A while back I wrote a piece on Peter Smith of “Anti-Hate Canada.” He was trying to infiltrate Active Club Canada, and I used that as an excuse to write about him and Anti-Hate Canada more broadly. Just like with feminists, showing the audience what these people look like is far more damning to them than a thousand thought pieces where we take the things they say seriously.

Peter Smith

At the time of the original writing I didn’t have that much on him visually, so I focused on his nails on chalkboard soy voice, and others in “Anti-Hate Canada,” like Kurt Schlecter. Someone found some more pictures of Mr. Smith here, and it’s about what you’d expect.

Peter Smith, in all his glory.

Someone sent me a link to his uncensored twatter account, MisterEPete, as a potential lead for more pictures of this queer. It occurred to me that I had come across that twatter saying something anti-White or supporting child trannies/abuse or something like that in the past. The handle was familiar to me, and memorable, due to how retarded “MisterEPete,” is as a pun.

“Get it! Mister-E-Pete! It’s like Mystery Pete. God I am so clever!”

It’s not really worth my time spending hours trying to find more pictures of him. His instagram doesn’t have any pictures of himself, and his twatter doesn’t, at least not recently. I’m sure he’s aware of how viscerally repulsive he is to average, everyday people, which is why he tries to avoid having whatever this is shown to the public.

There’s something comforting about knowing that, while we are fighting against International Billionaires, our enemies are these dysgenic freakshows who look like they smell like pee.

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  1. Is that him in the bottom picture?
    Either way, they all look like fruit cakes.

    By the way, If you don’t want to stop writing about “e-drama” then just make two different sites. One for “drama” type stuff and the other for more “serious guy” stuff. Maybe even one just for Canadian stuff.

    I don’t see how you pump out so many articles considering they’re well written enough that it probably takes a few hours or more per article to research, write, and then proof-read.

    Anyhow, I can’t read more than an article a day really but keep up the good work.

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