We left off with Anglin having totally ruined a productive lawsuit against a zionist terrorist in Tanya Gersh. The two e-midget Andy’s had successfully raised their profile temporarily by LARPing like they were throwing a retard rally “targeting jews,” in Whitefish, Montana. This had ruined Spencer’s lawsuit, but that was besides the point. Only unserious WiGNaTs who don’t even like rap music care about getting real political victories.

But the seething manlet wasn’t content to simply throw a retarded and counterproductive fake rally. Instead he felt the need to harass Tanya Gersh and her 12 year old son. And make no mistake, he explicitly told his followers to harass them.

Unfortunately, he appears to have taken down the original articles. And no, I’m using the current domain, it still doesn’t work. As a result, unless someone can give me the archived link to these pieces, I can’t directly quote him. What I can do is paint the picture of what happened using his other archived pieces, along with direct quotes from enemy propagandists. Such as this one from April 18th, 2017.

SPLC Website:

The Southern Poverty Law Center, along with its Montana co-counsel, filed suit in federal court today against the founder of a major neo-Nazi website who orchestrated a harassment campaign that has relentlessly terrorized a Jewish woman and her family with anti-Semitic threats and messages.

The lawsuit describes how Andrew Anglin used his web forum, the Daily Stormer – the leading extremist website in the country – to publish 30 articles urging his followers to launch a “troll storm” against Tanya Gersh, a real estate agent in Whitefish, Montana. Gersh, her husband and 12-year-old son have received more than 700 harassing messages since December.

They even include a graphic that the stormer retards had put together, possibly Anglin himself, which shows the faces of Tanya Gersh, as well as her 12 year old son and two other jews, possibly random faces.

“Tell them you are sickened by their Jew agenda,” Anglin wrote under the headline “Jews Targeting Richard Spencer’s Mother for Harassment and Extortion – TAKE ACTION!” The post included Gersh’s contact information. It also included photographs of Gersh, her husband and son. One was altered to include a yellow Star of David with the label “Jude” – an allusion to the emblem the Nazi regime required Jews to wear during World War II.

Anglin launched his campaign of harassment and intimidation with these words: “Let’s Hit Em Up. Are y’all ready for an old fashioned Troll Storm? Because AYO – it’s that time, fam.”

First of all, I don’t condone this kind of harassment, even if he had gotten away with it legally. Secondly, how retarded do you need to be to do this kind of thing under your real name on your personal website? 

And make no mistake, this was targeted harassment. And it wasn’t just a one off thing either.


In response to Ms. Spencer’s claims, the SPLC states that Anglin published over 30 articles targeting the real estate agent. The first article was published one day after Ms. Spencer made these claims.

“Mr. Anglin encouraged readers to call Ms. Gersh ‘and tell her what you think. And hey—if you’re in the area, maybe you should stop by and tell her in person what you think of her actions,‘” reads the statement of claim.

The SPLC alleges in further articles Anglin released Gersh’s cellphone number and the address of her husband’s office.

The SPLC alleges that these trolls inundated Gersh and her family with over 700 threatening messages, phone calls and emails since December.

But you might be thinking that these sources are unfair. While much of what they say is simply objectively true, there’s no question that you’re going to get a biased, one sided account from the SPLC of all places.

While I can’t get a link to the original “troll storm,” article, I do have another article written by him just three days later, on December 19th, 2016. This should shed some light on what the manlet was up to.

Archived Stormer Link:

Okay, so I’m going to be a day late on the new list of targets in Whitefish. I’ll have it in the morning, so get your phone and your talking voice ready.

That’s the very start of the article. I didn’t edit anything out. He explicitly refers to “targets,” and tells people to get their phones ready.

We’ve been getting a whole lot of harassment since we started the campaign against Tanya Gersh and the Jewish terrorist network called “Love Lives Here” in Whitefish, Montana.
Our web host recently received this notice from a Mr. Scott Kelley Ernest:

Scott Kelley Ernest

This Scott guy is a complete and utter fag, and it’s a bit of a shame he was attacking Anglin, since he almost makes the seething Defender of Harvey Weinstein look cool by comparison. Earnest had, like a little weasel, demanded that the Weinstein Simper’s web host delete specific articles where Anglin posted the doxxes of Tanya Gersh’s family, and advocated for them to be harassed. 

Maybe instead of harassing people on the internet, he needs to get some exercise?
Or at least read a book about food?
Looking at his disqus profile, he’s also a homosexual, a libertarian and a reader of the SPLC blog “Hatewatch.”
He appears to have found out about us on an article on LQBTQnation.com, where he commented.
Nah, scratch that. He commented on an article on us on the SPLC’s site back in November.

Apparently this queer is some “former White Nationalist,” who got assblasted at Der Stormer after reading an article on LGBTQnation. Or at least according to Anglin. I can’t verify how much of that is true, but I mean, just look at the guy. Scott Kelley Ernest certainly deserved to have someone wedgie him.

But then again, Tanya Gersh deserved far worse. The question is, did Anglin send spergs to go harass these people?

Mr. Ernest is using school resources to hunt down people people whose politics he disagrees with and have their freedoms shut down. 

Harassing private individuals using school resources is a big no-no.
You should contact his office.
His numbers are:
His email is


As an aside, for some strange technical reason I can’t copy paste the linked article into WordPress, or it gets messed up. As a result, I have to copy each line in one by one, and do some shuffling around to get it to work halfway decently. This makes Anglin’s writing style, where he believes that every single sentence is worthy of a new paragraph break for no particular reason, even more aggravating then usual. I’m compressing this when quoting him below.

More importantly – contact his boss and ask them if they are okay with employees using school resources to shut down people’s protected free speech. He’s at the College of Education, Health and Human Development. Main phone numbers:


Dean/Assistant Dean Emails:
Dr. Alison Harmon
Dean (Interim) of the College:
Kayte Kaminski
Assistant Dean/
Director of Student Success:
Ask that he be fired for using school resources to try and end freedom.

Here we see Andrew Anglin trying to get this fat retard Scott Kelley Ernest fired. This was the exact thing that fellow e-midget weev scolded me for, but in a far more retarded fashion, when I said that we should try getting anti-White university professors fired by putting up quotes of the things they say. Of course, it’s fine when Anglin tells his followers to go and harass some guy and every single place he may or may not have worked in an attempt to get him fired.

Here’s some more information about him and ways to contact him from his Facebook page:
Heathen – Treehugger – Nutrition & Community Health Student – Artisan – Gamer – Headbanger
Sole Proprietorship at Montana Sasquatch
Former DSL Tech Support at Convergys
Former Travel Agent at 800 Travel Systems
Former CSR at TeleTech
Former ER Registration/Admitting at Winter Haven Hospital
Former Security Supervisor at Security Alliance
Studies Community Health at Montana State University
Studied General Studies at Flathead Valley Community College
Studied Health Information Management at Polk State College
Kik: WaesHael.
Snapchat: WaesHael.
Steam: WaesHael.
Gamertag: WaesHael
These are his other names:
Mjodr Gregorisson
Blood and Mead
Blood and Honey

Anglin talks a big game about how he’s a real boy now.

We need to make it clear to all of these people that there are consequences for messing with us. We are not a bunch of babies to be kicked around. We will take revenge. And we will do it now.
Yeah take that! Anglin might be the size of a baby, but he’s not going to be disrespected like one online.

Later – later comes something much, much worse. But that comes later. Right now, you’re getting fired, losing your businesses and so on. We have to do this. It’s bigger than one individual. It will make these people back off.

Anglin does end that article with a paragraph that is simultaneously hilarious and sad.

We are also going to push for the Trump administration to audit and investigate the SPLC and ADL. This is going to be one of my own prime agendas for the Trump administration. Once those particular kikes are out of our way, we’ve entered a whole new world, because we’re then going to have money.
How’d that work out?

This isn’t the piece for this, but Anglin’s full on “Blormph is the God Emperor,” makes his shilling for the Orange Potato all the more hilarious in later years.

But relevant to this article, let’s take a look at some of the messages that the Stormer audience sent Tanya Gersh and her family members. We can see the entire SPLC complaint online, and it has most of the relevant information. Although first I have to include another quote of his from the article that he has deleted.

SPLC Complaint:

“This is very important. Calling these people up and/or sending them a quick message is very easy. It is very important that we make them feel the kind of pressure they are making us feel.

Okay and now a small sample of the messages that were sent to her son.

Then Mr. Anglin’s followers, acting at his urging, harassed Ms. Gersh’s
son with comments on his Twitter feed: “ask your mommy why she hates white
people so much and runs an extortion racket.” A Twitter user with the handle
“Kaiser Wilhelm II,” the name of an anti-Semitic German emperor, tagged Ms.
Gersh’s son in a tweet that read, “psst kid, theres a free Xbox One inside this
oven[.]” The tweet included a photograph of an oven.

That last one was pretty hilarious though…

SPLC vs Anglin is something of a tardfight. Anyway, let’s get to some of the messages sent to Tanya Gersh instead.

At last count, Ms. Gersh had received more than 700 instances of harassment against her family as a result of Mr. Anglin’s troll storm.

Ms. Gersh received emails through her personal email account including the following messages, among others:
a) “Ratfaced criminals who play with fire tend to get thrown in the oven.”
b) “Merry Christmas, you Christ-killer”
c) “Worthless fuckin kike. Eat a dick.”
d) “You’re going to jail for extortion you hateful bitch”
e) “It’s time for you to take a one way ticket to tel aviv”
f) “This is the goylash. You remember the last goylash, don’t you Tanya? Merry Christmas, you Christ killing Jew.”
g) “We are going to ruin you, you Kike PoS. The same way you do anyone else. You mother-fuckers are going taste your own medicine, as we harass you & yours in your public & professional lives. You will loose money. You will be driven to the brink of suicide. & We will be there to take pleasure in your pain & eventual end. You have hated us for so long, now you shall feel the sharp prongs of hatred from us. I look forward to seeing how the glove feels on the other hand… ??”

Rule #1 of committing crimes and getting away with it is not voluntarily admitting that you’re committing crimes. To any readers of this site, try to avoid saying “hey, we’re harassing you,” like a tard if you get it into your head to go contact bad people on my behalf.

h) “You and your sayanim really fkd up this time….We are going to have a field day with you scumbags..If I was you I would suck the barrel of a shotgun or run to that shithole in the desert you fkn animals stole from the Arabs…We are going to keep track of you for the rest of your life and alert any and all ppl you come into contact with of how much of a piece of shit you are…Please do us all a favor and commit
i) “please go fucks niggas and leave white people alone; we don’t need you, we don’t want you. nothing you do is good You don’t get no juice unless you squeeze Lemon Obrien, the Third.”
j) “You are a disgusting, vile Jew. You filthy & depraved Jews never learn; it is your peoples’ behavior responsible for our resentment of you, which pales in comparison to your hatred for us. You are too hateful & psychotic a people to belong anywhere but among your wretched selves. America is changing at a viral pace & thousands of Goys are learning of your true nature by the day. Leave Sherry Spencer & the rest of us alone. As for anti-Jewish attitudes, deal with it! You reap what you sow, and we don’t give a fuck about your feelings. This is OUR country: you’re merely living here (for now).”

It goes on. And here are some of the emails she received at her work account.

a) “Death to Tanya. Death to Tanya. Death to Tanya. Death to Tanya. Death to Tanya.” This message came from “Satan Your King,” reachable by email to “Satan@666death.com” and phone to “666-666-6666.”

NOTE: I actually edited that email. He says “Death to Tanya” about forty more times.

b) “You have no idea what you are doing, six million are only the beginning” This message came from a user with the name “Fuck You Kike” and the email address “youfuckingkike@hotmail.com.”
c) “We see that nest of dirty kikes over at purewest and Christie’s…We know your a bunch of sayanim freaks… Make Aliyah you fkn Bolshevik pcs of shit.. We’re coming!”

The list goes on. There were also emails sent to her employer telling them to fire her and the like. She claims to have received at least one phone call where someone just fired a gun in the background. Basically, she whines a lot.

See that’s the thing with Tanya Gersh, she’s a fake victim. She started this. She tried to extort Richard Spencer’s mother. She should have been crushed in court by Sherry Spencer. Instead, we got a few spicy messages emailed to her and her son. She then used that to cry some crocodile tears, get a big propaganda victory, and launch a lawsuit against Andrew Anglin and the Daily Stormer, which she did on April 18th, 2017.

In the span of four months, Anglin had taken us from getting ready to slaughter Tanya Gersh and Love Lives Here, her antifa “human rights organization,” in court, to destroying that by doing this retard rally LARPing. But since that wasn’t enough, they then told their followers to impotently harass Gersh and her 12 year old son, and got slapped with a lawsuit by Gersh and the SPLC as a result. A lawsuit that they had a very high probability of losing.

That’s quite the string of failure, but the situation was not necessarily irrecoverable. Defeating the SPLC and Gersh in court would still be something of a victory. While Anglin was pretty clearly sending his “troll storm,” army to harass Gersh, that didn’t make him automatically guilty.

The Verge:

The SPLC compares this case to its legal battles against hate groups that participated in violence, “adapted for the digital age.” However, legal repercussions for online harassment remain relatively rare, even for people who directly make legally actionable threats.

Anglin came out of the gate swinging. Or at least he appeared to.

Although I unfortunately do not have links to any of the articles he wrote pretending to actually take on this legal battle, he was building this up to be the fight of the century. And to do that, he needed your shekels, paypiggy, and he needed them pronto. To keep up appearances, he hired Marc Randazza, and gave him at least some small portion of the money his audience donated to him.

Marc Randazza

Like all the embarrassing history of the Stormer, it’s nearly impossible to find if you don’t already have the link to the article itself. Instead, we’ll just blitz through some ZOG propagandists dunking on him. Here’s one from the SPLC on June 6th, 2017.


Andrew Anglin, proprietor of the Daily Stormer, continues to hide from an SPLC lawsuit filed on April 18, despite a legal defense fund that has raised more than $151,305 in just over a month

Andrew Anglin raised over $150k in the first month. However, he continued to aggressively shill for his legal defense fund, and I remember him saying that you should donate as a “show of force,” to really put the fear of little Andy into Tanya Gersh and the SPLC.

Even with contributions from 1,912 individuals, Anglin, who constantly alleges spending 18 hours a day on the computer, remains in hiding, penning petulant articles for the Stormer and counting the proceeds generated from his personal victim narrative.

“You must contribute to the Daily Stormer Legal Defense Fund,” writes “Azzmador,” one of the site’s most recognizable contributors. “If you are a person who cares about the existence of our race and a future for White children, this is not an option.”


I’d almost forgotten about that Good Optics Convicted Felon Retard. In retrospect, the Stormer is one of the biggest collections of losers I was ever, in some small way, a part of. And of course the grifters are literally doing the “if you care about muh race, you must gift me $199.95 to my legal defense fund.”

Anglin, who has been banned from almost every mainstream fundraising and ad revenue platform for his vitriol, also frequently complains that his readers rarely donate.

“It’s all going to work out and we’ll keep on rolling, but please do consider contributing, because very few people do, and it is hard going,” he wrote in a post this February. “We definitely could use more money.”

In the same post, he implored members of physical Daily Stormer “Book Clubs” — groups of readers who meet in person in multiple locations around the country — to pass around a hat to raise money for him. Coincidentally, last Friday Anglin announced a major push to organize new chapters and recruit new members.

And yet, Anglin hasn’t surfaced. Nor has he or a lawyer offered any statement regarding the lawsuit. As more time passes, his anti-Semitic bravado is giving way to the familiar trope of the self-interested, white nationalist embezzler.

The extremist Internet’s preeminent stone thrower appears to have lost his edge when it comes to fighting the race war offline.

Look at the SPLC absolutely dunking on this faggot.

It reminds me of when I received some visceral pleasure at Ben Shapiro and Charlie Kirk still having twatter accounts when dunking on Nicky Juan Fuentes. At the time, I didn’t think anyone could top being so insufferable that I cheer for Ben Shapiro and Charlie Kirk over them. But Atomwaffen Andy manages to get me chuckling along with the SPLC as they dunk on this fraud over and over. 

There’s actually one part of that piece that sounds somewhat innocuous, but which is very important. I skipped over it initially, but this is crucial.

Despite his lieutenants’ outcries for support, Anglin has been conspicuously silent about the SPLC’s legal complaint given his predilection for both strident anti-Semitism and pleas for financial contributions.

I remember how hard it was to follow the legal “fight,” that Anglin was supposedly putting on. The guy back then wrote like 20 articles per day, but he never wrote anything where he just explained what was happening in the lawsuit he was raising money off of. That’s because he never actually intended to fight it, as the SPLC sussed out all the way back in June, 2017. He was just doing this to grift off his paypiggies.

Here’s another piece felting Anglin from March 23rd, 2018.

Huffington Post:

Andrew Anglin, America’s most notorious neo-Nazi troll, can no longer hide from a lawsuit in Montana after the judge in the case determined on Tuesday that a federal court has jurisdiction in the matter.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Jeremiah Lynch found that sufficient evidence exists that Anglin, the publisher of the neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer, had a legal presence in Ohio last April when the lawsuit was filed, and that his court therefore has the authority to hear the case. Lynch’s recommendation can still be reviewed by a district court judge.

Basically what this means is that the judge ruled that he’s going to have a trial, and he needs to show up for it. Anglin was trying to argue that he was permanently living abroad, and therefore could not reasonably be expected to show up.

This really ought to have been another red flag. Andrew Anglin, rather than actually fighting the case, was trying to resort to these weird legal gotcha things, where he was going for longshot rulings that he was a stateless person and the like. None of this worked out, as expected.

Let’s take another look at the graphic he used to get his paypiggies to send him shekels.

Stabbing Tanya Gersh in the neck is pretty hardcore imagery. But that’s the kind of imagery you need to accurately represent his heroic legal fight to pretend to be a stateless person and never actually show up in the courtroom and then lose in absentia.

That article does have one great screencap of a Gabber chirping Anglin. I’ll transcribe that in case the pic gets messed up.

You know, it always struck me a bit odd that muh pr faggots like anglin and weev would froth at the mouth whenever some woman got killed/beaten. Now I realize that they’re just mentally compromised human garbage larping as political savants while being completely and utterly out of their depth.

I mean, where’s the lie? Imagine thinking, in 2022, that Anglin and Leet HAXXOR weev are politically competent masterminds, instead of vicious little midget losers whose time has long passed.

Anglin even caught flak on his own website’s forum and had to ban several mouthy dissenters. It was an embarrassing twist of fate for a troll whose sense of self-worth has long depended on how many racist simpletons he can delude.

The ever dwindling Manlet Cult, at this point little more than 45 year old pretend zoomers who can’t get laid, love to pretend that the Manlet Cult has no censorship whatsoever, unlike those fed operations run by normal sized heteros. In reality, they censor people all the time, they just pretend that these people are “glowies,” or “feds,” or whatever. Those are just people who call them on their bullshit, and they can’t be having anyone penetrating the cultist bubble. Anglin needs their money to go buy some Thai ladyboys to save the White Race.

I remember one long term commenter on The Goyim Know, the DS’s old forum, mockingly saying of the legal fundraising “help Andrew Anglin visit every country on the Earth,” or something like that. I never saw that poster again, probably because he was banned, and as we found out later through Hunter Wallace, Anglin indeed never stopped being a weird loner sexpest plague upon Asian countries.

Occidental Dissent:

In early 2015, Marcus Cicero asked me to set him up an account here on Occidental Dissent. He was leaving the Daily Stormer. I began to talk at length with Marcus who had become disillusioned with Andrew Anglin after writing for his website. The source of his disillusionment was his realization that Andrew Anglin is a fraud. Supposedly, Andrew had become a hardcore White Nationalist or National Socialist or something since leaving the Philippines, but in 2015 he was back over there doing drugs and sleeping with underage non-White women and was supporting himself with donations from his White Nationalist website.

If you’ve read this site before you’ve seen this image. I thought it was from 2010-12 or so, but apparently the True Champion of The White Race never stopped doing drugs and paying for Asian hookers. I’ll get back to this in a second.

Here’s another article from April 25th, 2019, about a year later.

Huffington Post:

The attorneys for Daily Stormer publisher Andrew Anglin told a Montana federal court this week that they intend to withdraw from a high-profile harassment lawsuit against their neo-Nazi client after indicating that Anglin will refuse to obey a court order to appear in the United States for an in-person deposition at the end of April.

Anglin, an Ohio native who says he lives in a secret overseas location, claimed that a deposition in the U.S. would put him at risk of physical harm.

That’s it, it’s over now. This was Andrew Anglin’s Le Epic legal fight for free speech and da HuWhyte Race. He got his lawyer to file a few motions trying to dismiss the case using what can only be described as legal longshots at best, it didn’t work, and that was it.

If this seems abrupt, well, it is. That’s the point. He grifted all that money, he hyped up the case constantly (albiet, light on legal details), and then he just… decided to not show up.

“He believes that his life is in danger if his whereabouts are revealed,” Anglin’s lead attorney Marc Randazza told HuffPost in March. “That’s his firmly and sincerely held belief.”

That was not, however, the belief of the judge, who ruled this month that Anglin’s safety concerns were “factually unsupported.”

Yes, that’s it. The legal fight of the century is now over. Aren’t you happy you donated to this very sincere e-gremlin?

NBC News:

HELENA, Mont. — A judge on Thursday ordered the publisher of a neo-Nazi website to pay a Jewish real estate agent $14 million for inciting his readers to harass her family with hundreds of threatening and anti-Semitic messages and calls.

U.S. District Judge Dana Christensen entered Tanya Gersh a default judgment in her civil lawsuit after The Daily Stormer founder Andrew Anglin refused to appear for a scheduled deposition in the case.

So of course the predictable happened. Anglin lost big, because you have to actually show up to a legal battle to win it, not just grift off of people hoping for political change online. Now he owes $14 million to Tanya Gersh, because he no-showed at the legal battle he raised well over $150k for.

He didn’t give back a single dollar to anyone of course. No, no, Anglin earned that money that you donated to him thinking he would actually use it for a legal battle, instead of on Asian prostitutes. And he was forced to not show up. His life would somehow be in danger from some unspecified forces if he set foot in the country, even though he did exactly that earlier in 2017 according to legal documents. Still, he was forced to grift off his audience. He just had to spend all that money on drugs and prostitutes instead. That’s what The White Race truly needs in these dark times, more hookers and meth for this midget.

It’s the second multimillion-dollar award against Anglin in recent months. A federal judge in Ohio awarded radio host Dean Obeidallah, a Muslim, $4.1 million in June after Anglin falsely accused him of terrorism.

Apparently it wasn’t even the first lawsuit he lost by being too much of a grifting pussy to show up for. If you’re counting, we’re up to at least $18 million that he owes now, and will need to pay if he ever wants to come back to the United States of America. I think he even lost some other lawsuits later, so it’s even more than that. But let’s round it off to a cool $20 mil.

Not that Anglin actually cares. He’s a degenerate weirdo loser who is better off in some third World jungle Asian backwater where he can have sex with trafficked prostitutes. Sure, he can’t come back to America, but he got well over $150k to spend on Asian hookers.

Marc Randazza again.

Okay some of that had to go to Marc Randazza, but how expensive do you think he is? I mean he literally filed a few motions, and that was it. If there are any manlets reading this, no, that doesn’t cost $150k. Try $1.5k instead. Maybe $15k, since Randazza is a renowned free speech lawyer. I guess it’s possible he charged a few thousand for the Herculean task of filing a few briefs that all failed.

Also, how much money did Anglin raise? He never said. All he said was that he hit the goal early on, and then demanded more shekels as a “show of force.” So what was the final amount that he grifted off his audience? Was it $200k? $300k? $500k? 

It’s a matter only of idle curiosity now, five years later. Even if he only made $100k in profit from his grift, that can last you a long while, especially if you’re in some Third World country that’s much cheaper. That’s a lot of money, but the problem is that you can only burn people so many times.

Pulling a stunt like that is a one time thing. Anglin grifted off an audience that was, up until that point, loyal and earnest. And they gave him money because they thought that he was a sincere actor, who was pretending to be a lowbrow sperg, but would, when it mattered, come through politically. And then he just doesn’t bother showing up for his Le Epic Legal Battle, makes up some hilarious cope about having his life be in danger (from whom?), and then pockets the rest of his legal fund.

There used to be a lot of high quality fans of the Daily Stormer. I mean people who were, in real life, relatively normal people who saw it as a serious project for our people. Those people are long gone, and they’re not coming back. Instead now Anglin has to grift off his 50 year old zoomer paypiggies for as long as the grift lasts. If these people weren’t so nasty, I’d feel sorry for them, but it’s difficult to understand how someone could still be getting duped by this clown in the year 2022. 

Reminds me of another fake legal fight…

I’ll leave you with a relevant comment from WhiteNoize. You can find the original here

Anglin like a jewish TV series started strong but by the end of the season devolved into utter faggottry with Mexican twinks and their joke of a “political movement” that has the optics of a cringy social studies school project, his nig rapper appreciation articles, D and C articles along the lines of the vax or whatever the touchstone of division is atm, white women resentment articles, and apologetics for Epstein and Weinstein. Like WTF am I reading? No one is this off point without it being purposeful, there is a lot of circumstantial evidence that imo points to him being a kike or in the employment of kikes. Can’t believe I gave that failed loser $100.

Oh and by the way, I wrote a point form version of this article on KiwiFarms, and got the below response from Null, the founder of KiwiFarms. I can’t verify this, but it’s something to keep in mind considering that this is the “Noooooo, but muh Weinstein legal precedent,” fag.

I’ll be covering one particular bit of his insanity from the 2020 election cycle, and then it’s on to the greatest hits. We’re so damn close to being finished with this faggot forever.

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