough to spread systematic knowledge of the danger of Jewry, and the individual, on the basis of this knowledge, can begin to remove the Jewish influence from himself.” I very much suspect that this whole beautiful train of thought was devised by none other than a Jew himself.

I hate to even provide commentary and break this up.

They then went on to tell us, “It is not necessary to organize politically; it is sufficient to take away the Jew’s economic power. Only organize economically, that is where salvation and the future lie.” Here, too, I assume that it was a Jew who first put forth this idea, for one thing has become clear to us: in order to free our economy from these vises, it is necessary to fight the pathogen in the politically organized struggle of the masses against their oppressors.

Woah! This Hitler guy is saying that you have to actually organize and fight politically? Sounds like we’ve got a fed on our hands.

Well actually, Hitler was a fed, but not once he was running the party. But it’s so interesting how Hitler had to deal with these same pathetic cowards back in his day as we have to now. And he’s not done.

It was clear to us that systematic knowledge is worthless and its deepening can serve no purpose unless it becomes the basis for an organization of the masses to carry out what we feel is necessary on the basis of our knowledge, and that only the broad masses of our people can be considered for this organization; for in this we differ from all those who are still would-be saviors of Germany today, whether Bothmer or Ballerstedt and so on, that we are of the opinion that this future strength of our people is not to be sought in the Odeon bar or the Bonbonnière, but in the countless workshops into which that strength flows day after day and out at noon and evening, that the only hope of our people for the future lies in these millions of hard-working, healthy people.

Ballerstedt was a political rival of Hitler. As CJ Miller explains in a footnote, Hitler himself stormed one of Ballerstedt’s speeches with some men, and assaulted him. Ballerstedt pressed charges, and Hitler paid a fine and went to jail for a short stint. It shows Hitler understood the importance of crushing your enemies and fake friends. And if you think that two (then) political party leaders assaulting each other was the height of Weimar Republic political violence, then my goodness is the next chapter going to blow you away.

It also showed that he understood that so-called Democracy is fake. It doesn’t matter how many people believe something. If the privileged class doesn’t want it, you’re not getting it. Only if there is a political vehicle that truly represents people can this popular will be enacted through this intentionally corrupt system.

Anyway, this next part of his speech is so perfect, that I didn’t bold any of it. I simply could not arbitrarily choose which parts of perfection were to be cast down by comparison. 

We realized that if this movement does not reach the broad masses, if it does not organize them, then everything is in vain, then we will never succeed in liberating our people and we will never be able to think of rebuilding our Fatherland. Salvation will never come from above; it can and will only come from the broad masses, from the bottom up. And when we came to this realization and decided to form a party, a political party that wishes to enter uncompromisingly into the political struggle for the future, another voice rang out to us: “Do you believe that you few will be able to achieve this, do you really believe that you few men can do this?”

For we realized that we were indeed facing an immeasurable struggle, but that nothing had yet been created on earth by men that other men could not destroy, and a further conviction arose within us that it could not be a question of whether we think we can do it. If it is right and necessary, then it is no longer a question of whether we want to do it, but of our duty to do what we feel is necessary. We did not ask for money and supporters, but we decided to go forth, and when others are working for a whole lifetime to get perhaps a little house, or to create a carefree old age for themselves, then we truly consider it worth living to have begun this most difficult struggle. Should we win—and we are convinced that we will—we may go to the grave destitute, but we will have helped to bring about the great movement that will now sweep across Europe and the whole world.

It may seem impossible to take on the corrupt and evil system that laughs as we die of opiate overdoses.

That lies us into wars.

That celebrates pedophiles being given access to children, and tries to jail the people who fight against this.

That gives permanently sterilizing hormonal treatment to children as young as thirteen years old, and celebrates this as just.

That pretends that blatant anti-White slanders are to be treated as fact.

That denies our people the right to have a Black who tortured one of our children to death face so much as a life sentence, out on parole after ten years.

That lectures us about imaginary “hate crimes,” and yet absolutely refuses to press one single hate crime charge when over 20 churches here are burned to the ground after a fake, made up slander about all expenses paid boarding schools being secret genocide facilities because children were taught how to do math.

That has trillion dollar multinational corporations censor us based on the arbitrary whim of an organization that was founded to get a jew who raped and murdered a thirteen year old White Child, Mary Phagan, off without punishment.

An institution that then lectures everyone else about “hate,” and “discrimination,” while making excuses for the violent racial cleansings of the goyim in the middle east.

To say nothing of the trillions that are simply stolen each year for more mundane purposes. Maybe all in one go, maybe in dribs and drabs.

There are some who might say that it is an insurmountable task to destroy a regime that controls the banks, the propaganda, the public spaces online through censorship, the payment processors, the very money supply itself, and has a corrupt judiciary and political police at their beck and call. And to those people Hitler and I would say that you need to nut the fuck up and stop being such a little bitch. You only get one life, and there is no higher purpose than dedicating it to stomping the boot of justice down on the beady eyed face of evil.

The truth is, whether you believe in the Christian god or whatever else, there is such thing as the afterlife. The World will not stop with your inevitable death, whether that be as an old man being beaten to death by the “help,” or as a young man being shot by the police. As you live in the afterlife of your forebearers, our children will live in yours. You have a duty to all who came before you, and all who came after you, to do everything you can for Our People.

What is needed is not “raising awareness,” at this point. Or at least not solely that. What is needed is direct political organization, that pushes for tangible results. Whether that be embarrassing corrupt judges, interrupting antifa groomer sessions, running for office first locally, or even trying to get some anti-White cunt to lose her CD Baby account. Organized political action for concrete purpose is the only thing worth your time. Ignore everyone biting at your ankles as you do this. They are the minority.

The internet is a great tool. It was better before the (((ADL))) got massive censorship everywhere, but it’s still incredibly useful. Understand though, that the person whining at you from the other side of the screen will never do anything in the real World, where it actually matters. These people may have concocted a myriad of copes for why them doing nothing somehow, someway makes them superior to actual men of action. But they are just that, copes, and are not to be taken seriously.

It truly is amazing how timeless Hitlers speeches are. There are some German, or even Weimar peculiarities, no doubt, but serious political actors have always had to deal with the low testosterone ankle biting brigade. Yes, you need to form a political party. There is no other solution.

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