When we last left off I had gone through the overview of the Tanya Gersh Fiasco, mostly covering how politically important not fucking up Sherry Spencer’s case against Tanya Gersh was. Of course Andrew Anglin and weev, the two tiniest nazi LARPers in the World, instantly fucked it up. Let’s take a look at the retard rally they planned that got Sherry Spencer, a normal person, to get cold feet and not want anything to do with the lawsuit.

Raw Story:

Previously neo-Nazi fans of Spencer have limited their threats to the people of Whitefish by using social media, however Andrew Anglin, who runs The Daily Stormer website, now says he plans to lead a march in the town aimed at Jews in the community.

“We are planning an armed protest in Whitefish,” Anglin wrote. “Montana has extremely liberal open carry laws, so my lawyer is telling me we can easily march through the center of the town carrying high-powered rifles. I myself am planning on being there to lead the protest, which has been dubbed ‘March on Whitefish.’”

According to Anglin, he claims he will be busing in “skinheads from the Bay Area,” adding, “Currently, my guys say we are going to be able to put together about 200 people to participate in the march, which will be against Jews, Jewish businesses and everyone who supports either.

“We have to stand up to these people, and we have to force an apology,” The Forward reports Anglin wrote. “This will be an absolutely massive victory for our cause. We have never done this before.”

This was not one single parody article, this was a prolonged campaign, where he was writing about this every day for months. Many of those articles were far more serious than “we’re getting Hamas guys to show up,” and indicated that there would indeed be a rally of some kind. He even reached out to other people, like Christopher Cantwell, and asked them to show up to this rally.

Constantly online retards will be quick to point out that this was just the little methed up manlet doing a prolonged troll operation online. An assertion that is supported by this next line.

According to local police, they have received no information on the march which is tentatively scheduled for the second week in January.

But this is also counteracted by this line.

Medium (War is Boring):

Anglin planned the march to coincide with Martin Luther King Jr. Day and had named the event the James Earl Ray Day Extravaganza. Y’know, because Nazis are assholes. Anglin submitted all the proper documents to the small Montana town, and Whitefish — to little surprise — rejected it.

Now, despite telling me via email a week ago that “if they reject it we’ll use the sidewalk,” Anglin announced he would postpone the march. He claimed on his website, The Daily Stormer, that he and his lawyers think they have enough to bring a federal lawsuit against Whitefish and that the new, possibly unapproved, march will happen in February. He also promised it’ll be bigger and better than ever.

It was very reasonable to expect that normal people who don’t spend their entire lives online would believe that this guy, who had been submitting paperwork for this rally, was legitimately going to be bringing in some KKK members armed with guns to their small town. Guess what, people didn’t actually like that or want that, and since the e-gremlins Anglin and weev talked themselves up as the champions of Richard Spencer, his mother Sherry was looked at as guilty through association. This caused her to not want anything to do with the lawsuit, being relatively apolitical herself, and she dropped it.

But of course, the constantly online will refrain once again that this was all just trolling. You see, Anglin tried getting the permit just to make the troll seem more believable. He would never associate with KKK Skinheads or the Hamas, he’s a great optics manlet!

I think these people don’t understand that we get it, it’s just retarded. This was not the time to do some troll operation where you pretend to have Hamas and skinheads doing a rifle carrying march through Whitefish. This was the time to shut the fuck up and not be a 35 year old child desperate for attention.

Sherry Spencer had a great legal case against Tanya Gersh. Tangential to this, April Gaede and others had a nice little White Nationalist Community in Whitefish, Montana. And these two retards, Anglin and weev, ruined that because it was more important to them to raise their profile in the media by pretending to do a retard rally than it was to actually get a serious political victory against a terrorist zionist in Tanya Gersh.

This is the guy who started going 100% super serious vote for Gorland Blormph, the King of Israel and told everybody that it was their duty as an American to go and grift the steal on his behalf. This is the guy who wrote 20k meth fueled words, at least, in defense of zionist rapist Harvey Weinstein, and lectured everybody who was making fun of Weinstein on twitter. So he takes his retarded fake politics seriously, just not actual real politics.

This is from AFTER he lost re-election, not 2016.

When Darrell Brooks drove over 56 White People at Waukesha, murdering 7 including Jackson Sparks, a child, I spent every waking hour for the next few days working on that and only that. I wrote something like two dozen articles, and figured out how to edit videos just for Waukesha. During that time I didn’t make any jokes, despite going by the monikor “The Notorious Dr. Shekelstein,” because it wasn’t a laughing matter. What I certainly did not do was try to organize a troll skinhead march so that anyone trying to do serious pro-White activism, like the NJP guys protesting for hate crime charges, were tainted by comparison. 

There is a time for jokes, and a time for shutting the fuck up and not being a sperging loser on the internet. To explicitly say “I’m getting skinheads to do a march with rifles targeting jews, jew businesses, and everyone who supports them,” is so stupid and counterproductive that it still makes me mad over five years later. These two fucking idiot midgets, weev and Anglin, took what should have been a slam dunk political victory for us, and turned it into publicity for them, and a huge L for White People. And it’s not the first time these anti-social losers have done this.

Weev wrote this and used faxes on colleges to print it out.

Imagine being an actual pro-White activist, and then seeing this shit come out of your college printer. Maybe you’ve been trying to resist some anti-White curriculum. Maybe you’ve been fighting back against BLM. You go around collecting anti-White quotes from these people, and you fight for, say, a White Students Union, just like every other race is entitled to. You’ve got a target painted on your back from the faculty, but you persevere, because you know you are in the right, and they are evil cowardly people.

So then one day this cowardly bitch, weev, who will never do any actual terrorism from his little shithole in Transnistria, sends this through the school printer. And the zionist-catlady axis rub their hands together and cackle with glee as they get to paint you as a cringe-inducing terrorist child killer by association. “Hey look, this racist nazi just wants to murder black children like this other guy. This is why we’re morally superior for not letting Whitey have a students union.” 

Imagine this little fella trying to do violence. “I’ll harm youuuuuuuu!”

Nowadays these fags barely even pretend to be pro-White, what with that trash site being Q-anon tier vax conspiracy bullshit, so understand that this was not a misstep. Andrew Anglin doesn’t care that his actions got Sherry Spencer to drop out of the suit, and ended up as a huge L for White People. Andrew Anglin isn’t actually pro-White, which is why he writes screed after screed ranting about White Women and talking unironically about how he’d like to lock them up in cages and rape them. He’s a nasty little midget who intentionally traded a real political victory for White People against a zionist antifa kikess, for some more exposure to his shitty website. 


Neo-Nazis cancelled their planned armed march on Whitefish, Montana, to harass the local Jewish community.

All of those links are from Haaretz’s previous coverage of this insanely anti-social loser rally the manlets were talking about. You can go take a look at them to your hearts content, but I’ll only be going by the first one here. I think I’ve filled you in on enough of the backstory.

Andrew Anglin, the organizer of the march, announced that he is canceling the march, scheduled for January 16, because he couldn’t get a permit for the march from the city.

Neo-Nazis announced their intentions to hold an armed march against the Jewish community in Whitefish as part of a series of other attacks on the local Jewish community. The actions started after Spencer’s mother said that a Jewish real estate agent pressured her to sell a building she owns in Whitefish.

On the neo-Nazi website Daily Stormer, Anglin promised to have the march at a later date but made no concrete plans. “We will of course be rescheduling, probably for some time in February, and the march will be bigger and have more guns and special guests than we originally planned,” he said.

Needless to say, the little e-boy never actually organized any rally, Hamas or otherwise. So, just like with weev’s empty terrorism threats, we faced all the downsides with none of the upsides. An actual rally could have shown support for a local business, drawn attention to the story that the WMD Liars were covering up, which was Gersh’s extortion of Sherry Spencer, an innocent party, and potentially done some networking in the city. It could also have served as a sort of flag planting moment, where we had these screaming catladies impotently whining as we threw our rally. Of course it was none of this, because it was all just done to raise the profile of the Daily Stormer, political consequences be damned.

Instead it ended with enemy propagandists absolutely dunking on us. I’m not going to link to that article, but suffice to say, the glee is palpable. And for good reason. Anglin’s failed retard rally made Gersh and the rabbis who were extorting Spencer into victims, and made us look like evil and impotent clowns. All for a temporary boost in views to his dying site. 

Actually, I am going to link to that article, because even while gloating, they can’t help but show how nasty Tanya Gersh is.

Medium War is Boring:

The charity did, however, throw Ms. Gersh under the bus in the press. Which seems to indicate there is at least some truth to Sherry’s allegations. Love Lives Here co-founder Rabbi Allen Secher talked to Jewish Journal on Dec. 23 and decried Gersh’s actions.

Secher unequivocally rejected the claim that Love Lives Here approached Spencer, saying that Gersh was not speaking on the group’s behalf. Gersh did not respond to an emailed request for comment,” Jewish Journal said. “‘Nothing was further from the truth,’ Secher said of the allegation that his group pressured Spencer. ‘Love Lives Here never contacted her.’”

But that doesn’t matter to Anglin and The Daily Stormer’s readers, who kept hounding the group and Whitefish’s Jewish community with a prolonged doxxing campaign and plans to march through the streets on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

This reminds me of when Nicky Juan Fuentes made fun of the injured White Children at Waukesha. Anglin would go on long rants explicitly talking about killing all the jews, and other garbage like that. At the time I played it off as just him making jokes in poor taste. But then, when he’s supposed to shut the fuck up and just focus on attacking Tanya Gersh and the Love Lives Here charity, he explicitly talks about targeting random, innocent jews with a rally of skinheads armed with guns.

A normal man wouldn’t need this explained to him, but this snack sized e-loser couldn’t control his fucking mouth, constantly ranting in the most low IQ way possible. First it was genocidal screeds aimed at jews, and then he went through a phase of rants about raping and hurting White Women. Nowadays I have no idea what he rants about, because you couldn’t pay me to read the garbage he’s spewing, but it’s probably in support of Q-Anon tier vaccine conspiracies.

However, since his shitty site got its domain oven’d yet again, I had to go onto his Gab and find out what the new domain was. This was his latest Gab at the time. I screencapped it just now.

It’s 2022 and he’s still seething because normal people don’t support kike rapist Harvey Weinstein.

Let me transcribe this shrimp for you.

I will say, seeing “Ukrainian prostitutes are being victimized by Japanese men” was pretty bad.

But these people already created a simp singularity (simpularity?) when they went all-in white knighting for women who literally had sex with Harvey Weinstein. To this day, I have difficulty processing that.

But wignats just want to be as anti-social as possible,

to draw borders around themselves against any type of normal young men,

and then appeal to stupid, fat, anti-social people who want to be coddled and told their failures are not their fault,

and the solution is to just rabidly hate normal people.

Right-wing politics are just an edgy dressing for what is clearly a psychological phenomenon. These people would have been satanists in the 1980s or whatever, now they’re neo-Nazis.

And of course, any man who has this disposition is going to have very serious mommy issues. That is at the root of all backward male psychology.

Yes, in 2022 this e-hobbit is still seething, just absolutely seething right now over people not supporting Harvey Weinstein. He also does the World’s most transparent “no u,” psychoanalysis where he perfectly describes the anti-social loser incel freaks of the manlet cult to a T, and then pretends that this applies to us instead. By the way, when he says “wignats” he is referring to well adjusted men married with children, like James Allsup, Sven, Hunter Wallace, or any other guy you’d actually like being around in real life. Not rap music obsessed wigger weirdos like Nick Fuentes.

This is what he’s been relegated to in 2022. Still seething on Gab about how Harvey Weinstein dindu nuffin. I don’t think he’s getting paid for this, at least not much, that’s from the heart. That’s just who he is. He’s the goy who bravely defended Harvey Weinstein when no one else (but his all jew all feminist legal team) would.

If you want some relevant TDS clips on this, the relevant part starts around 1 minute in.

But there you have it, that’s the Whitefish Retard Rally that these e-midgets were too impotent to even put on. A great legal case against zionist antifa Tanya Gersh thrown away by this ranting loser who wanted more publicity for himself over any serious political achievement. Oh, and if you’re curious what his site is doing these days, here’s the latest Gab of his, at the time of writing.

Let me transcribe that for you.

It’s clear that when these teachers say “we’ve decided to start jacking your kids off in order to teach them to explore gender bias and white privilege,” Americans won’t do anything.

Nothing is going to make any of these people in this country do anything.

We’re doomed.

Well there’s an uplifting message. Let me cleanse that from your pallet.

I’ve written about these doomer fags before. In this case, the anti-social loser incel Weinstein defender understands that the problem is just that average everyday people don’t spontaneously get together and overthrow their oppressors with no actual infrastructure or guidance. This is a very productive message to put out there.

Remember, goyim, always attack the oppressed for not instantly fighting back spontaneously against their oppressors, but also attack any actual legitimate and genuine activists who actually do something. Anyone who doesn’t vote Republican is just a fed hetero, and we can’t be having that.

Andrew Anglin is just a spiteful mutant who belongs in antifa, but started this fake pro-White grift and has to perpetuate it to fund his shitty lifestyle of Philipino ladyboy hookers. Andrew doesn’t want a nice White Community, because in that nice White Community, he’d still be a spergy loser. What he wants is to grift off his audience of 45 year old pretend zoomers as long as the grift lasts. And I guess he can’t keep pretending that tranny porn enjoying Nicholas Juan Fuentes is ever going to be POTUS, so he’s finally gotten to the “just give up, all is lost,” stage of the grift.

Well that was always a hard sell with people who didn’t have mental illnesses, but in any case I’m happy he’s admitting that he has nothing to offer anyone. Next time I cover the explicit harassment he told his audience to do of Tanya Gersh, as well as his legal fundraising scam. I hope this is the last I ever write of this guy.

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  1. I always get a kick out of that sex tourism picture of him.
    Not only is he doing a sex tourism. But the women he’s with are, by Asian standards, like 3s and 4s. And furthermore they’re pretty dark. They are, from the perspective of the Asian race, analogous to Mexicans or Turks or some shit. How many levels of not being able to get a real gf is this dude on? It’s like a counterfeit of a knock-off brand, and then on top of all that it doesn’t even look good. You could call it scraping the bottom of the barrel but this dude is gouging the wood planks themselves.

    1. I get a small amount of secondhand embarrassment everytime I see it, which is mostly converted to schadenfreude when I remember what a nasty little cunt he is. This guy is an embarrassment to the White Race, if ever there was one.

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  3. His head looked photoshopped onto someone else’s body

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