I didn’t watch the last World Cup, and I wasn’t planning on changing that this year. I considered writing a piece on the fans from all nations being mean to Israeli propagandists who showed up to the games. That was pretty funny, but I ultimately decided that it wasn’t worth my time.

The pre-tournament favourites were a Who’s Who of Kalergi Plan economic zones headed up by the mystery meat factory known as Brazil. Although in fairness, I re-checked and it turns out Argentina was considered the second favourite, according to SportsDaily. Still, they were sandwhiched by France, England, and a whole bunch of economic zones masquerading as nations.

Brazilian team

Aside from the uppity goyness shown by the fans flying Palestinian flags, my eye was caught by the all-White Argentinian team and especially the all-White Croatian team doing extremely well. They both got to the semi-finals, where Argentina beat Croatia to advance to the finals versus the “French” team. Croatia played the mystery meats of Morocco, and won 2-1 in the bronze medal game on Saturday.

“All-White teams do very well but ultimately Kalergi wins the finals,” isn’t that exciting of a headline, so I put off on writing about it. But this morning we had the gold medal game between Argentina and France. How did that go? Pretty damn well for the good guys.

I didn’t bother watching the start of the game, and only turned it on when it was already 2-2 in the second overtime period. Adolf And Friends had gotten out to a 2-0 lead, but the Kalergi Superstars struck back, with some negro named Mbappe or something like that scoring twice. Just after I turned it on Lionel Messi, a man who may be a direct descendent of the natzees who escaped to Argentina, scored making it 3-2. It looked like it was over, but some mystery meat took a shot at the Argentinian goal which hit a defenders elbow, and the economic region of France was gifted a penalty shot. Mbappe got to take it and scored, tying the game.

It remained tied and they went to penalty kicks. I could barely look at the screen as The White team repeatedly buried their balls deep into the soft netting of international finance capital. In contrast, Team African found their balls repeatedly rejected by the goalkeeper for the HuWhyte Race.


Seriously, the French team trotted out an all-African lineup of penalty kickers. The only White player I saw for them was their goalie. And one of these Africans missed the net entirely. What a way to lose. The “English” team lost this way in 2021, with some Africans who don’t even normally take penalty kicks losing it for them, but today it was France’s turn.


It didn’t even take all five kicks, as Team Fascism had locked up the victory by the fourth. Seriously, this is a team full of Germans, Italians, and Spanish playing for the country that was kind enough to take in the Good Guys after World War 2. They won, Israel lost.

It was the only game of soccer that I have ever seen, and also the best.

UPDATE: Here’s the game.

And here are some based Argentinians.

Good for them.

God bless.

Closeted homosexual Emmanuel Macron feels up Mbappe after the game. It’s very cringe inducing and Mbappe clearly does not want this homosexual anywhere near him. Also, someone said that Mbappe dates trannies, so I looked it up and it’s true.

But Macron was too disturbing to the mulatto tranny fucker. That’ll be a hard pass for him.

All the more reason to cheer on The Lord’s Chosen Soccer Team.

UPDATE: Adolf Quisling on BANG says that the second French negro who missed his penalty kicks is named Aurelien, a bastardized spelling of Aurelius, arguably the greatest Roman emperor of all time. Quisling claims that Marcus Aurelius was so enraged at this cultural appropriation that he forced the negro to miss the net entirely. Our fact-checkers say that this is likely, though not confirmed.

Hail Total (soccer) Victory.


Argentinian fans remain extremely based.

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  1. Argentina seems like a very cool country. the Patagonia region is very similar looking to our rocky mountains and high elevation “painted” looking deserts in Wyoming.

  2. Quote of the month: “Because we are a country. We are not a Disney movie written by faggots with aids.”

  3. Soccer is the only sport.

    I was gonna be a baseball pitcher and I woulda kicked arse, pitched a few no-hitters in some little senior league and struck out 3 innings in a row more than once.

    But all other sports are faggotry I learned after playing soccer – the ultimate high after you spit out blood from exhaustion – we won norcal and then had to play beaners from LA that were 3 years older than us and of course lost.

    But soccer is lame as hell now with laws against slide tackles and refs calling every faggoty thing resulting in academy awards of acting and a ruined game.

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